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"Given enough care and love, even the most lost cause can thrive."
―Krista Dumont to Dinah Madani[src]

Doctor Krista Dumont is a psychotherapist who had a strong compassion for military veterans following her father's suicide many years earlier. When Dumont was tasked with overseeing the treatments for Billy Russo following his disfigurement, she found herself gaining feelings for Russo, and aided him in his escape. While Russo was hiding out in her home, Dumont fell into a sexual relationship with Russo and began assisting him with his return to strength, even manipulating Dinah Madani in order to gain information on the Punisher, which Russo could use against him. However, once Madani discovered Dumont's manipulation, they engaged in a furious fight which resulted in Dumont being thrown out of her window, paralyzing her, while Russo lost his life while he was attempting to avenge her.


Early Life

Protecting the Bird

"When I was a kid, eight maybe, I found an injured bird in our yard, it had probably flown into one of our windows. So, I took it inside and my father said "that one is a lost cause." And that broke my heart, how could anyone give up on a living thing."
―Krista Dumont to Dinah Madani[src]

Krista Dumont is a daughter of a soldier from the United States Armed Forces, who had served in the Vietnam War, although Dumont's father had struggled to cope with the PTSD he had experience upon returning to New York City.[5] When Dumont was eight years old, she had found an injured bird in her yard, which her father dismissed as being the lost cause. However, this inspired Dumont to do everything that she could, to save the bird, as she took it into bed with her and nursed it back to health until it flew away the week later, which inspired Dumont to believe that, with enough care, lost causes can thrive.[6]

Father's Suicide

"I just wanted to make everything okay and make him feel better. He picked me up, hugged me, told me he loved me more than anything. And he said, if he can't have me, then neither could she and he jumped out the window. He died. I lived. He needed help. He needed someone to save him, but there was no one there. And now, I have my scars and I have my memories."
―Krista Dumont to Billy Russo[src]

Dumont surviving her father's suicide

After her parents had an argument that led to a divorce, Dumont then attempted to comfort her father by hugging him; only for her father to throw himself and Dumont out of a window in his attempt to separate Dumont from her mother. Surviving the fall with multiple injuries, she lay next to him bleeding on their sidewalk. This traumatic experience resulted in Dumont gaining heavy scars across her body, leading her to attempt suicide multiple times by cutting her wrists. However, she was eventually able to turn that trauma, into her desire to help people like her father, ensuring others did not undergo the same trauma.[5]

Becoming a Doctor

"These broken birds of yours, your patients, have you ever saved one?"
"I'd like to think so."
"But not your father?"
Dinah Madani and Krista Dumont[src]

In the wake of her father's suicide, Dumont had spent years recovering from those injuries she had gained, while also battling the fierce depression that was brought on as a result, causing her to self harm and attempt suicide multiple times.[5] Dumont eventually enrolled at Overton University and gained her doctorate, as she focused her efforts on helping veterans of the United States Armed Forces deal with PTSD, like her father needed. During her career, Dumont worked at Metro-General Hospital, and Sacred Saints Hospital.[2] While she had worked with her patients, Dumont continued to research her father's case, linking it to many of her new patient's issues.[7]

Aiding Billy Russo

Troubled Therapy Sessions

Dumont begins Billy Russo's recovery process

"You're only six months into your recovery, Billy. You've achieved a lot in a very short time."
"Wiping my own ass again, that was a real milestone."
"We've talked about this. Be kind to yourself. Hang in there."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

While she was working at Sacred Saints Hospital, Dumont had been assigned to Billy Russo, who was recovering from multiple injuries he sustained from the beating dealt down from the Punisher. During this time, Dumont had developed some sympathy with Russo, as she helped him with both his mental and physical recovery, noting that Russo had lost his memories of how he gained these injuries. Understanding his struggles, Dumont also provided Russo with his mask to cover up his facial scars to help with dealing with his trauma.

Dumont questioning Billy Russo's past actions

Dumont sat back and watched while Russo practiced his push ups, which he found incredibly difficult as he only managed to do twenty, which he claimed was pathetic. When Dumont questioned how many press ups he could do before, Russo had told her about a recruiter at the Marine Corps who would tell him about how they would use that question as a test for choosing the best recruits. Dumont had asked Russo what he had given as his answer to the question, although he claimed that he was never asked. Frustrated by his weakness, Russo then asked Dumont if his strength would ever come back to him.

Dumont complimenting Billy Russo's recovery

Dumont had assured Russo that he had achieved a lot during his six months of recovery, although Russo sarcastically claimed that he had only been able to achieve wiping his own ass again. As Dumont tried to convince Russo to be kinder to himself, he instead began to laugh, questioning if he should think of a kitten hanging on a branch which he had as a poster image. Changing the subject, Dumont had asked Russo if he saw the Skull Imagery in his dreams again, which Russo had confirmed, although he had still tried to convince Dumont to not to discuss it, since he hated to even think about his nightmares.

Dumont suggest painting Billy Russo's mask

Seeing that Russo was becoming distressed, Dumont was then able to regain his attention, as she claimed that these ongoing nightmares were like a knot that they had to work on, so that it would not get in the way of his recovery. Dumont had then told Russo about another technique that she did with her other brain injury patients, where they would use their masks to represent the face they wanted the rest of the world to see. Although Russo had mocked the idea of decorating the mask he was wearing, Dumont was able to make him reconsider the idea, questioning what face Russo wanted the world to see.[2]

Russo's Decorated Mask

Dumont questions all of Billy Russo's feelings

"There's something just on the edges of my mind. It's like a dark shadow just waiting for me. The thing is, Doc, I deserve to feel the fear. I don't know why, but I know I deserve this."
"What if you opened your mind to the idea of redemption? Every human being deserves that. I promise I will help you get there."
Billy Russo and Krista Dumont[src]

Despite that initial reluctance, Dumont had convinced Billy Russo to decorate his mask, as he presented the image to her during the next therapy session. However, Russo insisted that he still felt the same, despite changing the design of the mask, to which Dumont had then questioned how he felt inside, to which Russo claimed that he was not sure. Russo then told Dumont that he had been thinking about his brothers in the Marine Corps, calling them his only real family.

Dumont listening to Billy Russo's statements

Russo then told Dumont that he had been the best version of himself during his time in the Marine Corps while serving in Afghanistan with the rest of Cerberus Squad, claiming that they had been fast, deadly and their unit was a family who were not afraid of anything. However, as he spoke Russo began falling apart as he claimed that now there was something that he could not understand on the edge of his mind that was like a dark shadow waiting for him. Russo then told Dumont that he believed that he deserved to feel that sense of terror, despite not knowing exactly why, but he had known that he still deserved it.

Dumont ensures that Billy Russo will redeem

Seeing the pain and fear in Russo's eyes, Dumont had then felt great sympathy for her patient, as she began to question if Russo had ever actually opened up his mind to the possibility of finding some form of redemption, claiming that every human being deserved the chance to be redeemed. As Russo looked up at her, Dumont promised him that she would still continue to help Russo to eventually get to a point of finding that redemption and begin a new life. Following this, Dumont had continued to work at the Sacred Saints Hospital, as she had still worked with Russo to aid with his mental and physical recovery.[2]

Dinah Madani's Visitations

Dumont returns to Billy Russo's hospital room

"It's time for Mr. Russo's assigned therapy. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."
"You know what he did? What he's capable of? Is that in your file?"
"My patient's alleged crimes are not my concern. I'm only interested in his health."
―Krista Dumont and Dinah Madani[src]

Returning to Sacred Saints Hospital to continue her therapy session, Dumont was then surprised to find Dinah Madani, who was standing above Billy Russo's bed, tormenting him while Russo continued to insist that he did not remember who Madani was. Stepping into their room, Dumont explained that she knew who Madani was, claiming to be happy that she finally met her, before then introducing herself and explaining that she had been working on Russo's recovery.

Dumont introduces herself to Dinah Madani

Madani had questioned if Dumont believed that Russo was faking his memory loss, although Dumont insisted that Russo was incapable of faking anything in his current condition. Dumont had then turned her attention towards Russo as she questioned how he was doing, as he claimed that his face and head hurt, telling her that he was unsure if he had been able to get any sleep. Dumont informed Madani that it was time for Russo to begin his therapy, and so she needed Madani to leave the room, as Madani questioned if Dumont knew about all of the crimes that Russo had committed before being admitted into the hospital, although Dumont insisted that this was not her concern.

Dumont stands by Billy Russo's hosptial bed

As Dumont insisted that Russo's recovery was her concern, Russo commented that they had to rebuild the jigsaw of his broken mind. Remaining unconvinced, Madani insisted that Russo was the best liar she had ever encountered, although Dumont simply claimed that her job was simply to help her patients to discover the truth and deal with it. When Madani insisted that Russo should spend his life in jail, Dumont noted that she did not expect Madani to understand due to their circumstances, before she commented on Madani's own head trauma and questioning if Madani had sought therapy for herself.

Dumont asks Billy Russo if he was feeling well

While Madani insisted that she was getting exactly what she needed, she then told Russo that she would see him later in the night, before leaving. Once they were alone, Dumont asked Russo if he was okay, to which Russo had questioned if he had done something to Madani, as Dumont tried to remind him that they had already discussed this, before Russo lost his temper as he acknowledged that he could not remember their previous sessions, while Dumont remained calm as Russo screamed at her. Once he had calmed himself down, Dumont then removed all of the ties that had held Russo down to the bed.

Dumont tells Billy Russo about his deadly past

Once Russo had been freed to move around the hospital room again, he had then told Dumont that his head was hurting, as he requested that Dumont get him some Tylenol, or other form of painkillers, before they started their therapy session, as Dumont smiled while promising that she would talk with the nurse to get this for him. Just as Dumont was leaving his room, Russo asked her what it was that he had done to Madani, which had made her hate him so much, to which Dumont calmly explained that Russo had shot Madani in the head, before she walked out the room, leaving Russo to consider what this meant.[8]

Therapy with Billy Russo

Dumont and Billy Russo beginning the session

"You still having the dreams? Tell me about them."
"We've been over this a hundred times."
"Indulge me."
"I see, the skull. Blood. Breaking glass. Always the same."
"And they instill feelings of dread?"
"Always the same. They're just dreams, okay?"
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Dumont had then sat down with Billy Russo, to begin their therapy session, as Dumont watched Russo awkwardly attempting to take some Tylenol, while keeping his mask on, in order to prevent Dumont from seeing his scarred face. As they then began, Dumont commented that Russo seemed to be getting stronger, with Russo noting that, while he was not allowed to run or use the gym at Sacred Saints Hospital, he was pushing himself to get stronger every day, while Russo confirmed that the exercise was not helping him to get any sleep, with Dumont making a note of this.

Dumont asking Billy Russo about his dreams

Dumont then asked Russo about his dreams, which clearly annoyed him as he noted how they had been over it numerous times, to which Dumont asked him to indulge her regardless. Russo then her about his dreams in which he saw the Skull Imagery mixed with blood and the sounds of broken glass, although he still could not connect these images to the Duel at the Central Park Carousel that caused all of his facial scars. Dumont began to ask Russo about how he felt during all the dreams, asking if it instilled feelings of dread, although Russo had furiously insisted that they were just dreams and refused to answer.

Dumont and Billy Russo discussing his pains

As Dumont continued to push him for a reaction, Russo had become annoyed and questioned why they kept doing this, to which Dumont told him that one day he would give her a different answer, and that would be significant. Clearly tense from all of these questions, Russo removed his hood and complained that his head was now hurting, as Dumont noted that the doctor had told her that there was no reasons why Russo's head should hurt, to which the angered Russo furiously told her that it was not the doctor's faces that was suffering and then questioned if Dumont thought that he was lying about his pain.

Dumont is told of Frank Castle's involvement

Taking her breath, Dumont questioned if Russo remembered how his face became scarred or who was there, although Russo confirmed that he did not. When Dumont had asked what was the last thing he remembered clearly, Russo told her that he remembered his time at the United States Marine Corps where he had been having fun with all his fellow marines. Russo told Dumont how he remembered Frank Castle being there having fun with them, telling Dumont how Castle was his brother in arms, although Russo had confirmed that he could not remember where Castle was now or what he was doing now.

Dumont listens to all Billy Russo's complaints

Russo questioned Dumont over why all these questions about Castle mattered, while telling her how he could no longer understand what was actually real and what was not due to all his brain damage, while telling Dumont that while he understood what he had been told had happened to him, he could not feel inside his gut that any of that was real. Continuing to complain about all his headaches, Russo begged Dumont for Tylenol to relieve this agony, clearly not remembering that Dumont had already given him some more Tylenol which he took just minutes earlier, which Dumont had then quietly made note of.[8]

Billy Russo's Escape

Dumont asking Billy Russo more questions

"I don't want you to get hurt. Billy, you're not ready to be on your own. Okay? You can trust me. It's not too late to put this right. We can do that, you and I."
"There's no putting this right."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

The following day, Dumont had sat with Billy Russo for their therapy session, as she was informed that Russo had only been able to sleep for four hours. As Dumont asked him what he did with their sleeping pills which had been provided to him by their doctors, Russo told her that he flushed them down the toilet, while insisting he was trained with the United States Marine Corps on how to avoid sleep. Dumont asked if Russo was too scared to sleep due to his nightmares he continued to suffer from, to which Russo had become stressed.

Dumont talks about Billy Russo's nightmares

Dumont explained to Russo that their medical plans for him was that he would continue to be exposed to these nightmares with the hope that this would help him to eventually control them, which Russo still struggled to accept. Dumont had then asked if she could look inside of Russo's notebook, which he reluctantly allowed, as Dumont found multiple sketches of the Skull Imageries which haunted Russo. While Dumont explained the concepts for recalling his nightmares and why they were trying to understand his, Russo then began pacing around his room, becoming considerably more anxious by these subjects.

Dumont getting screamed at by Billy Russo

Losing his temper, Russo slapped his notebook out from Dumont's hand and furiously questioned why Dumont would not actually help him. This action caused the New York City Police Department officers stationed outside the room to charge inside, believing that Dumont could be in danger, although she tried to tell them to step back while she attempted to calm Russo back down. While Dumont noted that what they were talking about was scary, Russo then interrupted her by noting how her work with his White Mask and a notebook did not result in Dumont really understanding what was happening to him.

Dumont witnesses Billy Russo's true brutality

As Dumont attempted to calm the situation down, she had touched Russo's shoulder, only for him to slap her hand away, causing those officers to step in. However, as soon as those officers came closer, Russo's military training kicked in as he swiftly and brutally subdued both of the men, using their own batons and tasers to his advantage as he managed to beat them both into submission, breaking the last officers hand and tazing his neck. With this violent action now done, Russo locked eyes with the now completely horrified Dumont, as he decided to take his chance to make his escape from the hospital.

Dumont and Billy Russo escaping the hospital

Before the alarm was raised and now with the terrified Dumont by his side, Russo made his escape from Sacred Saints Hospital, keeping his arm locked around Dumont as they walked through the hospital's corridors and towards the exit, while still attempting not to cause any alarm from any of the other doctors who were still working. As they continued walking and using her keycard, Dumont was then greeted by another man, however, she managed to remain calm and not raise the alarm, despite Russo threatening her while they had walked past several more police officers who did not notice them leaving.

Dumont begs Billy Russo to not go out alone

Once they finally got outside, Russo then furiously questioned why Dumont had not screamed or raised the alarm, to which she insisted that she simply did not wish for Russo to get hurt and insisting that Russo was still not ready to be on his own in New York City, as she asked him to trust her and to put things right if he went back with her. Believing this could not happen, Russo instead removed his face mask, finally revealing his scars, and told Dumont that there was no putting right what had been done to him. With that, Russo made his escape, leaving Dumont behind to be questioned by the police.[1]

Questioned by the Police

Dumont waits to be questioned by the police

"There was an activation of Billy's fear network in response to those emotional and cognitive triggers. Responses to that kind of activation include escape, avoidance. It's primal, it's involuntary."
"You don't know him like I do."
"I've been treating him for months, everything I saw was a confused and frightened individual acting on impulse."
―Krista Dumont and Dinah Madani[src]

In the wake of Billy Russo's escape from Sacred Saints Hospital, the hospital was searched by the New York City Police Department, and Dumont was told to wait to get questioned about what happened. While she was waiting, Dumont was then rejoined by Dinah Madani, as she immediately questioned if Dumont was okay and if she needed anything, to which Dumont simply explained that she was not hurt and was simply waiting to make her statement for the police about Russo's escape from their hospital.

Dumont is introduced to Dinah Madani again

Madani confessed that this would not be her case to investigate, as she had sat with Dumont and noted that, over all the months she had been coming to the hospital, she had been pushing for the truth and waiting for Russo to finally break the lie of his lost memories, as she questioned if Dumont finally understood this. However, Dumont then expressed shock that Madani believed that Russo had been planning this escape, making it clear that, through her work with him, she had found that Russo had multiple emotional triggers, which would have resulted in him attempting to escape like this, calling it involuntary.

Dumont discussing Billy Russo's true mindset

These statements annoyed Madani who insisted that Dumont did not know Russo like she did, although Dumont noted how she had been treating Russo for months, as she made it clear that she had believed that Russo had simply been scared and acted on impulse, while also questioning if Madani believed that she would not be able to tell the difference between this and a planned escape. Instead of answering this, Madani picked up his notebook from the floor and questioned if Russo had said anything during her treatments that would give a clue about Russo's current whereabouts so she could arrest him safely.

Dumont talks to Dinah Madani about her past

However, Dumont noted that when Madani last arrested Russo, she nearly killed him as she tore up his face, although Madani noted that Dumont had not been there, questioning if Dumont had tried to have her banned from the investigation. However, as they were interrupted by Brett Mahoney, whom explained that he was the one who banned Madani. Dumont watched as Mahoney ordered Madani to leave due to her interference, before he then introduced himself to Dumont. As Madani was leaving, she noted that Dumont believed that Russo was just a lost soul, leaving her to then be questioned by Mahoney.[1]

Safe Haven

Return of Billy Russo

Dumont hearing someone knocking her door

"How did you find my apartment?"
"I... I followed you home."
"Billy... Whose blood is this?"
"Please help me."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

While she was relaxing in her Apartment, Dumont had read her book, until she heard an unexpected knock onto the door, as she nervously got up to investigate. As Dumont questioned who was out there, she heard the voice of Billy Russo, as she opened the door and discovered he was covered in blood, while clearly in a state of shock. Seeing him covered with blood, Dumont had immediately questioned if Russo was hurt, before inviting him inside of her apartment, with Russo then explaining that he did not know where else he could go.

Dumont questions Billy Russo on his actions

Dumont questioned how Russo had been able to find her apartment, to which he confessed that he had followed her home from Sacred Saints Hospital, before Dumont questioned whose blood was all over Russo's shirt. A tearful and clearly confused Russo had then looked down at all of the blood over his shirt and hands, as he then begged Dumont to help him. In response, Dumont took Russo's hand and led him into her bathroom, so that he could wash his hands and clothes. While Russo was inside the bathroom, Dumont then took her phone, as she prepared to call Brett Mahoney and explain the situation.

Dumont attempting to call the police for help

However, Dumont then thought back to all her therapy sessions with Russo, where she had sympathized with him and promised that she could help Russo to find his redemption. Having considered this for a moment, Dumont then realized that Russo was behind her, as he had washed the blood from his clothes and hands, as Russo told Dumont that he would not have blamed her for giving him up to the New York City Police Department to be sent straight back to his prison, in the wake of everything that he had done and what he could still do, while Dumont had simply remained silent and considered her options.

Dumont chooses to keep helping Billy Russo

Russo reminded Dumont of how they had discussed the face which Russo had wanted the rest of the world to see, with him noting that his scars showed everything that he ever did wrong. Russo went on to tell Dumont that he only wanted to see the best version of himself whenever he looked in the mirror, as he questioned if Dumont really believed that this would actually be possible for somebody like him. Having considered the risks associated with their situation, Dumont made the choice to continue trying to help Russo, as she then turned off her phone and allowed him to stay inside of her apartment.[2]

Billy Russo's Nightmares

Dumont waking up Billy Russo from his sleep

"Just be here with me, be in your body. I don't know why I let you in, my best answer is that it seemed like the right thing to do."
"You know you could get into serious trouble, right?"
"I know."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

The following morning, Dumont had found Billy Russo in the middle of one of his nightmares, as she awoke him and reassured him that he was safe. In order to get Russo's mind back in the room, Dumont questioned if he remembered who she was, as he correctly answered, assuring Dumont that he was in the right frame of mind. As Russo had then attempted to go straight back to sleep after being given some water, Dumont refused to allow it, despite Russo insisting that he did not want to discuss all these nightmares with her again.

Dumont tells Billy Russo to calm himself down

As Dumont then suggested that they should engage with the feelings he was having, Russo insisted that he did not want to feel but kill, as he lashed out when Dumont had continued to ask him about what he wanted to kill. Seeing that Russo was losing control, Dumont ordered him to point out five blue items that he could see in her apartment in order to distract him. As instructed, Russo then pointed to a painting, book, candle, wall and Dumont's robe, which helped him to relax, as Dumont then reminded Russo that he should think before reacting to his emotions, while Russo questioned why she was helping him.

Dumont helps Billy Russo get a glass of water

While Dumont insisted that it was simply her job to assist him, Russo questioned why she did not call the New York City Police Department when he arrived, noting that they both knew that the police were still looking for him. However, Dumont insisted that Russo remained calm and refocus, while she confessed that she did not know why she had let him in, except that it felt like the right thing to do, while Russo had then noted that Dumont could get into serious trouble for aiding him, which she acknowledged. Russo had then requested more water, as Dumont got it for him, as Russo also made a point to thank her.[9]

In House Therapy

Dumont bringing Billy Russo his new clothes

"To be scared? Helpless? Hurt? You don't have a monopoly on those emotions, Billy."
"Guess we've all got our shit, huh?"
"Well, that's not the clinical term, but yes."
"Difference is, whatever messed you up, at least you remember."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Once Dumont had returned to her Apartment from shopping, she had found Billy Russo seemingly lost inside his own mind, when Dumont called to him to snap him back to reality. Dumont told Russo that she had bought him some new clothes, noting that he needed something until they finally figured out what they would do next. However, Russo had then made it clear that he would not return to Sacred Saints Hospital, insisting that he would rather die than go back there.

Dumont talking with Billy Russo about feelings

While Russo claimed that Dumont did not understand what he was feeling, she commented on how he was clearly scared and feeling hopeless and hurt, insisting that Russo was not the only person who felt those emotions, with Russo acknowledging that they all had their own issues to deal with, which Dumont agreed with, despite noting Russo's poor choice of words while describing this. However, Russo had then commented that whatever traumatized Dumont, she could at least remember, while he could still not remember what caused all of his brain damage, which Dumont confessed was the truth.[9]

Jake Nelson's Therapy

Dumont begins her session with Jake Nelson

"How you heal depends on how accept this painful, world shattering change. It's not easy, but you have the tools. Are you still going to your support group?"
"Yep, straight after this."
"I know it feels like it, but you are not the only person dealing with this."
―Krista Dumont and Jake Nelson[src]

Dumont had set up her next therapy session with Jake Nelson inside of her Apartment, as she listened on to Nelson complaining about his new work colleagues and how they were not as disciplined as he was used to. Dumont then acknowledged that, compared to Nelson's life in the United States Armed Forces, real life could feel sloppy. When Nelson noted that he could not handle anything, Dumont commented that he appeared to be upset, as she questioned where he was feeling these emotions in his body.

Dumont explains how healing can take forms

As Nelson commented on how his emotions felt like a monster eating his guts, Dumont questioned if he was still drinking, with Nelson then admitting that he still drank in McFeeney's. Nelson looked all around Dumont's apartment, as he took note of one of her sculptures, which Dumont explained was the Rod of Asclepius, as Dumont explained the history of Asclepius. As Nelson asked what was happening with him, Dumont explained that how Nelson healed from his PTSD would depend on how he accepted all these changes, questioning if Nelson was going to Curtis Hoyle's support group, which he confirmed.

Dumont looking at her notes about Billy Russo

Dumont had then reassured Nelson that, while it might feel like it, he was not the only person dealing with all these issues. Once she was alone, Dumont began looking over her notes regarding Billy Russo's condition, where she had theorized that Russo's trauma had begun long before his facial scars, also noting that he had been abandoned by his mother at a young age and sent to live at Ray of Hope, while also deducing that Russo's larger issue was not his memory but the fear that he had been struggling to control, since Russo's own sense of self was becoming damaged by his constant state of terror.

Dumont confronting her horrific fear of heights

While she considered the fear that Russo was struggling to deal with, Dumont had decided to attempt to confront her own terrors, as she pulled back the blinds of her apartment windows, struggling to even glance down at the street. Taking a deep breath, Dumont held out her hands and slowly stepped towards the glass, while Dumont's fingers trembled and she began weeping out of sheer terror. As Dumont had finally touched the glass, she then looked down to the street as she was reminded of those terror she felt when her father had thrown her and himself out of a window, as Dumont stepped back in fear.[9]

Confronting Billy Russo

Dumont noticing Billy Russo looking at her

"You take too many risks, your behavior is self-destructive."
"So, what? You're trying to transform me too?"
"I just think that everyone is worth saving, even you, even if you don't."
"Well, I got nothing else to lose. You do."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

The following morning, Dumont was getting dressed in her bedroom, when she overheard Billy Russo returning into her Apartment. As her bedroom door had remained slightly open, Dumont had noticed that Russo was standing in the hallway and had been watching her dress. Without putting on a top, Dumont made eye contact with Russo, before then stepping over to the door and shutting it so she could get dressed in private, which left Russo extremely embarrassed.

Dumont talks about Jake Nelson's therapy

Once she was dressed, Dumont stepped into the living room where Russo told her that he had made some tea for them, which Dumont accepted, as she noted that Russo had made it just the way she did, commenting that this was because Russo did not miss observations like that, while making a comment about how she caught him spying on her. Russo insisted that he had not been spying on her, although Dumont claimed that this was not what she meant, as Russo realized that she was talking about him listening in to Jake Nelson's therapy session, with Russo claiming that Dumont wanted him to hear.

Dumont tells Billy Russo about saving people

While Russo suggested that Dumont wanted him to hear her talking about the history of Asclepius, Dumont had insisted that Russo was taking too many risks, calling this behavior self destructive. When Russo then questioned if Dumont was trying to transform him, she insisted that she believed that everybody was worth saving, even if Russo did not believe this himself. Russo then claimed that he had nothing to lose, but Dumont did, questioning why she would take the risk of protecting him from the New York City Police Department, as he claimed that this would seem to be more self destructive.

Dumont asks Billy Russo on his whereabouts

Russo went on to suggest that what she was doing was not all about Russo and his recovery, making it clear that he believed that Dumont was fighting her own demons. Dumont then questioned where Russo had gone the previous night, as he explained that he had a drink with Nelson at McFeeney's, with Dumont then questioning if it helped him to talk to another veteran of the United States Armed Forces, as he admitted that it did. Dumont had then ordered Russo not to leave the apartment again, to which he then questioned what happen if he did, as Dumont simply told Russo not to get caught, before leaving.[7]

Pain turned to Pleasure

Dumont gets visited by Brett Mahoney again

"You live with pain long enough, you start to miss it when it's gone, and then you discover the pain-pleasure connection. It's better than pills right?"
"I would say so."
"Ask... Everybody does, in the end."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Dumont was later visited in her Apartment by Brett Mahoney, as he had obtained a subpoena, in order to take away all of Dumont's files about Billy Russo's case. Dumont asked Mahoney if he had always wanted to go into law enforcement, although Mahoney did not answer the question. Dumont then told Mahoney about how she once saw an astrologer, as he had jokingly noted that this did not sound very scientific, although she insisted that it had been a birthday gift.

Dumont gives Brett Mahoney her own files

While Dumont collected her files on Russo, she told Mahoney about how this astrologer had claimed that the minds of police officers and criminals were almost identical, while quietly removing some of these files that she had. Dumont then told Mahoney that according to this astrologer, both police officers and criminals had needed control over actions and consequences, as well as control of other people as well as themselves. In response, Mahoney had simply joked that if people could control themselves, then they would both become out of a job, before Dumont gave him the files and requested a receipt.

Dumont getting confronted by Billy Russo

Mahoney then noted that he did not understand why Dumont was so protective over Russo, as she commented that if they could not find the best in other people, how would they find this in themselves, as Mahoney jokingly compared their idealisms. Mahoney then provided Dumont with her receipt for the documents, before wishing her good night and leaving her apartment. Once Mahoney left, Dumont began to nervously open her windows and blinds again, before noticing that Russo had been listening to their entire conversation, as Dumont had noting that she should have told Mahoney that Russo was there.

Dumont telling Billy Russo that he is a criminal

Dumont had questioned what Russo would have done if she had told Mahoney the truth about the situation, questioning if he would have killed him, as Russo said it would likely have been the result. Dumont had then acknowledged that she had become a criminal, who was harboring a murderer, noting that she should know better than to do that. However, Russo had then questioned if Dumont thought that he would hurt her, as she noted that he had poor impulse control, which Russo admitted was true, although he noted that Dumont did not, as Dumont had insisted that Russo did not know anything about her.

Dumont is asked about KM from Billy Russo

Russo then questioned if she had believed that their situations would end well, promising that it would not, claiming that all the therapy in their world would not make that happen, while also commenting that Dumont herself did not seem overly happy with their situation. Russo commented that he had observed that Dumont did not have much of any life outside of work, although Dumont insisted that her emotions should not be Russo's concern. However, Russo became emotional, as he then questioned what Dumont was trying to control, noting that if she was trying to control him, he was never going to allow that.

Dumont getting forcibly kissed by Billy Russo

Dumont told Russo told calm down, Russo questioned who KM was, while noting that he had read his files where Dumont had compared him to KM, as Russo questioned if KM was another patient who she had been trying to control, as Russo furiously questioned how many people like him had there been who Dumont had tried to control. In response, Dumont slapped Russo, who reacted by furiously pinning Dumont down, as she grabbed a paper cutter and stabbed Russo in the hand, although he barely reacted. However, Dumont and Russo then starred at each other for a moment, before then kissing.[7]

Dumont has passionate sex with Billy Russo

Fueled by a deep lust for one another, Dumont and Russo went into her bedroom where they removed their own clothes and engaged in passionate sex with each other. As the sex had continued, it became clear that both partners were sexually aroused by the combination of pain and pleasure, as Dumont bit into Russo's shoulder while he had found several scars over her body which he put pressure on, causing her to moan in delighted agony, with Dumont asking him to continue while Russo removed all Dumont's clothes as he found another deep scar on her back which he pressed down on until they finished.

Dumont getting asked about all of her scars

With their passionate sex complete, Dumont and Russo had then laid back on her bed together, and attempted to catch their breath back. As she lay her head onto his chest, Dumont asked Russo if she hurt him, to which Russo joked that that had clearly been the point, while Dumont noted that if somebody lived with pain for so long, they then started to miss it once it was gone until they found a connection with pain and pleasure. With Dumont's permission, Russo asked how she got her scars as she claimed she fell at the age of nine, claiming that it had been an accident, as Russo had decided not to ask more.[10]

Billy Russo Walks Away

Dumont being told that Billy Russo is leaving

"You don't get to decide."
"I am trying to protect you here."
"I will not be the reason you die!"
"And I won't be the reason that you ruin your life."
"Don't go..."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Dumont then got changed in her bathroom, as she look at her own reflection while putting on her earrings, before she admired herself. Having gone into her living room, Dumont pulled back her curtains and blinds, while still making her point to not look down, before she was joined by Billy Russo, who had put on his coat, as Dumont questioned where he was going, to which Russo told her that he had slept well that night, with no dreams of Skull Imagery or any fear.

Dumont telling Billy Russo about his progress

While Dumont claimed that it meant that they were making progress with his treatment, Russo had told her that he felt good and clear, but insisted that this was not because of therapy, but because of Dumont herself. However, Russo then told Dumont that this was also because of his relationship with his crew from McFeeney's, although Dumont insisted that while Russo might think he was safe, he was not, while Russo insisted that he never cared about safety. Russo claimed that he believed he was scared, due to being locked up in Sacred Saints Hospital with no way out, insisting that he was never a house pet.

Dumont listens to all of Billy Russo's reasons

Dumont listened closely, as Russo told her that he knew everything that he had lost, including Anvil and the wealth that came with it, but he had managed to throw all of that away, noting that he was unsure if it was worse to have lost this or to not remember having it. Russo told Dumont that he wanted that feeling back, insisting that he could not achieve all this with her, noting that she had done enough for him and he should no longer be staying at Dumont's Apartment, much to Dumont's frustration, as she questioned if he believed that she would let herself to be used by Russo, insisting she was never to blame.

Dumont attempting to threaten Billy Russo

While Russo insisted that he was not blaming Dumont for any of this, she noted that the people who got left behind, would always get the blame. Losing her tempter, Dumont then attempted to find a revolver to threaten Russo, only to then realize that Russo had already found and taken it, while he reminded Dumont that when Dinah Madani had last threatened him, he had shot her in her head. While Dumont then insisted that Russo would not get to decide how the situation would end, Russo insisted that he was attempting to protect Dumont, while she then told him that she would not be the reason Russo died.

Dumont witnesses Billy Russo leaving outside

However, Russo insisted that he would not be a reason Dumont had ruined her entire life and career, as he turned around and walked out of Dumont's apartment, as Dumont begged him not to leave. Despite Dumont's pleas for him to stay, Russo ignored her and walked away without another word, as Dumont then began to weep. Taking a deep breath, Dumont had then stepped over to her window, as she placed her hands on the glass to look down at Russo, while he walked away from the building. However, before long, all the terror of looking down became too much, as Dumont stepped away from the window.[10]

Punisher Conflict

Return of Billy Russo

Dumont hears Billy Russo knock on the door

"I thought you were gone."
"I thought a lot of things, and none of them were real."
"You can't come and go as you please."
"I got nowhere else to go. You want me to beg, I'll beg."
―Krista Dumont to Billy Russo[src]

While Dumont was inside of her Apartment looking over some of her case files, she was suddenly alerted to a knocking at the door, as the nervous Dumont attempted to get her revolver, only to remember that it was gone. Dumont stepped over to the door where she saw that it was Billy Russo, as he continue banging on the door, begging her to let him back inside. However, Dumont then put the catch on the door before opening it, not allowing Russo to come back into her home, as she spoke to Russo, who desperately begged for her help.

Dumont listening to Billy Russo begging her

Dumont commented that she had thought Russo was gone, to which he noted that he thought a lot of things, as it turned out that none of them were real. Dumont then told Russo that he could not come and go as he pleased, only for Russo to tell her that he had nowhere else he could go, insisting that he was willing to beg for her to help him. In response, Dumont instead closed the door, as Russo begged her not to, while she considered all her options and finally unlocked the door, allowing Russo to come inside, as he dumped a large bag and began frantically panting, while Dumont questioned where he had been.

Dumont listens to all Billy Russo's experiences

While Russo had insisted that it did not matter, Dumont noted that it looked like it did matter and questioned what was inside of his bag, before Russo furiously insisted that nothing mattered, before telling Dumont that he had discovered that Frank Castle had been the one who caused his facial scars, with the shocked Dumont questioning if he meant his friend from the Marine Corps. Dumont then watched as the emotionally distraught Russo explained that his former friend had tried to kill him, noting that the skull from all of his recent nightmares had actually been his broken memories of the Punisher's Vest.

Dumont calms Billy Russo in his breakdown

Dumont had witnessed Russo screaming at her that Castle had been coming at him in his dreams and had been hunting him ever since he had escaped from the Sacred Saints Hospital, as he questioned why Castle would have disfigured his face in the first place. On the verge of tears, Russo explained how he could not understand why any of it had happened to him and that he could not feel like any of it was real as he fell down onto knees, desperately trying to understand exactly how his best friend from their Marine Corps, whom he had once been willing to die in battle for, had just attempted to shoot and kill him.

Dumont agreeing to assist Billy Russo again

Sympathizing with her patient and lover, Dumont had stepped over to Russo, as she allowed him to hold her hand for comfort. While Russo continued weeping and held onto Dumont's hand, he had apologized for everything that he had put her through by returning to her, noting that he did not know what else he could do, as that Dumont was the only person who could possibly help him to understand everything, something that Dumont smiled at, as she had then welcomed Russo into her home once again, with a promise that she would help him to understand everything that had happened with him and Castle.[11]

Therapy with Billy Russo

Dumont listens to all of Billy Russo's feelings

"That's where you're wrong. Because now those nightmares end. You can be reborn. And in that rebirth lies all your power. I know exactly what you're going through, because I've been there. But then I came face to face with my hurt, and I swear to you, it is like touching God."
―Krista Dumont to Billy Russo[src]

Dumont sat down with Billy Russo, as he attempted to understand how Frank Castle had been the one who had destroyed his life and disfigured his face, telling Dumont about his time serving alongside Castle while they were in the Marine Corps, claiming that he would have given his life for Castle and questioned why he would have ever tried to kill him, to which Dumont suggested that maybe Castle was never actually the king of man Russo had believed him to be.

Dumont ensures Billy Russo to get through life

Despite how much it still pained him, Russo suggested that his lack of memories meant that he was not really the good man he always believed himself to be. However, Dumont noted that she had treated former soldiers with injuries half as bad as Russo who spent the rest of their lives lying in their beds, noting that what the Punisher did to Russo was unfair and cruel. Upon hearing this, Russo noted that his life had been better when he simply did not know how his face had become scarred, although Dumont insisted that he was wrong about that as she got onto her knees and held onto Russo's hand.

Dumont telling Billy Russo she is trustworthy

While Russo struggled to breathe, Dumont insisted that now he knew the truth about what happened to him, these nightmares would finally end and that there were no more missing pieces to the Jigsaw of his own mind. Dumont went on to note how Castle was the man Russo had trusted who had broken that trust and tried to destroy him, and this would allow Russo to understand his pain and work through that, promising that he could be reborn as the stronger man because of all of the pain he had suffered through as the result of what the Punisher had done to him, while promising to help him work through this.

Dumont promises to keep helping Billy Russo

Dumont noted that she understood Russo's agony as she had gone through it all herself. Dumont went on to explain that she eventually came face to face with that thing that had hurt her and this allowed her to heal, comparing the feeling to touching god. Dumont had then passionately kissed Russo, claiming that while it did not feel like that, this was actually the best day of Russo's life. Russo, however, noted that he was still crazy and yet Dumont let him in any way, questioning why she would do that, to which she explained she had always hated beginnings and their relationship had started in the middle.[11]

Billy Russo's Breakdown

Dumont wakes up to see Billy Russo watching

"Do you think it's so scary to think that I might have love for you? To think that maybe you can change? Billy, I would never hurt you, and I would never betray you, and I have never ever lied to you. This is not a lesser you, it's a better you. There's nothing left to hurt you, and here you stand, but you have to choose."
―Krista Dumont to Billy Russo[src]

Having seemingly helped Billy Russo to calm back down, Dumont eventually fell asleep on the sofa. Upon waking up and and seeing him, Dumont offered to hold hands with Russo, who instead noted how he believed that she had almost tricked him, commenting that her letting him come back into her Apartment and trying to make him better was actually all a ploy by Dumont and that she had never actually cared about him at all, which greatly unnerved Dumont.

Dumont is furiously confronted by Billy Russo

Russo claimed that Dumont had known that Frank Castle had been the one who had destroyed his life, believing that it had always been in his medical file and this was the secret everyone had been keeping from him. However, Dumont had insisted that Castle had never been mentioned in Russo's file, to which Russo theorized that she knew he would eventually read that so she had just hidden the real files and furiously demanded to know why she would do this, questioning if it was so that she could control him and instead play god with his own life, something which Dumont had calmly continued to deny.

Dumont becomes afraid of Billy Russo's anger

Falling to his knees, Russo had commented that if he could no longer trust Castle, then he could not trust anybody as he questioned how Castle could possibly come to hate him so much. Upon seeing him breaking down, Dumont had attempted to make Russo find five blue thing in the room in order to focus his mind and help him calm down, however, Russo was too angry to think straight as he then grabbed a blue vase and smashed it onto the ground. Despite Dumont trying to get through to him, Russo had furiously destroyed several blue items across the Apartment while Dumont backed away in terror.

Dumont's life being threatened by Billy Russo

Turning his attention back toward the now terrified Dumont who was begging him to calm down, Russo had claimed that she was another person trying to destroy his life by lying to him and manipulating him, ignoring her pleas for him to stop before he then furiously punched through the wall right beside her. As the now crying Dumont backed away from him, Russo continued to follow her while destroying her possessions before opening up the curtains and forcing Dumont to look outside, knowing that Dumont's greatest fear was heights and this would be a terrifying experience for her to go through.

Dumont promising to never harm Billy Russo

As Dumont cried, Russo had pressed her face against the glass and questioned how it felt to have something that she had hated and that scared her pushed up against her, comparing all this to how Dumont had pushed him to constantly feel the last thing that he ever wanted to feel, commenting that everybody wanted somebody else to feel worse then they already did, and that everybody gets betrayed in the end. Dumont finally made Russo stop his outburst when she told him that the scariest thing that he was feeling inside, was that it could be possible that Dumont actually felt some kind of love for him.

Dumont telling Billy Russo to become stronger

Upon hearing this, Russo finally let Dumont go while she commented that she had also believed that Russo could change and became a better and stronger person. As Dumont continued, Russo sat on the floor while Dumont insisted that she would never hurt him and that she had never lied to him, promising that he was not a lesser version of himself, but a better version. Dumont noted that there was nothing left that could hurt Russo as he was still standing despite everything that had happened, telling him to chose to be stronger as she knew that it would not be easy as Russo began crying in her arms.[11]

Discussing Frank Castle

Dumont sleeping with Billy Russo in her bed

"With the money we can go anywhere, be anything we want to be, together."
"And we will, I promise. But you have to let me deal with Frank first."
"Don't let Frank define who you are."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Dumont had continued to support Billy Russo, as he had used stolen money to build up his crew and begin a crime spree across New York City. As Dumont and Russo were in bed, they engaged in passionate and violent sex, as Russo pulled Dumont's hair and press his fingers into her scars on her legs and back, causing her pain and pleasure at the same time as she enjoyed it, while Dumont would then return the favor by biting down hard on Russo's lip while kissing him.

Dumont listens to all of Billy Russo's reasons

As they lay in bed together, Dumont and Russo discussed the future, as Dumont then noted that the crusade of violence Russo was going through could not last forever and that they should begin to consider a future together, making it clear that she wanted to use that money Russo had stolen to leave New York for good. However, Russo then told Dumont that he needed to deal with the Punisher first, to which Dumont told Russo not to allow the Punisher to define who he was. Russo then looked Dumont directly into the eyes and told her that he needed to know why his former best friend wanted to kill him.[12]

Dealing with the Truth

Dumont listens to all Billy Russo's statements

"You have something special Billy. You have built yourself up from nothing, twice. Fought your way out of hell more times than you can count. Frank didn't take things from you. He gave you, us, a second chance."
"I want him to feel what I felt. I want him to suffer."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Once Billy Russo had returned to her Apartment, Dumont listened while he spoke to her about how much he had always loved Frank Castle's entire family, as he denied having any part in the Massacre at Central Park, which had killed them, as he would deserve to die at Castle's hands. However, Russo then insisted that what Castle did to his face and mind was considerably worse than whatever he ever deserved, claiming that there was no honor in that punishment.

Dumont listening to Billy Russo's information

Russo had insisted that, after everything that they had been through together in the Marine Corps he deserved more than what Castle had done to him. As Dumont questioned how Russo knew all of this, he confessed to going to see Dinah Madani at her Apartment, which had clearly made Dumont extremely uncomfortable as she commented on how risky such a decision was. Dumont questioned how Russo had felt seeing his former lover, but Russo simply insisted that he felt nothing as he could not remember his relationship with Madani while promising that the only person who mattered to him was Dumont.

Dumont tells Billy Russo that he can be better

As Dumont noted that Castle also mattered to him, Russo noted that he now knew that Madani was there when Castle had disfigured his face, while Dumont theorized that maybe Madani knew where Castle was. Russo insisted that Castle would never stop, until he killed him, noting that he would not stop if it was the other way around, to which Dumont suggested that they depart New York City and hide, so they could live happily together, without fear of the Punisher finding them. Russo, however, refused to run away, insisted that he would have put Castle out of his misery if their roles had instead been reversed.

Dumont allowing Billy Russo have his revenge

Dumont insisted that Russo also something special, which had been proved when he had built himself up from nothing twice, first through the founding of Anvil and then by building up Jigsaw's Crew. Dumont had gone on to say that Castle did not take anything away from him when he had destroyed his face and damaged his mind, but he had instead given them the second chance at a new life together. Looking Dumont in the eyes, Russo told her that he wanted Castle to suffer in the way that he had suffered back at Central Park, while insisting that he wanted Castle to feel his pain, which made Dumont smile.[12]

Dinah Madani's Visit

Dumont inviting Dinah Madani into her home

"I don't know how you live with it, not knowing if somebody that you had arrested or convicted might come back at you someday, fixate on you as the cause of their problems. It's so easy to build that up in your mind, until it becomes a reality that you're afraid to come true. When Billy Russo escaped I didn't have any of those feelings, and now that's all I can think about."
―Krista Dumont to Dinah Madani[src]

While Billy Russo remained hidden in another room, Dumont had then invited Dinah Madani into her Apartment to gain insight into how they could kill the Punisher,[6] as she then welcomed Madani inside once she arrived and offered to get her a water or tea, although Madani only requested her glass of scotch. When Dumont had then questioned if alcohol was Madani's main medicine, Madani became annoyed as she reminded her that Dumont had called her, as Dumont apologized and called it a force of habit.

Dumont listens to all Dinah Madani's problems

Once they sat together, Dumont explained that she did not know how Madani had lived with the reality that somebody she once arrested or convicted might come back at her like Russo had seemingly done, as she then acknowledged that in that situation, the criminal would likely focus on Madani as the source for all the problems. Dumont went on to explain how easy it would be for this reality to build in a criminal's mind, as she had told Madani that went Russo had escaped from the Sacred Saints Hospital, she did not felt that herself, claiming this was now all that she could think about, asking if this was ridiculous.

Dumont discusses about the loss of a memory

Madani had insisted that it was not ridiculous, only to question why Dumont was feeling this now, as Russo had seemingly been missing for weeks. In response, Dumont noted that she had treated Russo for months and found that he had memory loss and blank spots, both of which were linked to emotional and physical issues, noting that these included Madani and how he had become disfigured. Dumont went on to claim that much of Russo's anger came from him never having answers to all the questions, as she claimed that Russo could return looking for answers, promoting Madani to discuss recent events.

Dumont uttering the problems with Billy Russo

As Dumont wanted, this resulted with Madani confessing to her that Russo had broken into her Apartment, as Dumont then pretended to be shocked while Madani told her that Russo had come looking for those answers and had threatened her with a gun. Madani went on to note that this happened in the wake of Frank Castle attacking Russo during his robbery, with Dumont noting that Russo often spoke about Castle until Madani then admitted that Castle was the one who had disfigured Russo's face, as Dumont claimed that Castle sounded like he was worse than Russo, as Madani insisted this was not true.

Dumont offers Dinah Madani to drink with her

Madani had insisted to Dumont that Castle was completely different to Russo, before confessing that she was actually jealous of Castle and Russo, as neither of them seemed to really care about anything other than their missions, calling this a true purity of purpose. When Dumont noted that Madani clearly knew both men well, Madani had admitted that she had her real insight into both of them, commenting that if Dumont got to know them both that well too, then she would also be drinking. In response, Dumont suggested that she had some wine and invited Madani to stay, which Madani had accepted.[12]

Dumont suggests to talk about what they feel

With Madani accepting her invitation to drink wine with her, Dumont had then invited Madani into her living room, claiming it was a more friendly environment, suggesting that Madani could do with a friend. As Madani questioned if all the conversations would be confidential, Dumont simply suggested that she could write her a check to make her an official therapist if it would make her feel better, as she poured some wine for them. Madani had commented about how she felt like she was only doing things that did not matter, since two of her former partners, Ahmad Zubair and Sam Stein, had already been killed.

Dumont listens to all Dinah Madani's feelings

Madani told Dumont that she felt like she owed it to Zubair and Stein to put Russo back into prison, and would only get closure if she did, but she did not feel like she was getting any closer towards doing it. Dumont explained to Madani that this feeling was known as a death equivalent, which was often felt by people who survived a near-fatal injury, as they felt like they were living their waking death, where they have no control. As Madani questioned what she could do to resolve these feelings, Dumont had then suggested that she talk about these feelings, as she then presented Madani with the bottle of red wine.

Dumont offers another drink for Dinah Madani

As Dumont sat with her, Madani expressed her regret that she did not shoot Russo when she had the chance, or let Castle do it, as Dumont questioned if it meant that Castle was there on the night when Russo was disfigured, which Madani confirmed, commenting that it felt like they were still living in that moment. As Madani had become anxious about talking about all these events and had then attempted to leave the Apartment, Dumont poured another glass of wine as she insisted that Madani get these feelings off her chest by talking with her, telling her to talk about Castle and Russo, before the feelings killed her.[6]

Manipulating Dinah Madani

Dumont shares her own ideals about violence

"He's murdered a lot of people. He wants to murder Billy Russo."
"Never anyone innocent."
"Who decides who's innocent?"
"I've seen him risk his life without a second thought to save women or kids."
"So what? He's exempt because of an archaic idea of chivalry?"
―Krista Dumont and Dinah Madani[src]

As they drank together, Dumont was told by Dinah Madani that they could not fully understand Billy Russo, until she understood Frank Castle, claiming that Castle had seen himself when he had disfigured Russo. Madani also commented on Dumont's desires to help Russo, claiming that was illogical, although Dumont claimed that Humans were not ruled by logic, but by instinct and emotion, as Madani had claimed that men thought they were tougher than women, but were simply better at forgiving themselves.

Dumont talking about Dinah Madani's conflict

Dumont noted that although Castle and Russo had pulled Madani to their conflict, that did not mean that she had to participate with it, or choose sides. Dumont had then questioned how Castle was actually different from Russo, questioning how they could make a judgement on the pair, only for Dumont then to note that Castle's wife and two children were murdered in front of him, and he intended to stop that happening to somebody else. However, Dumont argued that, despite all his trauma, Castle did not have the right to choose who lived and died, with Madani arguing that they should look at the good he did.

Dumont questions whoever is really innocent

While Dumont argued that Castle had murdered a lot of people, and intended to murder Russo rather than have Russo face a judgement from their New York City Police Department, Madani claimed Castle never killed anybody innocent, while Dumont questioned if he should decide who was really innocent. In response, Madani noted that she witnessed Castle risking his life to rescue women and children, while Dumont questioned if this forgave the hurt which he had also caused. However, Madani insisted that if Castle ever did the same things that Russo had done, then he would never be able to live with himself.

Dumont tells her story of saving an injured bird

While Dumont poured some more wine, Madani began looking at her certificates from Overton University and Metro-General Hospital, as she questioned if Dumont always intended to work with other people like Russo. In response, Dumont told Madani about how she found an injured bird in her yard as a child, which her father had just called a lost cause, resulting in Dumont refusing to give up on the bird and nursing it back to health. Dumont claimed that this story proved that even the most lost causes deserved a second chance, while she also insisted that she had still believed that Russo was worth saving.

Dumont tells Dinah Madani about her views

Madani questioned if Dumont believed that Russo was a victim of his abusive childhood, to which Dumont insisted that children did not get to choose and the world was a cruel place, as Madani noted that this was because men were cruel. Madani insisted that Russo only ever wanted money and success, and he killed anybody who stood in his way, as she noted that while Dumont could only see the people when they were broken, she should see the world from where Madani was currently standing, since she would then believe that Russo was not worth saving, which Dumont had still remained skeptical about.

Dumont asks for Dinah Madani's true honesty

Madani then asked Dumont about if she arrested Russo and brought him to court to face justice for his crimes, as she would need Russo to know that she had survived the ordeal and he had not, so she then questioned if Russo would even be capable of understanding that. In response, Dumont turned the question back on Madani, and asked if that would really be enough to satisfy her, questioning what would be an acceptable outcome for their story, recommending that Madani be honest with her answer if she wanted any peace. Considering this for a moment, Madani told Dumont that she wanted Russo dead.

Dumont talks about the happiness of people

However, Dumont had then questioned how this would make Madani any different from Castle or Russo, as they never found comfort from killing. Dumont had later questioned if Madani knew of anybody who was truly happy, with Madani jokingly questioning if unhappiness had kept Dumont in business, although Dumont insisted that being happy was not in their nature, noting how the best looking woman may say she is too short and the best looking man would say he is too skinny. Having made other examples, Dumont suggested that if there was a true "Hell", then that would be an eternity facing their own failings.

Dumont watches Dinah Madani leaving her

Dumont claimed that they were all their own personal devils, and that they turned their world their into a personal hell. Taking this concept, Dumont noted that Madani took a job at Homeland Security that was incompatible with her feelings, while Russo always chased his power due to feeling worthless and unlovable, and Castle did terrible things because he wanted to believe that he was still the good man. Madani had then questioned what Dumont's version of her hell was, to which she claimed that she had always believed, against all other evidence, that one day she could free someone else from their personal hell.

Dumont makes the new plan with Billy Russo

Once they finished drinking, Madani left Dumont's Apartment, as she thanked her for their drinks. However, once Madani left, Russo came in the hallway, having been listening, as Dumont told Russo that she knew how they could break Castle, based on what they had learned from Madani, as they had to take away his beliefs, that he was better than Russo. Dumont and Russo then made their plan to draw Castle to his Hideout, where they would make him believe that he had killed innocent women while shooting at Russo, although Russo personally gunned down these women before Castle even arrived there.[6]

Planning to Escape

Discussing their Actions

Dumont watching Billy Russo on the phone

"I wanted to make you happy, to find some release so we could move forward. But I guess I'm not getting what I want either."
"It was a dark thing... that we did. How do you feel? I mean, those women, they're... they're dead because of you."
"I didn't know them."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Dumont and Billy Russo's plan was successful, as Frank Castle was then arrested by the New York City Police Department, after he had mistakenly believed he had killed several innocent women during the shootout with Russo. Dumont watched on while Russo called Castle, while he was recovering at Sacred Saints Hospital, while Russo mockingly told Castle that he was his own devil now, and that he was no better than Russo, while also insisting that he had won.

Dumont listens to all of Billy Russo's worries

Sitting down opposite Dumont, Russo then insured that their phone call with Castle could not be traced by into her Apartment as he had ripped the phone apart and then tore the sim-card in half. Although Dumont noted that they now had Castle exactly where they wanted him to be, under the[New York City Police Department's close watch, Russo noted that sometimes this was simply not enough, clearly still fearful of the Punisher ever catching up to him again. While Dumont had questioned what else Russo could possibly want, he noted that sometimes getting what he wanted proved to be disappointing.

Dumont and Billy Russo discuss their actions

Russo confessed to feeling hollow after defeating Castle, scratching his head out of stress while Dumont claimed that she had taken part in this mission only to make Russo happy. Interrupting her while she had tried to explain herself, Russo placed his empty gun cartridges on the table and noted how the murders of the three innocent women was a dark moment for both of them. Russo questioned how Dumont felt, noting that those women were only dead because of her actions, only for Dumont to simply dismiss this by noting that she simply had not known any of them to care whether they had lived or died.

Dumont comforts Billy Russo for his distress

Dumont then questioned if Russo was blaming her for these deaths, to which Russo grabbed her arm and claimed that he was afraid that she would eventually blame him for everything. Dumont claimed that she did everything to protect Russo from the Punisher and the police, noting that they had to leave New York City before their police found him and took him back into prison, although Russo still worried over Dumont leaving behind everything that she had managed to build for him, while he questioned if she would really be willing to leave behind her career and everything she had achieved for their relationship.

Dumont vowing to stay alongside Billy Russo

Dumont then questioned what Russo was trying to say to her, fearful that he had become willing to give up on their relationship, as Russo told Dumont that it was not too late for her to walk away, noting that nobody knew that she had been involved with any of their crimes yet. However, Dumont noted that she would always know, noting that she had felt alone her entire life, but she had never felt like that while with him. Despite Russo offering her a chance to walk away from his life, Dumont swore her loyalty to Russo as they promised to stay together and they could have anything, while they passionately kissed.[5]

Past Trauma Revealed

Dumont being asked about her scars again

"Remember when I asked you about your dreams? It's the same thing."
"But I hated that because I didn't remember."
"I hate that I do."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

Dumont and Billy Russo proceeded to have sex again, as Russo had taken a moment to look at her scars while she put her clothes back on, although Dumont soon made it clear that she did not like this. As Russo continued to ask her about this, Dumont turned it around and threatened to ask Russo about his dreams about the Skull Imagery again, claiming that all of these scars she had were a similar cause for trauma for her.

Dumont listens to all Billy Russo's nightmares

Although Russo noted that he hated his own nightmares because he had not been able to remember the truth, Dumont explained that she hated the fact that she did. Although Dumont had tried to dismiss the conversation, Russo noted that she knew everything about him from his military records to those police reports, he claimed that he did not actually know anything about her. Dumont claimed that she had told him the truth about his scars, although Russo insisted that she was missing out important details, noting that he might as well have told her about a painful shoulder while explaining his own facial scars.

Dumont being questioned about who KM is

Through that reasoning, Dumont was finally convinced to tell Russo the truth, noting that all the scars they both carried had led them to each other and everything they had done since, including their killing innocent people. When Dumont tried to insist that she did everything to protect him, Russo questioned why she did that, to which she had claimed that she loved him. Russo questioned who KM really was, as he reminded Dumont of how he had been included in all his personal medical file when she had compared them. When Russo then asked, Dumont admitted to loving KM, but noted that he was her father.

Dumont telling her story of her own childhood

Dumont told Russo how her father had served with the United States Armed Forces and had also suffered from PTSD upon his return back into New York City from the Vietnam War. Dumont had then explained for Russo how her father became extremely drunk and angry once he learned how Dumont's mother had wanted to get a divorce from the marriage, resulting in a smashed window. Dumont explained how her father had become emotionally broken from everything which he ever experienced, so he threw himself out from their window with Dumont in his arms, resulting in her father's death and all of her scars.[5]

Frank Castle's Escape

Dumont watching the news report on Punisher

"You're punishing me for what? Just one minute of not wanting that man to ruin everything? And now you're acting cold, and I can't tell if that's because you're pissed off at me or that you're getting ready to go after him?"
"I'm going to get our paperwork, okay? Just like we planned."
―Krista Dumont and Billy Russo[src]

While in her Apartment, Dumont had listened to the news report on how Frank Castle managed to escape from Sacred Saints Hospital, during which he was attacked in the middle of the highway by John Pilgrim, but he had then managed to escape despite the best efforts of Brett Mahoney. While watching this news report, Dumont noticed that Billy Russo was watching her, as Russo then questioned if Dumont had planned on actually telling him about Castle's escape, to which she insisted that it simply did not matter whether Castle escaped or that she wanted to hide it from him.

Dumont is questioned on her plan for secrecy

Although Dumont claimed that she was not thinking about this at all, Russo noted that Dumont was always thinking. As Dumont continued insisting that Castle's escape did not change anything, Russo again questioned why she would keep it from him if she really believed that Castle being free would not affect them. Finally, Dumont admitted that the Punisher scared her as he would keep on coming for them no matter what they did, to which Russo then noted that Castle was clearly relentless. When Dumont noted that Castle had nothing else to live for, Russo questioned if her point was that Russo did now.

Dumont explains her sentiment to Billy Russo

Russo then turned away from Dumont and grabbed his jacket, while she asked him why he was acting this way, questioning if Russo was trying to punish her for just wanting one minute where Castle was not the focus of their lives, before asking Russo if he was planning to go after the Punisher again. Russo instead softly touched Dumont's face and told her that he was going out to get all their paperwork so they could finally leave New York City behind them, as they had planned. Despite the promises, Dumont had questioned Russo about whether or not he would actually be able to leave the Punisher behind him.

Dumont and Billy Russo discuss them leaving

Thinking for that moment, Russo told Dumont that ever since he had been done with Castle, following their Ambush at Valhalla and spent time with just Dumont, he had never felt anything quite like it before, claiming that he had never felt that happy in his life. Russo then told Dumont that she was right, that by cutting the Punisher out of his life, comparing him to the cancer, he must never allow him back in. While Russo turned to leave the Apartment, to get all of their paperwork so they could leave New York together, Dumont had told him to promise he would return, to which Russo insisted he would be back soon.

Dumont looks out of the window of her home

As Russo left the Apartment, Dumont had stepped up to her window, so that she could watch him walk away, although she had still felt her strong sense of vertigo due to the height and was then forced to step away from the window. While Russo was gone, Dumont made a call to Dinah Madani, noting that she had seen Madani on the news and simply wanted to check in on her. When Dumont questioned if Castle had hurt her, Madani reassured her that she was not one of Castle's targets, while Dumont had then questioned if she knew where Castle could have gone, suggesting that Castle could come after her.

Dumont makes a phone call to Dinah Madani

Dumont questioned if Madani believed that Castle would come after her if he believed that she knew where Russo was, claiming that their situation was becoming too much for her. Dumont then questioned if Madani had any new leads on Russo, to which Madani insisted that their investigation was still ongoing and so she could not discuss this any further. When Madani then questioned if Dumont was okay, she assured her that she was, commenting that this hell never ended for them, before Madani promised to tell her if there was any more news about either Castle or Russo, which Dumont thanked her for.[3]

Attack on Dinah Madani

Dumont getting to ready to leave her home

"You investigated me?"
"More of a background check, force of habit."
"It was a long time ago."
―Krista Dumont and Dinah Madani[src]

While Dumont was getting all her bags ready to leave, she suddenly heard a knocking at her Apartment door, as she then looked through her peephole, and saw that it was Dinah Madani. Opening the door, Dumont questioned if everything was okay, to which Madani noted that Dumont sounded strange on the phone, and wanted to check on her, while Dumont claimed that she had been overwhelmed from watching the news reports and had suffered a mild panic attack.

Dumont greeting Dinah Madani at her door

Dumont was then politely pressured into letting Madani come back in her apartment, as she had immediately noticed the packed bags and questioned if Dumont was leaving New York City, as she claimed that she had decided to get out of the city until the situation was over and she could relax about it, which Madani had seemed to accept. When Madani told her that she wished she could do the same, Dumont had questioned if she meant that, while Madani claimed that she did not really, but only needed to play out the situation for now. Dumont then offered to make Madani some tea, which she had politely accepted.

Dumont listens to Dinah Madani's story

However, Madani had then told Dumont that while she visiting Frank Castle in Sacred Saints Hospital, she was called from Billy Russo, as Russo had gloated about his victory over Castle. Madani noted that during that call, Russo had told Castle that he was his own devil now, which Dumont listened to closely while she boiled the kettle to make some tea. Madani noted that this statement had struck her, as it was the same thing that Dumont had said to her while they had also been discussing Castle and Russo, although Dumont had just dismissed it by claiming to be fond of a quote and said it to all her patients.

Dumont listens to Dinah Madani's hatred

However, despite Dumont's attempts to dismiss the subject, Madani had continued talking about their previous conversation about Castle and Russo, noting that what she had considered what kind of woman would let them into their lives. However, Madani noted it was women like her, to which Dumont then insisted that Madani could not blame herself for what happened, while Madani insisted that she still hated Russo. Madani then offered to tell Dumont another secret, insisting that it would have to stay between them, as she confessed that she had brought Castle back to New York in order to find and kill Russo.

Dumont questions Dinah Madani's intrusion

Dumont listened as Madani confessed that she had risked her entire career with Homeland Security and everything that she ever believed in, because of her hatred for Russo, questioning Dumont as to why she would have done this. However, Dumont insisted that she did not have any answer to that question, which Madani appeared to accept, before she turned back to Dumont and questioned if she had actually been able to save one of her patients, referring to them as her broken birds. When Dumont said that she liked to think so, Madani had then commented about her father, which had greatly surprised Dumont.

Dumont attempting to relax in the bathroom

Dumont was horrified, as Madani had continued commenting on her father's demise, as she questioned if Madani investigated her, while Madani insisted that it had only been a background check. Although Dumont tried to dismiss all this by noting that it had been a long time ago, Madani kept pushing her, as the pair stared at each other for a moment, until Dumont finally requested that she be excused from the conversation, as she went into the bathroom while Madani offered to finish making tea. Once she was alone, Dumont then splashed water in her face, before she looked closely at her reflection in the mirror.

Dumont fighting against Dinah Madani

Fearing that Madani had found out her secret, Dumont quietly walked out of the bathroom, leaving the taps running, and armed herself with a pair of scissors. As Dumont had suspected, Madani had been able to locate Russo's Journal and deduced that Dumont had been hiding him there, as Madani attempted to arrest Dumont. However, Dumont was able to sneak up on Madani, as she furiously slashed at her arm with the scissors, only for Madani to knock them out from her hands, before they wrestled for control of Madani's gun, which was fired into the ceiling as the two women threw each other into the walls.

Dumont pushes Dinah Madani into the flames

Dumont was able to knock Madani off her feet, sliding the gun across the floor out of their reach, as she pinned down Madani and punched her in the face, only for Madani to hit her back, throwing Dumont off her. Seeing that Madani was attempting to find her gun, Dumont had dragged her back, before smashing a picture on top of her. However, this only enraged Madani, who pinned Dumont against the wall and began chocking her, until Dumont pushed her off and they continued the fight in the kitchen. While they struggled for control, Dumont was able to push Madani face down, forcing her closer to a boiling pot.

Dumont attempting to kill Dinah Madani

However, Madani was then able to grab a chopping board and struck Dumont over the head with it, breaking her grip, before attempting to locate her gun. In response, Dumont armed herself with her knife and then attacked Madani, who was barely able to keep the blade away, as Dumont used all her strength to push the blade closer to Madani's face, eventually being able to cut deep into Madani's cheeks, as she screamed in pain. Madani was finally able to knock Dumont away, as the women exchanged some more hits, before Dumont had wrapped her hands around Madani's throat, furiously trying to strangle her.

Dumont is pushed out her apartment window

As Dumont then continued to furiously attempt to strangle Madani to death, she began getting pushed backwards by Madani, as Dumont realized too late that she was being pushed towards her windows. To her horror, Dumont had been unable to do anything to stop it, before Madani then launched her out from the windows, smashing the glass as Dumont fell face first down three stories and down to the concrete streets below, crippling her body. Broken from the fall, Dumont had a vision of her deceased father looking at her, before looking up to see that Russo had arrived in time to witness her fall out the window.

Dumont laying on the ground after the fall

Barely conscious, Dumont saw Russo drop the blue flowers that he had bought for Dumont, ready to give to her before they left the city. Dumont had then witnessed Russo looking up at their windows and seeing that it was Madani, who had pushed Dumont, as he furiously charged upstairs to avenge her fall.[3] While Russo had confronted Madani, Dumont was found by the New York City Police Department and taken into Sacred Saints Hospital. She later learned that Madani survived her clash with Russo, and had managed to shoot him three times, forcing Russo to escape while he sought medical aid.[13]


Dumont recovering from her numerous injuries

"I'm sorry this happened to you."
"Which part? The throwing me out of a window?"
"Billy dragging you into this."
"He didn't drag me into anything. I love him."
Dinah Madani and Krista Dumont[src]

While Dumont had recovered from these numerous injuries in Sacred Saints Hospital, she was greeted by Dinah Madani. Dumont asked if Madani had come there to gloat, which Madani simply denied, as she insisted that she was sorry that this happened with her, to which Dumont questioned if she meant the part where Madani had thrown her out of the window, while Madani insisted that she was sorry that Billy Russo dragged her into the situation. However, Dumont insisted that Russo did not drag her into anything, as she had loved him.

Dumont ensures that Billy Russo will survive

Dumont asked if Russo was still alive, as Madani admitted that as far as she knew he was. As Madani then noted that Russo had run as he left Dumont behind, Dumont insisted that he would have been no use to her if he had stayed there and got arrested. Madani had admitted that she felt she got therapy at Dumont's Apartment, but it was when she shot Russo three times, showing off Russo's blood over her shirt, noting that they would locate Russo alive or dead, although Dumont insisted Russo would be too strong to die. However, Russo was soon found by Frank Castle, who killed him while Dumont recovered.[13]


"If we can't find the best in others, how can we hope to find it in ourselves?"
―Krista Dumont to Brett Mahoney[src]

Krista Dumont is a troubled woman who has been shown to take advantage of others, even patients requiring her assistance. She has shown herself to be manipulative, untrustworthy and conniving.

She falls for Billy Russo and appears to be most attracted to his instability, his scars (mental and physical) and his need for her. This seems like an inappropriate set of romantic interests, given her job as a psychologist and the rules she is expected to follow in her line of work. Krista defends and manipulates Russo into becoming even further upset and angry about his loved ones. This could be to force him to distance himself from others or to make him think that she is the only one that really cares about him.

Krista also lies about Russo to Dinah Madani and others, feeling so strongly that she eventually attacks Madani when the truth comes out.


"How you heal depends on how you accept this painful, world-shattering change."
―Krista Dumont to Jake Nelson[src]
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  • Smith & Wesson Model 36: Dumont owned this revolver and she kept it in her apartment. Billy Russo found it while he registered the apartment, and took it for himself. Dumont later looked for it while she was arguing with Russo, but Russo showed her the weapon, whom he still kept.

Other Equipment

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  • KM † - Father and Attempted Killer
  • Mother




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  • Dumont's phone number is 347-555-0118.

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