Kree Sniper Rifle is a specialized Kree rifle used by Minn-Erva.


In 1989, Minn-Erva took this weapon with her on Earth to assassinate Mar-Vell. She kept the weapon aimed at Carol Danvers, waiting for Yon-Rogg's order, but ultimately didn't use it.

Minn-Erva (Starforce)

Minn-Erva kills a Skrull with the Kree Sniper Rifle

During the Ambush in Torfa, Minn-Erva used this weapon to fight the Skrulls. Notably, she killed a Skrull impersonating Att-Lass by shooting him in the chest in point blank range, and then chain-linked a shot through multiple Skrulls, killing them all.

Captain Marvel (film) 188

Minn-Erva confronts Captain Marvel

In the Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory, Minn-Erva tried to use it against Vers, but she dodged Minn-Erva's shots and eventually disarmed her.[1]


The Kree Sniper Rifle is a powerful, semi-automatic Kree weapon suited to long range engagements. In the skilled hands of Minn-Erva, the weapon was capable of killing multiple targets with a single blast, the bolt appearing to track from target to target with her crosshairs. The weapon also possessed a Friend or Foe identification system which showed friendly forces as green, neutral as yellow, and enemies as red in its sights. The Skrulls appear to be able to hide from this system, until such a time as they reveal themselves.

The weapon can kill instantly with a single shot, both at short and long ranges, and can be fired rapidly. The sniper rifle appears to have a holographic sight, capable of zooming in with enough clarity to view the details of an individual's face in low light. Like the Kree Pistol, the sniper rifle appears to have a charging indicator, which appeared to be affected by Minn-Erva putting her finger through the trigger guard, though whether this can be used without the charge bar being full is unclear.


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