The Kree Space Pods are small vehicles used by the Kree to travel through space.


Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau and a group of Skrull refugees fled Mar-Vell's Laboratory in a Quadjet with the Tesseract in their possession, while Captain Marvel fought and stalled Starforce, and eventually defeated them. Realizing that Danvers didn't have the Tesseract, Yon-Rogg and Minn-Erva left the laboratory in space pods. Minn-Erva tracked down the Quadjet carrying the Skrulls and engaged in air combat with them, but was eventually bested by Rambeau's piloting skills, who destroyed her pod above the Mojave Desert. Danvers damaged Yon-Rogg's pod, causing him to crash land on the desert. In a brief standoff between Danvers and her former commander, she defeated Yon-Rogg and put him back in his pod, sending him back to Hala.[1]



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