The Kree Pistol is a weapon of Kree origin that is used by Starforce members.


As the Starforce's standard weapon, they have used it in numerous missions. Remarkably, Yon-Rogg killed Mar-Vell with a single shot in the chest from distance, battled a group of Skrulls along with Att-Lass during Ambush on Torfa, and assassinated Norex, and tried to stop Carol Danvers's allies from fleeing in a Quadjet. He manages to wound Talos, but the Quadjet's body proved to be strong enough to remain nearly unscathed from multiple shots. Danvers destroyed the Light-Speed Engine with a single shot from Mar-Vell's pistol.


Against un-armored, un-shielded targets, the Kree Pistol is a highly effective, accurate weapon, capable of burning through clothing, flesh, and bone, delivering a killing blow in a single hit while at reasonable range. At close range, the pistol is capable of mortally wounding an armored Skrull - despite their durability - as demonstrated by Yon-Rogg and Att-Lass. A single shot from the pistol was also sufficient to destroy the crash-damaged Light-Speed Engine.[1]


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