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"How did you find my apartment?"
"I followed you home."
Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Krista Dumont's Apartment is the place where Krista Dumont lives.


Unexpected Visitor

Krista Dumont hearing a knock on her door

Following the murder of Arthur Walsh, Billy Russo headed to Krista Dumont's apartment, as he was the only person he could think could still help him. Once Russo stepped inside, Dumont questioned how Russo had been able to find her apartment, to which Russo confessed that he had simply followed her home. Dumont questioned Russo over whose blood he had over his clothes and hands, as Russo begged Dumont to help him.

Billy Russo begging Krista Dumont for help

Dumont allowed Russo to take a shower while debating with herself whether or not she should now inform the New York City Police Department about Russo. Russo said that he would not blame Dumont if she calls the police. Russo told Dumont that his scarred face represents everything that he ever did wrong and he wanted to see the best version of himself. Dumont indicated that she will to take that risk for him. Dumont allowed Russo to stay at her apartment to recover and hide from the police for a while.[1]

Russo's Recover

Billy Russo attempted to get some sleep, but continued to be haunted by his nightmares. Seeing his distress from all of his continued nightmares, Krista Dumont reassured Russo that he was now safe. Russo attempted to go back to sleep, which Dumont refused to allow despite Russo insisting that he did not want to have another therapy session. Seeing that Russo was becoming more distressed, Dumont asked him to point out five blue items in her apartment in an attempt to calm him down by focusing on something else, what eventually worked.

Billy Russo begging Krista Dumont for help

Russo asked Dumont why she was helping him and had not called the NYPD, but Dumont stated that helping is her job. Dumont told Russo that she did not know why she let him inside her home, other than that had seemed like the right thing to do in order to help somebody who she saw as needing somebody to care. Russo had thanked her, making the point to Dumont that she might be the last person alive who actually cared about him.

However, skull images continued to haunt Russo before he was rejoined by Dumont who had returned from buying him some clothes. Russo told Dumont that he had no intention of going back under custody ever again. Dumont made it clear that she understands Russo's feelings, noting that all emotions he was felt by Russo were felt by more people than just him. Russo noted that everybody had their own issues, although at least Dumont still remembered whatever had damaged her.[2]

Dumont's Therapy Session

Later, Krista Dumont arranged a therapy session for Jake Nelson at her apartment, due to his trauma from the service within the United States Army. While Russo secretly listened, Nelson discussed his suffering and how he dealt with all this pain by drinking at McFeeney's. Dumont advised Nelson to consider how he would accept these world shattering changes which had happened to him. As soon as Nelson left Dumont's apartment, Russo followed him and joined him at the bar.[2]


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