The Kree Captain was a member of the Kree Watch in 2091 serving under Kasius in the Lighthouse. He was killed by Alphonso Mackenzie during a confrontation after the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent arrived in the future with his team.


Kree Watch

The New Inhabitants

The Kree Captain and his companion went to investigate noise on Level 3 of the Lighthouse and found a group of strangers. After Alphonso Mackenzie of them tried to attack his companion, the Captain unleashed his Plasma Gun on the ceiling to knock them out, as the Captain then smiled.

After securing the strangers in a cell, the Captain and his companion took Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Mackenzie to another room for questioning. While the Captain talked about leaving Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, and Jemma Simmons for the floor chief, one came up and demanded to now what they were going to do with her friends. The Captain told her whatever they wanted. When Rodriguez said they would not make it easy for them, the Captain disagreed, as every Human he encountered always begged before him. He and his comrade then walked off.[1]

Killed by the Strangers

Kree Watch interrogates YoYo and Mack

Kree Captain interrogating his two prisoners

The Captain and his comrade walked into the room that the Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez were changed in. When Mackenzie asked if they spoke English, the Captain answered as if it were obvious they did. Mackenzie begged the Captain to let Rodriguez companion go, saying she did not do anything wrong. In response, the Captain punched Mackenzie in the stomach, telling him just because they spoke English, did not mean they wanted to hear it. When Mackenzie spoke Spanish, the Captain saw it as a mockery, and continued to punish him.

After a while of torture, the Captain suggested to offer Mackenzie to Kasius for the pits, as a way for them to be rewarded. The Captain agreed, but proceeded to free Rodriguez's arms, as a substitution for Mackenzie's punishment. After a while, Daisy Johnson showed up and and ambushed his companion. After Rodriguez freed Mackenzie, he attacked the Captain with his companion's Kree Battle Axe. After a short fight, Mackenzie killed the Captain with the Kree axe.[1]


Dropped to the Earth

Shaw Kree Corpse

Captain's corpse is disposed by Deke Shaw

After the Captain and his companion's death, Lighthouse scavenger, Deke Shaw, helped the strangers dispose of their bodies. They took them to the section of the Lighthouse where the Vrellnexians were and let them suck their life, so the Kree would believe they were Humans.[2]





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