The Kree Watch Commander was a high ranking member of the Kree Watch in 2091 serving under Kasius in the Lighthouse. He was killed by Leo Fitz during the final battle of the Lighthouse.


Kree Watch

Following Kasius

The Kree Watch Commander served under Kasius and his lover Sinara in the Lighthouse.

Successful Renewal

"A life spent...
"A life earned!"
―The Kree Watch Commander and the Lighthouse residents[src]

Commander standing alongside Sinara

Before beginning a Renewal, the Commander ordered his men to remove the children during a Metrics scan. After finishing their scans, the Commander delivered the results to Sinara to see who would be chosen for the Renewal. One of his men handed him a shotgun, which he promptly placed on the ground. He then recited the Lighthouse's rule with the Humans before leaving with the other Kree. The Renewal then commenced.

Commander first encountering Phil Coulson

After the Renewal was over, the Commander took his men to clean up the dead Humans. Entering Grill's management, the Commander found the dead body of Holt. He asked Grill if this was the last life owed, to which Grill said yes. The Commander then cheched the Metrrics of the Humans present and found an anomaly in one. When questioned, Grill vouched for the stranger. The Commander asked where they were stationed, and the stranger told him salvage. When Grill told the Commander the strangers owed him a debt, it was enough for him to agree and leave with his men.[1]

Inhuman Ceremony

Commander with Vicar after Flint vanishes

"Maybe the boy's ability is to disappear."
"No, this is something else."
―The Kree Commander and Vicar[src]

Starting another Inhuman Ceremony, to see if the the teenagers possessed the Inhuman marker, the Commander ceased the boy, Flint. As the ceremony began, the Commander stood by Vicar. The only Human that was affected was Flint. As the boy's cocoon broke, the Commander and the others were surprised to see that the boy vanished. As the Kree searched for Flint, the Commander suggested to Vicar that the boy's powers were to disappear. Vicar dismissed his idea. Believing it was something else. After Vicar had the scavenger Tess murdered, believing she was involved in Flint's disappearance, the Commander levitated her with a Gravity Puck, with a sign saying "BRING THE INHUMAN".[2]

Hunting Flint

Commander after Vicar was killed by Flint.

"I'll alert command."
"But he's an Inhuman."
"He's bait."
―Kree Watch Commander and Sinara[src]

After disposing of Tess's body, the Commander and Vicar waited for any information on the whereabouts of Flint. After a while, Flint surrendered himself to them. The Commander searched Flint, only to find rocks. However, much to the Commander's horror, the boy formed the rocks into a dart and shot it right through Vicar's right eye. The Commander was hesitant to attack Flint, only for Sinara to show up and knock him out. When the Commander started to alert command, Sinara halted him, saying Flint's bait for the others.[3]

Taking Zephyr One

"No life forms detected."
―Kree Watch Commander[src]

After the S.H.I.E.L.D. team returned from the Earth's surface, in the hopes of finding a way to save the Earth, the Kree Watch took control of Zephyr One. The Commander went on board along with Kasius and Hek-Sel. The first thing they find, however, is the dead body of Sinara. Much to Kasius's horror. Hek-Sel then ordered the Commander and his men to search the ship. After searching the ship, the Commander reported that there were no life signatures on board and departed.[4]


Commander and his men killed by Leo Fitz

"Submit and avoid pain!"
―Kree Watch Commander[src]

The Commander took his men to find the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on the lower levels. Coming across Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Flint, he offered them the chance to surrender, before he and his mens' heads were sliced off by Fitz's trip wire.[4]





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