Korbin is one of the worlds located beyond the Nine Realms.



When the Rainbow Bridge was destroyed in 2010, the Nine Realms and many of the worlds beyond were engulfed into chaos, as organizations such as the Marauders and the Badoon seized the opportunity to pillage these worlds without Asgardian interference.

It is presumed that when Thor and the Einherjar pacified the realms in 2013, Korbin was one of the worlds visited to drive the invaders away.[1]

In 2014, Korbin was attacked by Thanos and his forces, including Gamora and Nebula, slaughtering half of the planet's population.[2]


  • In the comics, Korbin was the homeworld of Beta Ray Bill. It was destroyed by Surtur alongside the rest of the planet's home galaxy, and used as a source of energy to create the Twilight Sword.

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