"Domingo got his guns back last night. Everyone else will fall in line. Jamaicans, Haitians, Dominicans. Hell, even the Koreans."

The Korean Mob is a Korean criminal gang that operated in New York City.


The leader of the Korean Mob, Peter Hong had a dealings with Cottonmouth and the Stokes Crime Family to make a profit in Harlem. Following his death, Hong was present at a meeting at the Colon's Gym organized by Mariah Dillard who take over Cottonmouth's criminal empire. However, Diamondback, wanting to take over all crime in Harlem, killed Hong alongside with other crime bosses.[1]

Then, his brother Eric replaced him as a leader of the Korean Mob. He attended an another meeting with Dillard at the Calderwood Auction House in order to discuss Dillard's plans to create a criminal alliance between their factions.[2] However, Eric was killed during the gang violence that erupted in Harlem following Dillard's arrest.[3]


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