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The Kree Empire is a galactic government established by the Kree, a technologically advanced race originating from the planet Hala. With only a handful of rival entities, the Kree Empire is one of the most powerful states in the galaxy.


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"If the Kree Empire learned that these experiments were a success, they would try to duplicate them."

The Kree Empire is an austere and authoritarian state that govern through propaganda and constant wars. They regularly employ propaganda tactics to galvanize their people into loyalty to the government and opposition to the Empire's many enemies. One particularly effective use of this tactic is their painting the Skrulls as barbarous monsters to obfuscate the fact that the Kree started the conflict unprovoked.[1]

More than 5,000 years ago, a rogue faction of Kree engaged in a secret campaign to create super soldiers to aid in their many wars. The majority of these experiments failed, with their primary success being the creation of the Inhumans on planet Earth.[2]

The Sakaarans are a client race of the Kree.

The protests on the Kree Empire after the peace agreement with the Nova Empire

The Kree were involved in a thousand-year long conflict with the Nova Empire of Xandar. This war persisted until the signing of a peace treaty in 2014.

Old hatreds continued to run deep, however: rioting broke out across the Kree Empire when the treaty was signed, and one official, Ronan the Accuser, was so consumed by his hatred of the Nova Empire and the Xandarians in particular that he made a pact with Thanos, in order to exterminate the world.

Nova-Prime Irani Rael called the Kree Ambassador, requesting assistance against Ronan, or at the very least, a statement condemning the murderous actions of the wayward Accuser, who was technically acting in violation of Kree law. The Ambassador ignored the request, showcasing the Kree Empire does not care for anyone other than its own race and suggesting they only accepted the Treaty because they were pushed to an unfavorable position in the war.[3] Ronan would eventually be killed by the Guardians of the Galaxy, but because Ronan was such a decorated figure in the Empire, the Guardians were marked as high profile targets and declared enemies of the Kree. Ironically, the Guardians of the Galaxy saved Hala from being assimilated by the Celestial Ego only a few months later.[4]

A Kree named Vin-Tak came to Earth after receiving a signal that a Diviner had been activated; he wanted to make sure that the Kree Empire did not know that the ancient experiment of Terrigenesis performed on Humans millennia ago was successful.[2]

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