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"You did good, ace. Thanks to you, these insidious shapeshifters will threaten our borders no more."
"I used to believe your lies. But the Skrulls are just fighting for a home. You're talking about destroying them because they won't submit to your rule!"
Supreme Intelligence and Captain Marvel[src]

The Kree-Skrull War was a thousand year conflict between the Kree and the Skrulls. The war started when the Skrulls had refused to submit to Kree ideologies, and thus were marked as fugitives. Following the destruction of Skrullos, the Skrulls became an endangered species on the brink of extinction, and were forced into refuge, constantly on the move.

The war ended in 1995, when the conflict expanded to include the combined forces of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain Marvel.


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Destruction of Skrullos

Assassination of Mar-Vell

During a test flight of the Light-Speed Engine with pilot Vers, They are shot down by Yon-Rogg, In the aftermath of the crash, Mar-Vell tries to destroy the engine so the Kree can use it. But before she can she is shoot by Yon-Rogg being killed instantly.[2]

Ambush on Torfa

"Did you find Soh-Larr?"
"It wasn't Soh-Larr. Talos simmed him, even knew his code."
Yon-Rogg and Vers[src]

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Planet C-53

Escape from Skrulls' Ship

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Chase of the Skrulls

"Skrulls have infiltrated your planet."
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Ambush at Joint USAFA Facility

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Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory

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"So is it true? That the Kree burned your eye out because you refused to give them the Tesseract?"
"I will neither confirm nor deny the facts of that story."
Phil Coulson and Nick Fury[src]

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