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"Have the Doctor awaken our latest acquisition. It's time to remind the Humans I am not their enemy. I am their God."

The Kree Doctor was a member of the Kree Watch loyal to Kasius who was tasked with returning Humans and Inhumans to life for Kasius' needs. When the Doctor was ordered to save Sinara, he explained he could not and was violently executed for his failure.


Resurrecting Humans

"They killed me, brought me back to take my blood, my DNA, then again and again for years."
―The future Yo-Yo Rodriguez to her past self[src]

Initially a refuge for Humans after the Destruction of Earth, the Lighthouse was soon taken over by the Kree Watch. During the harsh rule they enforced, an alternate version of Yo-Yo Rodriguez was captured. She was repeatedly mutilated and killed to be revived by the Kree Doctor and act as Kasius' personal seer.[1]

The Kree Doctor sampled Daisy Johnson's blood after she was captured by Kasius with help of Deke Shaw, analyzing it and storing the data on the computers of the level 35 of the Lighthouse.[2] He also resurrected Tess after she was murdered by the Kree Watch in retaliation for Flint's disappearance.[3]


"She's dead. I don't know how to remedy that for our kind."
"Then I suggest you study the condition more closely."
―Kree Doctor and Kasius[src]

Kree Doctor gets shot and killed by Kasius

In 2091, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who had infiltrated the Lighthouse escaped to the surface of the Earth. Kasius sent Sinara to chase them, but she was killed by Daisy Johnson. Her body was found by the Kree Watch and taken back to Kasius, who ordered the Kree Doctor to revive her. However, the Kree Doctor replied that the Kree biology was far more complicated than Humans' and that he was unable to revive Sinara. Considering the failure unacceptable, Kasius executed the Kree Doctor.[1]


  • Expert Physician: The Kree Doctor was a highly skilled doctor as he was able to successfully revive Yo-Yo Rodriguez after she was repeatedly killed by the Kree Watch. He also revived Tess after she was murdered by the Kree. However, his ability to bring living beings back to life did not extend to the Kree, as Kree biology was more complex than Humans'.


  • Lighthouse: The Kree Doctor worked under Kasius' orders at the Lighthouse, where he had an operation room meant to revive subjects multiple times, including Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Tess.




  • Kasius † - Leader turned Killer