The Kree Reapers were a pair of Kree warriors dormant in a satellite in Earth's solar system, tasked with destroying the Inhumans in case the experiment that created them went wrong.


Harvesting Inhumans

Thousands of years ago, the Kree Reapers were tasked with experimenting on various alien races in order to produce bio-weapons for the purpose of war.[1] One of the planets they have arrived on was Earth. Among them, there was a Mayan hunter who they then proceeded to experiment on, by giving him their blood, and engineered to lead an army. Though they were intended to fight for the Kree,[2] the leader of the army led them into a rebellion against their creators, and eventually banished them from Earth.[3] They were then frozen, and put into a containment vessel that would take them back in response to a beacon.[2]

Return to Earth


A Kree Reaper fights and kills Alisha Whitley

In 2016, upon the activation of the beacon in Union City, the Kree Reapers arrived back on Earth, descending within their pod and began hunting for Inhumans. Splitting up, one of the Reapers proceeded to attack and kill Alisha Whitley. The other Reaper, however, came across Holden Radcliffe. He was then suddenly attacked by Daisy Johnson, who proceeded to break his spine. This incapacitated him, albeit without killing him, allowing Radcliffe to safely drain his blood, a key component for the creation of the Absolution Virus. However, Alphonso Mackenzie destroyed the Kree with a Splinter Bomb, so as to stop its DNA from being harvested by Radcliffe.


A Kree Reaper's face is melted off by Hive

Meanwhile, the Kree Reaper that previously killed Alisha Whitley found and confronted Hive inside a church. The Reaper noted that they should not have chosen him to lead the Inhumans as he attacked him. Although Hive was able to use Grant Ward's training to dodge and deflect the Reaper's attacks, he could not physically overpower the Reaper. When the Reaper began beating him down and claiming that he and the Inhumans were a failed experiment, Hive respond him that "sometimes the greatest miracles happens by accident", before using his powers to dissolve the Reaper's skull before dropping its corpse on the ground. Hive later removed the Kree's heart and use his blood for the creation of his virus.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Kree Physiology: The Kree Reapers possessed the natural attributes of their species, such as blue skin coloration, as well as other distinctive attributes.
    • Superhuman Strength: As Kree Warriors, they possessed a certain degree of superhuman strength slightly superior to that of Hive's.


  • Expert Combatants: The Kree Reapers were powerful warriors, able to kill Alisha Whitley, and being able to hold their own against Hive and Quake, both powerful Inhumans.




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