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"Given enough care and love, even the most lost cause can thrive."
―Krista Dumont to Dinah Madani[src]

Doctor Krista Dumont is a psychotherapist who had a strong compassion for military veterans following her father's suicide many years earlier. When Dumont was tasked with overseeing the treatment of Billy Russo following his disfigurement, she found herself gaining feelings for Russo and aided him in his escape. While Russo was hiding out in her home, Dumont fell into a sexual relationship with Russo and began assisting him with his return to strength, even manipulating Dinah Madani in order to gain information on the Punisher which Russo could use against him. However, once Madani discovered Dumont's manipulation, they engaged in a furious fight which resulted in Dumont being thrown out of her window, paralyzing her, while Russo lost his life while he was attempting to avenge her.


Early Life

Father's Suicide

"I just wanted to make everything okay and make him feel better. He picked me up, hugged me, told me he loved me more than anything. And he said, if he can't have me, then neither could she and he jumped out the window. He died. I lived. He needed help. He needed someone to save him, but there was no one there. And now, I have my scars and I have my memories."
―Krista Dumont to Billy Russo[src]
KristaD young

Dumont survives her father's murder-suicide

Krista Dumont lived as the daughter of a Vietnam war veteran. After her parents had an argument that led to a divorce, Dumont had then attempted to comfort her father by hugging him; her father still greatly upset, she was carried alongside him through a window in a vow to separate Dumont from her mother. Surviving the fall with only scars and bruises, she lied next to him bleeding on the sidewalk. This traumatic experience had resulted in Dumont gaining heavy scars across her body, leading her to attempt suicide multiple times by cutting her wrists. However, eventually Dumont was able to turn that trauma into a desire to help people like her father, to ensure that another girl did not undergo the same trauma.[1]

Aiding Billy Russo

Troubled Therapy Sessions

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Hiding Jigsaw

Reassuring Billy Russo

"See, that's where you're wrong. Because now the nightmares end. You can be reborn. And in that rebirth lies all your power. I know exactly what you're going through, because I've been there. But then I came face to face with my hurt, and I swear to you, it is like touching God."
―Krista Dumont to Billy Russo[src]

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Speaking with Madani

"He's murdered a lot of people. He wants to murder Billy Russo."
"Never anyone innocent."
"Who decides who's innocent?"
"I've seen him risk his life without a second thought to save women or kids."
"So what? He's exempt because of some archaic idea of chivalry?"
"No, he is exempt because if Frank ever did the things Billy has done, he would feel like he was burning in hell."
―Krista Dumont and Dinah Madani[src]

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Conspiring with Jigsaw

"It was a dark thing... that we did. How do you feel? I mean, those women, they're... they're dead because of you."
"I didn't know them."
Billy Russo and Krista Dumont[src]

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Attack on Dinah Madani

"Is she alive?"
"Yeah, but she might wish she wasn't. Dr. Dumont looks like someone who got thrown out of a third-story window."
Dinah Madani and Brett Mahoney[src]

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"I'm sorry this happened to you."
"Which part? The throwing me out of a window?"
"Billy dragging you into this."
"He didn't drag me into anything. I love him."
Dinah Madani and Krista Dumont[src]

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"If we can't find the best in others, how can we hope to find it in ourselves?"
―Krista Dumont to Brett Mahoney[src]

Krista Dumont is a troubled woman who has been shown to take advantage of others, even patients requiring her assistance. She has shown herself to be manipulative, untrustworthy and conniving.

She falls for Billy Russo and appears to be most attracted to his instability, his scars (mental and physical) and his need for her. This seems like an inappropriate set of romantic interests, given her job as a psychologist and the rules she is expected to follow in her line of work. Krista defends and manipulates Russo into becoming even further upset and angry about his loved ones. This could be to force him to distance himself from others or to make him think that she is the only one that really cares about him.

Krista also lies about Russo to Dinah Madani and others, feeling so strongly that she eventually attacks Madani when the truth comes out.


"How you heal depends on how you accept this painful, world-shattering change."
―Krista Dumont to Jake Nelson[src]
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  • Revolver: To be added

Other Equipment


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  • KM † - Father and Attempted Killer
  • Mother




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  • Dumont's phone number is 347-555-0118.

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