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The Korbinites are the inhabitants of the planet Korbin. Despite not being residents of the Nine Realms, Heimdall used to watch over them.


War of the Nine Realms

The Korbinites have interacted with the Asgardians, although the nature of their interactions is unclear. When Thor destroyed the Rainbow Bridge, Korbin was one of the worlds affected by the Asgardians' inability to harness the Bifrost, leaving their world vulnerable to forces like the Marauders. When the Rainbow Bridge was repaired by the Tesseract, Korbin was saved.[1]

One member of this species, Beta Ray Bill, became the champion of the Grandmaster on Sakaar.[2]

Massacre of the Korbinites

An armored Korbinite fighting Nebula in 2014

In 2014, Nebula and Gamora pulled off a massacre against the Korbinites under Thanos' orders before Thanos was informed by Ronan the Accuser about the Power Stone's location.[3]

Characteristic Traits

Korbinites are yellow-skinned humanoids, featuring two black eyes and one mouth, but lacking ears and noses.

Some members, like Beta Ray Bill, featured a long equine-like head.

Notable Korbinite


  • In the comics, the Korbinites' home galaxy was destroyed by Surtur when he created his Twilight Sword, resulting in the remnants of the Korbinite race fleeing in a sentient ship called Skuttlebutt and protected by a dedicated champion, Beta Ray Bill.

Behind the Scenes

An unused concept artwork of a Korbinite Marauder for Thor: The Dark World.


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