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"The Kree are here? How did they even find us?"
"I sent them a signal."
Daisy Johnson and Hive[src]

The Kree Orb was a beacon created by the Kree to broadcast an emergency signal to Kree Reapers orbiting Earth's Solar System. The orb was intended as a last resort to call for reinforcements should their Inhuman creations rebel against them.


Stolen By Alveus[]

"It was snatched up by this ancient that you're badgering me about... after the Kree were killed or driven out or whatever."
JT James to Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell[src]

During their experimentation on early humanity, the Kree Reapers brought the Orb to Earth as a failsafe capable of summoning reinforcements from orbit around the Sun should their enhanced soldiers betray them. When those worst fears were realized, the beacon was stolen by the Inhuman commander Alveus, preventing the Kree from retaliating.[1] Alveus continued to fear the device's power to summon warriors capable of stopping him.[2]

Stolen by JT James[]

"Well, most of what I stole was junk... but this was interesting."
JT James to Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell[src]

The Orb was obtained by Jiaying, leader of the Inhuman descendants residing at Afterlife. JT James, one such descendant, stole several artifacts from Jiaying, including the beacon, and kept them even after he was banished from the settlement.[1] Intrigued by his finding, he kept the Orb in his possession, while he buried the body of the beacon beneath his house.[3]

Stolen by S.H.I.E.L.D.[]

PL Kree Sphere

JT James offers Lincoln Campbell the Kree Orb

"Well, this priceless artifact is yours. If you want it, just give me the damn crystal. You lying son of a bitch."
JT James to Lincoln Campbell[src]

Upon their visit to his home, Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell offered James a Terrigen Crystal in exchange for whatever he had stolen from Afterlife. James agreed and showed the pair the Kree Orb. He was unaware of its function and purpose, but he told the couple that he knew Alveus had stolen it eons ago. After they agreed to the exchange, Campbell tricked him and snatched the Orb without handing over the Terrigen Crystal, citing Jiaying's opinion that not everyone deserves powers.[1]

Back in Hive's Possession[]

The Team Kree Orb

Daisy Johnson steals the Kree Orb

"Yeah, I've been meaning to been meaning to ask about those. What are they for, exactly?"
"If you were scared before, you should be terrified now."
Holden Radcliffe and Hive[src]

During the Hijacking and Retaking of Zephyr One, Hive swayed Daisy Johnson and gave her orders to steal from S.H.I.E.L.D. the Orb. After the Secret Warriors returned to the Playground, Johnson framed Lincoln Campbell as Hive's mole by covertly placing the Orb in his locker. Alphonso Mackenzie found it and gave it to Phil Coulson, who stopped Campbell and returned the Orb to S.H.I.E.L.D. containment. Johnson then recovered the Orb once again and escaped the Playground with it.[4]

Singularity Daisy's Backpack

Daisy Johnson with the Kree Orb

Johnson reunited with Hive and brought him the Orb. After the two turned JT James into an Inhuman, Hive swayed him and demanded to know the location of the other half of the beacon. James revealed that he had was buried beneath his house, and Johnson used her powers to uncover it.[3]

FE Signal

The Kree Orb emitting a signal to call the Kree Reapers

In Union City, Hive and Holden Radcliffe tried to replicate the same experiments that had created the first Inhumans, but they required fresh Kree blood to succeed. To summon live Kree specimens, Hive rebuilt and activated the beacon, which transmitted a beam into space and successfully summoned two Kree Reapers from orbit. Alphonso Mackenzie led a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, including Piper, into the barn to witness the beacon's broadcast just before the Kree Reapers Satellite crashed directly into the barn. Despite the damage, the Orb remained intact.[2]

Luring S.H.I.E.L.D.[]

All the Comforts of Home 16

The Kree Orb in St. Louis Aerospace Facility

General Hale obtained and activated the Kree Orb to lure S.H.I.E.L.D.'s core members to the St. Louis Aerospace Facility, where Piper was waiting to apprehend them. Linked to a timer, the Orb repeatedly broadcast its signal in periodic intervals before agents with Phil Coulson arrived at the facility to investigate. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons examined the beacon and removed the timer to shut the reactivated beacon off, and when Ruby Hale and her Sleeper Mechs attacked, the agents managed to escape with the Orb.

The Orb was brought to a storage room on Level 30 of the Lighthouse, where it was checked by Leo Fitz and Noah. Although the two verified that the beacon was not transmitting any tracking signals, the Orb detonated. Noah attempted to contain the blast, but the explosion ripped him apart, destroyed the Di'Allas, and incinerated Level 30.[5]

Alternate Reality Versions[]

Destroyed Earth[]

"There was a light in the sky. Aliens is what I heard. S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to stop it and failed. Brought hell to Earth."
Samuel Voss to Phil Coulson[src]

Upon returning from a reality where the Earth had been destroyed, S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered a light in the sky and responded to the scene, where they found the beacon transmitting into space. However, the agents were then attacked, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez lost her arms during the assault. After the Earth was eventually destroyed by Graviton, the details of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mission to retrieve the Orb were lost to history. However, Robin Hinton had a vision of the Orb's beam of light and shared her vague prophecy with True Believers. In 2091, Samuel Voss warned Phil Coulson of Hinton's words.[6]

Design and Capabilities[]

"A failsafe to be used if the Inhuman experiment ever got out of control."
"In case of emergency, call Kree headquarters."
Hive and Daisy Johnson[src]

The Kree Orb was a device with two primary components, a large base and a small sphere, which could be separated. When assembled, the sphere rested upon a pole attached to the base. When activated, the pole and sphere rotated rapidly and transmitted a powerful signal, visible to the naked eye, into the sky. This signal remotely activated the Kree Reapers Satellite, woke up the Reapers in stasis onboard, and summoned the satellite back to Earth. The Kree technology inside the beacon was far more advanced than anything Earth technology known to Leo Fitz.

On Hale's orders, a bimetallic thermal expansion trigger was manually installed inside the device to activate the beacon repeatedly in intervals. Additionally, the beacon was modified to self-destruct and create a blast powerful enough to completely incinerate a whole level of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Lighthouse base.[5]


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