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"That ain't right. I just gotta say this one time, Captain: no matter how many times Quill betrays you, you protect him like that none of the rest of us matter."
―Kraglin Obfonteri to Yondu Udonta[src]

Kraglin Obfonteri is the first mate in the Yondu Ravager Clan. He remained loyal to Yondu Udonta during the hunt for Star-Lord and joined Udonta and the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting Ronan the Accuser in the Battle of Xandar.

However, when Udonta continued to protect Star-Lord, Obfonteri inadvertently started a mutiny led by Taserface. Regretting his actions and how his friends had been killed, Obfonteri helped both Udonta and Rocket Raccoon escape before assisting in the battle against Ego and helping out the Guardians of the Galaxy in the wake of Udonta's death during the battle.

Nine years later, Obfonteri and his fellow Ravagers were transported to Earth by the Masters of the Mystic Arts in order to aid the Avengers defeat Thanos and his army during the Battle of Earth.


Ravager Life

Loyalty to Yondu Udonta

Kraglin Obfonteri was born on the planet Xandar. He joined the Ravagers, and became the first mate of the Yondu Ravager Clan, remaining strongly loyal to Yondu Udonta, the leader of the Ravagers. Over the years, he developed a rivalry between himself and Yondu's protege Peter Quill.[2]

Quest for the Orb

The Hunt for Peter Quill

"Put a bounty on him! Forty K. But I want him back alive."
"Yeah, Cap!"
Yondu Udonta and Kraglin Obfonteri[src]

Obfonteri takes orders from Yondu Udonta

When Obfonteri and the rest of Yondu Ravager Clan arrived on the planet Morag in search of the Orb in order to sell it to the Broker, they discovered to their horror that Peter Quill had gotten there before them and had decided to betray the Ravagers and had stolen the Orb for himself. Once Yondu Udonta had confronted Quill over this and had failed to convince him to bring it back, Obfonteri took his orders from Udonta about finding him, being told to put a bounty on Quill's head.

Obfonteri laughs at Broker's misfortune

The Ravagers then traveled to Xandar in order to confront the Broker, thinking that Quill sold the Orb to him. Udonta initially got distracted by some of the toys Broker had for sale, with Obfonteri then confirming that Udonta was being serious about wanted to decorate with own M-Ship with all the toys when Broker questioned if he was joking or not. However, Udonta then demanded Broker tell them where they could find Quill.

Obfonteri and Yondu Udonta question Broker

Udonta demanded to know who else would be looking to buy the Orb and how much it was worth. When Broker tried to refuse to answer, Udonta mocked and threatened the terrified Broker, causing Obfonteri to laugh at his misfortune. Eventually, under the threat of Udonta's Yaka Arrow being aimed at his head, Broker finally gave them the name and location of the person to whom Broker planned to sell the Orb, the Collector who had a Museum on Knowhere where Quill was likely heading now to meet with the Collector.[2]

Deal with Star-Lord

Obfonteri welcomes back Peter Quill

"Welcome home, Peter."
―Kraglin Obfonteri to Peter Quill[src]

When the Yondu Ravager Clan arrived at Knowhere, they soon found Star-Lord, who was attempting to escape. This led to the Skirmish on Knowhere in which the Ravagers lost track of Star-Lord as he battled against Nebula and Sakaarans. However, the Ravagers later captured Quill and Gamora when Quill surrendered to save their lives from suffocating in deep space. With Star-Lord on the Eclector, Obfonteri was first on the scene to welcome Quill back at gunpoint.

Obfonteri watches Star-Lord's questioning

Quill was interrogated by Yondu Udonta who threatened to execute Quill for his betrayal, which Obfonteri still supported. During the interrogation, however, a deal was made so that the Ravagers would assist Quill in attacking Ronan the Accuser, who had stolen the Orb and planned to destroy Xandar. Although Obfonteri recommended that Udonta stick with his plan of killing Quill with the Yaka Arrow, it was decided that they should help Quill.

Obfonteri jokes with Drax the Destroyer

In exchange, the Ravagers would be allowed to keep the Orb after the Battle of Xandar. As the plan was being discussed, Obfonteri noted that there would be hundreds of Sakaarans onboard the Dark Aster waiting for them, only for Drax the Destroyer to claim that he viewed the Sakaarans as nothing more than paper people. When Obfonteri hit Drax on the shoulder as a sign that he approved of this, Drax threatened him for even daring to touch him.[2]

Battle of Xandar

Obfonteri piloting an M-Ship during the battle

"Won't there be hundreds of Sakaaran soldiers inside?"
"I think of Sakaaran as paper people."
―Kraglin Obfonteri and Drax the Destroyer[src]

Obfonteri joined Star-Lord and all the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the battle against Ronan the Accuser and his own soldiers. Obfonteri piloted his M-Ship and helped shoot a hole in the side of Ronan's ship, the Dark Aster, allowing Quill and Yondu Udonta to enter the ship and fight Ronan's soldiers. Once the Star-Lord got inside, with Udonta being shot out of the sky during the skirmish, Obfonteri fought the Sakaarans alongside the Nova Corps who had come to assist them.

Obfonteri shoots at the crashing Necrocraft

As the battle raged on, Ronan ordered his ships to dive-bomb the city in order to kill all the Xandarians. In a desperate move to save them, Obfonteri joined Rocket Raccoon and the other Ravagers to shoot down the Necrocrafts before they hit the ground. With Vorker by his side, Obfonteri moved his M-Ship into position and fired upon the Necrocraft. During the fight, Horuz lost his own life when one of the Necrocraft smashed into his ship right beside Obfonteri.

Obfonteri and Yondu Udonta discuss Ego

After Ronan was defeated and killed, Obfonteri rejoined Udonta and took possession of the Orb. As they left Xandar, Obfonteri and Udonta discussed whether or not they should have delivered Quill to Ego, like they were hired to do. Obfonteri noted that Quill had grown up to be a good Ravager so he claimed it was probably a good thing that they did not deliver him to Ego, who Udonta referred to as a jackass as they made their escape.

Obfonteri celebrates the Ravagers' victory

As they traveled through space away from Xandar, Obfonteri joined the his clan in the celebration of their victory by dancing and drinking over the defeat of Ronan and their success at reclaiming the Orb, which they planned to soon sell for billions of units. However, while Obfonteri celebrated with Vorker and all the others, Udonta discovered that Quill had given them a fake Orb and given the real one to the Nova Corps for safekeeping.[2]

Planning a Mutiny

Frustration with Yondu

Obfonteri on Contraxia

"Seems he's goin' soft."
"If he's so soft, why are you whispering for?"
"You know I'm right, Kraglin."
Taserface and Kraglin Obfonteri[src]

A few months after the Battle of Xandar, the Yondu Ravager Clan went to the Iron Lotus to relax. There, Obfonteri along with his other Ravagers partied with a bunch of Love Bots outside. As Yondu Udonta talked to Stakar Ogord, Taserface shared his thoughts on Udonta going soft and his suggestion that he be their new captain. Obfonteri, though agreeing with Taserface as he believed that Udonta didn't care about the Ravagers anymore, questioned why Taserface was whispering out of Udonta's earshot. Moments later, the Ravagers were approached by Ayesha who hired them to track down the Guardians of the Galaxy, who had stolen Anulax Batteries from them.[3]

Siding with Taserface

Obfonteri turns against Yondu Udonta

"I'm the one what sticks up for you!"
"Take it easy, Kraglin."
"Damn straight, lad. He's gone soft."
―Kraglin Obfonteri to Tullk and Taserface[src]

Yondu Ravager Clan tracked the Guardians of the Galaxy on Berhert, where a few Ravagers fell victim to traps set up by Rocket Raccoon. The Ravagers eventually stopped Rocket, but when Udonta announced that they were not going to turn over the Guardians and instead sell the Anulax Batteries for a smaller profit, Taserface and some of the Ravagers turned on him. Obfonteri spoke up, saying that Udonta had always had a soft spot for Quill and acted as though the rest of the Ravagers didn't matter. After a tense standoff, Udonta was knocked out by Nebula, and the Ravagers returned to the Eclector.

Obfonteri watching Taserface's mutiny

Due to speaking out against Udonta, Obfonteri arrived to the Eclector where Ravagers who agreed with Udonta were being executed. Being forced to see Tullk, Oblo, and the rest of the Ravagers, Obfonteri was saddened to watch his friends die, as they were already been cast out into space. Taserface then announced himself as Captain, and after beating and humiliating Udonta, Rocket made fun of his name and his look.

Obfonteri listens to Nebula's plans

When Nebula announced that she'll be leaving, she demanded a cut of the bounty that Ayesha had placed on the Guardians of the Galaxy as well as other equipment. Obfonteri escorted Nebula to an M-Ship after given her a new robotic arm and asked what she was going to do with her cut from the bounty. After Nebula informed Obfonteri of her plan to kill Gamora and Thanos due to the traumatic past she suffered, the unnerved Obfonteri bade her an awkward farewell.[3]

Escape from the Eclector

Obfonteri chooses to help Yondu Udonta

"I didn't mean to do a mutiny. They killed all my friends."
―Kraglin Obfonteri to Yondu Udonta[src]

When Groot attempted to free Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon by retrieving Yaka Arrow Controller but failed, Obfonteri caught him but instead took Groot and the controller to Udonta and Rocket's cell. Giving Udonta the fin, Obfonteri apologized for his unintentional role in the mutiny, and, forgiven by Udonta, Obfonteri was ordered to get the third Quadrant ready for departure. Obfonteri, at Rocket's request, played some of Peter Quill's music to draw the Ravagers into a trap by Udonta and Rocket.

Obfonteri being temporarily disfigured

As Udonta, Rocket, and Groot killed the entire clan of Ravagers, Obfonteri waited for them in the front of the Eclector. When he was joined by the three, Obfonteri disconnected the Quadrant from the rest of the ship and they escaped while the rest of the Eclector blew up, including Taserface, who had informed the Sovereign of their location. Rocket then set course for Ego's which caused their bodies to disfigure temporarily due to the amount of jumping the ship did between planets.[3]

Helping the Guardians

Obfonteri inside the Quadrant

"Uh, captain. You remember that Ayesha chick?"
―Kraglin Obfonteri to Yondu Udonta[src]

When they arrived at Ego's Planet, Obfonteri stayed in the Quadrant while the rest went to rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy. While Obfonteri was eating some soup and listening to some music on the Zune, a fleet of the Omnicrafts approached the planet. He attempted to radio the Guardians and warn them of the second threat, but the transmission was garbled at first due to them digging into Ego's core. By the time he managed to get through, the Omnicrafts had just arrived and started a fight.

Obfonteri departs from Ego

Obfonteri flew down to the planet to retrieve the Guardians. As he went to open the door for Drax who was carrying an unconscious Mantis, Ego attacked the ship causing it to tip over and nearly crush Drax and Mantis. Obfonteri managed to turn on the ship's thrusters and stabilized the ship so the two could get on the ship. As the planet was about to explode, Gamora and Nebula joined Obfonteri on the ship followed by Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Not being able to stay near the planet, Obfonteri flew the ship away while Quill and Udonta were still on the surface.[3]

Yondu Udonta's Death

Obfonteri is given Yondu Udonta's Yaka Arrow

"Rocket grabbed the pieces and reassembled it. I think Yondu would want you to have it."
"Thanks, Captain."
Star-Lord and Kraglin Obfonteri[src]

After they retrieved Yondu Udonta's body from space, Obfonteri and the Guardians of the Galaxy held a funeral for him. After the funeral, Obfonteri gave Peter Quill a Zune, which Udonta found, telling him that it had over three hundred songs on it. Quill then gave Obfonteri the Yaka Arrow as he believed Udonta would want him to have it, to which Obfonteri thanked and acknowledged Quill as his new captain.[3] Obfonteri then told Quill how to use the Zune, as well as give some recommendations of songs he liked.[4]

Obfonteri witnessing the Ravagers arrival

Suddenly, all the other Ravager factions appeared to give Udonta a farewell, causing Obfonteri to burst out into tears. Later, Obfonteri practiced using the Yaka Arrow along with a new controller, but ended up stabbing Drax in the chest, causing him to wisely retreat.[3]

Battle of Earth

Obfonteri piloting a ship in the battle

In 2023, Obfonteri, now wearing a new silver version of the Yaka Arrow Controller, was transported to Earth by the Masters of the Mystic Arts and led the Ravagers into the battle against an alternate Thanos and his army. After the battle had ended, Obfonteri and the Ravagers returned to space.[5]


Kraglin is a devoutly loyal Ravager, placing great faith in his captain Yondu Udonta. Being his first mate, he followed every order given to him, although he felt jealous at the treatment Peter Quill received. His loyalty never wavered, even when Taserface usurped control of their faction; Kraglin bid his time until he could free Yondu and avenge the members of their clan that Taserface murdered. When he received Yondu's Yaka Arrow, he took it with pride, crying that Quill felt Yondu thought so highly of him.









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