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"It's a brand new day. Why not let S.H.I.E.L.D. make this universe the best it can be?"

Kora is the Inhuman daughter of Jiaying, who had developed her extremely dangerous powers following her Terrigenesis. When Kora attempted suicide due to fear of harming another person with her powers, she was recruited by Nathaniel Malick, who convinced her to turn against her family and follow him. While working with Malick, Kora began to have second thoughts of helping him destroy S.H.I.E.L.D., which were confirmed, once Kora learned that Malick had murdered her mother. Kora was then convinced by Quake to help S.H.I.E.L.D. to defeat Malick and the Chronicoms, resulting with her being taken into 2019, where she became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., as she became a pilot of Zephyr Three and traveled the universe with Quake.


Early Life

Raised in Afterlife

"Remember when I would read you stories till you fell asleep? What would I always say at the beginning?"
"I'm not a child anymore."
"I'd say, 'Some stories have witches and dragons and bad men, and I will always protect you from all of it'."
Jiaying and Kora[src]

Kora grew up in Afterlife, and her mother, Jiaying, would read stories, which contained characters that scared Kora. Jiaying would subsequently promise to protect Kora from all of these frights, reminding her of this later in life. As a young adult, she underwent Terrigenesis and developed the ability to harness a volatile form of energies. However, Kora was unable to control these destructive powers, and her mother did everything she could to help Kora control her power, promising to keep Kora safe. However, her power's instability had kept growing.[1]

Struggle with Power

Failed Escape Attempts

"Please. Don't bring me back there."
"Take her home."
―Kora and Li[src]

Kora getting stopped by both Li and Gordon

In 1983, Kora had again attempted to escape from Afterlife, only to be soon caught by Li and Gordon, with Li insisting that Kora would be unable to escape from Gordon's teleportation powers, which had finally caused Kora to stop her attempt to escape, as she stopped in her tracks. Although Kora pleaded with Li not to take her back to Afterlife, Li ignored her requests, ordering Gordon to take her back. However, Gordon had instead turned to Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who had been watching their chase of Kora from afar.

As Gordon then questioned what should be done about Rodriguez and May, Li ordered Gordon to take them into their custody, while Kora watched on from a distance as Rodriguez put her hands up, as she told Li that she had really come all that way to Aftelife to see Jiaying, much to their surprise. However, Kora told May and Rodriguez that they should not have come there, before Gordon stepped over to them and teleported them both back to Afterlife for their questionings, while Li personally took Kora back into her room, despite her objections.

Despite her previous escape attempt being stopped by Li and Gordon, that same night Kora had made another attempt to escape from Afterlife, as she continued to fear that, since her Terrigenesis, she was still unable to control over her powers. However, this escape attempt was stopped by Jiaying and two other Inhumans, who caught Kora in the hallways of Afterlife and dragged her back to her room, despite Kora begging them to let her go. That incident was witnessed by Rodriguez and May, who questioned Jiaying about the safety of Kora.[1]

Suicide Prevented

"Who are you?"
"Nathaniel. You know what? I was actually supposed to die too."
"No, I didn't..."
"You're just on a walk with your gun, right? No, you and me, our fates were written in the stars."
―Kora and Nathaniel Malick[src]

As Kora had feared ever since her Terrigenesis, she had become unable to control her power, and that morning, she unleashed her blasts of energy, which destroyed much of her room, as well as injuring the guard that Jiaying had left. Mortified by the destruction, Kora proceeded to steal the gun from a guard, running from Afterlife, determined to end her life, ensuring she never hurt anybody.

Kora's handgun getting broken apart

Having managed to get to the outskirts of Afterlife, Kora made the decision to end her life, having almost caused the deaths of everybody who was still living in Afterlife, with her Inhuman powers. Once her eyes glowed white, Kora placed the gun under her chin and prepared to pull the trigger, only for her to feel the gun shaking in her hands, before being torn apart in front of her eyes. Kora then turned to see Nathaniel Malick watching her, who had destroyed the gun with his powers, as he told Kora that she did not actually have to die on that day.

Kora getting greeted by Nathaniel Malick

As Kora then questioned who Malick was, he introduced himself and had claimed that he was supposed to die as well, only for Kora to deny would have killed herself, as Malick mocked this suggestion, noting her gun. Malick went on to tell Kora that their fates had been written in the stars, only for him to have found their escape from their fates, as he invited Kora to join him. However, Kora questioned how Malick knew she would be there, while Malick explained that Sibyl showed him, whom he noted had a knack for knowing how events would play out.

With Kora still unsure of Malick's true intentions, he changed the subject and asked what she would call Afterlife, suggesting that it was a commune, cult or prison, only for Kora to insist that this was her home. However, Malick mocked this description, suggestion that Kora had just been brainwashed by it's leaders, suggesting that she had been told that she belonged there, in order for her to follow their rules. Malick told Kora that she was above that and had simply become too powerful to continue obeying Afterlife's rules.

However, Kora simply insisted that she was not actually powerful, while she had described her powers as deadly and uncontrollable, only for Malick to suggest that Kora did not have to control her gifts, but could just unleash it, and promised her that there was no other feeling like this. Kora and Malick then witnessed several helicopters arriving, as Malick explained that this was his Crew, who had intended to cause some chaos, before then inviting Kora to then join them. Despite initially resisting it, Kora then took Malick's hand and agreed to join him.[1]

Attack on Afterlife

Kora and Nathaniel Malick greeting Jiaying

"I've been holding it in for so long. Trying to be what you wanted... to be something I'm not."
"I only wanted what was best for you, to help you."
"You turned on me. Like, since that day, there's only fear in your eyes. You don't see anything but a threat."
―Kora and Jiaying[src]

Having agreed to work with Nathaniel Malick's Crew, Kora joined him on an assault against Afterlife. While the mercenaries took control of Afterlife, Kora stood with Malick, as he interrogated one Inhuman, only to then throw him against the wall with a shockwave. However, they were then interrupted by Jiaying, who attempted to convince her to get away from Malick, only for Malick to claim that Kora had been put through enough by Jiaying.

Kora tells Jiaying that she failed protecting her

Jiaying questioned what Kora was doing, to which Kora claimed that she had been holding in her powers for so long, as she had tried to be what Jiaying wanted her to be, which she did not believe she was, although Jiaying insisted that she only wanted what was best for Kora, and to protect her. However, Kora ignored these claims, insisting that Jiaying had turned against her ever since her Terrigenesis, claiming that Jiaying now feared her. As Kora demanded that her mother admit that she saw her as a threat, Jiaying continued to deny this.

However, Kora had then noted that Jiaying was willing to allow Li to put a knife straight into her heart, which Jiaying denied, as she desperately attempted to remind Kora of how she used to read her bedtime stories until she fell asleep in Afterlife, only for Kora to insist that she was not a child anymore. As Jiaying reminded her of how she had previously told her some stories had the witches, Dragons and bad men, but she would always protect her, Kora had instead insisted that Jiaying had failed protecting her, but protected the world from her.

Kora then turned back towards Malick, claiming that he was right, and that Afterlife was their prison, which she had finally found a way out from. While Kora's eyes then glowed white, and she prepared to unleash her powers, Li charged forward as he attempted to kill her, only for Kora to unleash a blast of energy, severely burning Li's face. As Jiaying had then begged Kora to stop, Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez pulled her away, before they were teleported away by Gordon, as they left Kora with Malick, and all their captured Inhumans, including Li.

With their captured Inhumans tied up, Kora and Malick went to observe them all, with Malick noting that it felt right to have all of them beneath them, claiming that everybody finally knew their true place. Kora had then questioned what Malick had planned to do to them, to which Malick claimed he would begin a redistribution of their power. Malick used Li as his example, questioning if Li had ever done anything to earn his power, claiming that he gained his abilities through their ancient sets of practices, which was a concept that angered Malick.

Kora and Nathaniel Malick discuss their plans

Kora listened as Malick complained about all these rules regarding who would be granted power and who would get nothing, as well as who may get to live on and who may would be left to die, suggesting that it was time to change things for them, as he had already changed his own fate. Kora was told by Malick that this was a time to give the world something new, as Kora questioned what exactly he had meant by that comment, to which Malick then told her that he wanted to create anarchy, as Kora and Malick had then simply smiled at each other.[1]

Controlling the Chaos

"I spent years feeling dangerous. This is the first time I've liked it."
"Good. You know, your little sister is gonna be so impressed."
―Kora and Nathaniel Malick[src]

While they had remained inside Afterlife, Kora continued being trained by Nathaniel Malick, as he set out a line of glasses for Kora to smash with her energy blasts, with Malick advising Kora not to overthink her actions, but to let her energy flow within her, build up, before she sent it where she needed it to go. With that, Kora had then proceeded to fire out multiple, powerful energy blasts from her hands, destroying all the glasses, while Malick reacted with delight.

Kora had then noted that she spent these years feeling dangerous due to everything Jiaying and Li had told her about herself in the wake of her Terrigenesis, and it had really been the first time that she had actually enjoyed feeling all that power inside of herself, expressing her gratitude to Malick. Malick told Kora that this was good, before he then noted that Daisy Johnson was going to be impressed by her, as he had referred to Johnson as Kora's little sister, as he and Kora shared a look, before they continued their training of Kora's powers.[5]

Transferring Inhuman Powers

"It was tradition. When you're raised in it, you don't know any better."
"Those days are over. Kora and I are champions of the people, like Robin Hood, stealing from the high and mighty and giving to those more deserving."
―Kora and Nathaniel Malick[src]

Kora remained in Afterlife, while they began performing experiments on their captured Inhumans, as she then watched on closely, while Li had his blood drained and transfused into Durant. During their experiments, Kora was rejoined by Nathaniel Malick, who was showing their work to his latest recruit, John Garrett, and also explaining the process of transferring the powers, before introducing Kora to Garrett as the one Inhuman he trusted.

Malick told Garrett that Kora was the only Inhuman who he had trusted, while claiming that the others had felt entitled to judge who should undergo Terrigenesis and gain powers, to which Kora noted to Garrett that this had been tradition, claiming that as she was raised in it, she had never previously questioned it. Kora listened as Malick told Garrett that they were like Robin Hoods, as they stole from the powerful, and giving to the worthy, while using Durant as an example who S.H.I.E.L.D. had assassinated in a previous timeline that Malick saw.

Kora had then listened on closely, while Malick noted to Garrett that S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA and the Inhumans were all committing horrors in the name of world order and control, with Kora noting that Malick had saved Durant from that fate and the oppression, by bringing him to Afterlife and recruiting his into his crew. Changing the subject, Garrett had then questioned exactly what kind of power Durant was being given, as they had watched Durant demonstrate his new power to conjure knives in his hands, taken from Li through their experiments.

Kora preparing to put Li out of his misery

While Garrett delighted in this demonstration, Kora was told by Malick that Li was clearly in a lot of pain, from all of their experiments and all of the injuries that Kora had previously caused him, as Malick told her to put Li out of his misery, calling it mercy. Although Li insisted that he should have killed her years ago, and tried and failed to conjure a knife, Kora had told him that she forgave him, before placing her hands around Li's head, as she killed him with her energy blasts, as Garrett was amazed by Kora's power and had expressed his desire for it.[3]

Meeting Phil Coulson

"This isn't anarchy, this is evil."
"Justice isn't alway pretty, Agent Coulson. You know, a man who has died and killed as much as you should understand that by now."
Phil Coulson and Kora[src]

Using their Time Stream, Kora and Nathaniel Malick had been able to predict that they would soon be attacked by Gordon and Phil Coulson, as they successfully set up an ambush. As soon as Gordon and Coulson teleported into Afterlife, Kora, Malick and the rest of their Crew had first managed to subdue Gordon by shooting him in the back with the Chronicom Rifle, before taking Coulson into their custody, as Kora watched Malick confronting Coulson about his and Gordon's failed assault on Afterlife.

Kora took Gordon to be prepped for their experiment, as his blood was then transfused into John Garrett. As the experiment was going underway, they were rejoined by Malick and Coulson, as Coulson attempted to convince them to let Gordon go free, insisting that he was just a kid, only for Kora to note that they had given Gordon his chance to join them, but he had refused. While Kora and Coulson introduced themselves, Garrett then spoke up, telling Kora to call Coulson by his first name, noting that he had seen their history within the Time Stream.

Kora listened to Coulson and Garrett discussing their lives in their alternative timelines, where Coulson was killed by Loki, and Coulson had also killed Garrett with the Peruvian 0-8-4, before the experiment began and Garrett began to be infused with Gordon's blood. As he watched Gordon's blood being drained, Coulson then stepped over to Kora, while insisting that this was not anarchy but evil, to which Kora argued that justice was not always pretty, claiming that for a man who killed as much as he has, Coulson should understand this.

While Garrett had begun panicking that the experiment could cause him to lose his eyes like Gordon, Coulson continued attempting to reason with Kora to let Gordon free, only for Malick to interrupt, as he commented that Gordon had helped Jiaying and Li to keep Kora prisoner. However, Garrett continued complaining and asking to be freed, only for him to suddenly teleport out from the room, having been granted Gordon's Inhuman power, as Kora watched Garrett excitedly react to this new power, as Malick complimented Garrett on making it through.

As Kora watched on, Coulson had told that she did not know what she was doing by giving Garrett that power, although Kora simply ignored the comment and smiled at Malick and Garrett, telling Coulson that it was written in the stars, echoing Malick's earlier comments to her. Kora then watched on, as Malick questioned if Garrett had enough control over this power to teleport them to the Lighthouse, which Garrett confirmed, as Kora and Coulson watched Garrett and Malick teleport away from Afterlife and to the Lighthouse on the next mission.[3]

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Agent Coulson, I've been waiting."
"The rest of your gang is gone. They abandoned you, Garrett moved them somewhere else."
"I wanted to come with you, meet my sister. You know, Sibyl told me all about her."
―Kora and Phil Coulson[src]

While Nathaniel Malick and John Garrett went on their mission into the Lighthouse to find and kidnap Jemma Simmons, Kora had remained inside Afterlife, where she meditated inside of one of the rooms, as she ignored the sounds of a battle happening around her. Eventually, Kora's meditation had been interrupted by the arrival of Phil Coulson, who had aimed an I.C.E.R. at her, as he ordered her to turn around and surrender, which Kora did.

Kora claims she wants to go with Phil Coulson

Kora told Coulson that she had been waiting for him, to which Coulson had calmly informed her that the rest of Malick's crew had either been recaptured or departed while they had been rescuing the Inhumans, claiming that Malick had abandoned her. However, Kora claimed that she was actually already fully aware of the crew's disappearance, and that she instead wanted to come with S.H.I.E.L.D., in order for her to meet Daisy Johnson, as Kora claimed that Sibyl had already told her all about Johnson, during her own use of the Time Stream.

Kora is knocked unconscious by Phil Coulson

However, rather than allowing Kora to continue talking, Coulson had then proceeded to shoot her in the chest with an I.C.E.R., knocking Kora unconscious, as he took her into their custody. Kora was then carried back onto the Quinjet by Coulson, who laid her down beside the rescued Inhumans, as well as Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who remained concerned. S.H.I.E.L.D. prepared to take her back to the Lighthouse, in order to learn more about what Malick had been planning, and why he and Garrett had just kidnapped Simmons.[3]

Joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

Confronted by Daisy Johnson

Kora getting put into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody

"Look, there's no reason to hurt each other, I'm here to help."
"How, exactly?"
"Save lives, of course. I want to be an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D."
―Kora and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Now under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody, Kora was taken from Afterlife to the Lighthouse onboard the Quinjet, before she, Durant and the other captured member from the Crew were escorted through the base. While they were moving through the base, Kora witnessed the arrival of Daisy Johnson, as she was informed by Phil Coulson that the Inhumans had been rescued and taken into the hospital, while Kora simply smiled at Johnson. However, while Kora attempted to introduce herself, Johnson responded by pushing Kora onto the wall with a shockwave.

Kora is pushed into the wall by Daisy Johnson

While Johnson furiously grabbed Kora by the throat, she demanded to know exactly where Jemma Simmons had been taken, after she had been kidnapped by Nathaniel Malick and Johnson Garrett, who had vanished from all their radars, while Alphonso Mackenzie had ordered her to release Kora, although Johnson still insisted that she wanted Kora to talk first, while Mackenzie had to repeat his order for her to put Kora down. Eventually, Johnson obeyed Mackenzie's orders, and released Kora from her grip, who had dropped to the floor, gasping for air.

Kora claims to want to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

Getting to her feet, Kora had claimed that there was no reason for them to hurt each other, as she claimed that she was actually there to help them save lives, although Mackenzie remained skeptical about this. As Mackenzie questioned how Kora intended to help them, Kora then claimed that she actually wanted to become an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., much to the surprise of Johnson and the others. As Durant and their other mercenary were then moved to the cell, under Yo-Yo Rodriguez's watch, Kora was taken away for further questioning by Coulson.[2]

Timeline Discussions

"Do you want me to list the people you've chosen to kill to protect others?"
"There's no need, we've all made hard choices."
"Another list, of easy choices. Thirty names we can kill right now to save thousands of innocent lives."
―Kora and Phil Coulson[src]

As Phil Coulson continued questioning Kora's motives of wanting to become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Kora claimed that she was the perfect candidate to save lives, only for Melinda May to note that saving lives was not her priority when she had attacked Li, with Kora confessing to killing Li. Daisy Johnson had then questioned if Nathaniel Malick had that same plan for Jemma Simmons, with Kora only claiming they were currently out of reach.

Kora insisted that Malick's goal was to reduce suffering, as Johnson claimed that she had already suffered due to Malick. Changing their subject, Coulson questioned what instruments Kora had been referring to, when she told him that it was knowledge of history which was yet to be written, referring to the Time Stream. Kora went on to note that the Time Stream had already saved the life of herself as well as Daniel Sousa, only for Alphonso Mackenzie to return, noting that not all lives had been saved, as some others had recently been taken.

While Kora then expressed for regret to Mackenzie that his mother and father were killed by Chronicoms, only for her to note that the deaths should be the proof that they needed, when Coulson had realized that Kora was referring to the proof that they were in a new timeline. Kora went on to claim that the other timeline that they wanted to preserve was long gone, before questioning if Mackenzie had still remembered growing up with his parents, and noting that Johnson grew up without her sister because she had also died weeks earlier.

While Johnson noted that they had even more proof than that, Kora went on to insist that this was a brand new day, suggesting that they could make S.H.I.E.L.D. the best that it could be. As May questioned how Kora intended to do that, Kora simply said that it would be through killing, with Mackenzie noting that Kora clearly did not understand how S.H.I.E.L.D. operated. However, Kora then noted that she could list several people that S.H.I.E.L.D. had killed in order to preserve peace, only for Coulson to note that they had made hard choices.

However, Kora suggested that they discussed an easier list, noting that she could name thirty individuals who they could immediately kill to save thousands of other innocent lives, although Coulson had simply dismissed this as another Project Insight. However, Kora insisted that these would be the names they would know, who committed unspeakable acts. While Mackenzie insisted they were not a death squad, Kora noted that Sibyl had predicted that response, and that Johnson would want to speak to her alone, which Johnson confirmed.[2]

Sister to Sister Talk

"I just want to spend time together, to talk. With you and me on the same page, we can do anything."
"What? Like a sister superhero squad."
"Sibyl said, there is no future where Daisy Johnson lets her sister fight alone."
―Kora and Daisy Johnson[src]

Kora then followed Daisy Johnson into the interrogation room, where Johnson immediately questioned what she was actually doing there, insisting that they were not morons, despite what had Nathaniel Malick told her. Kora then explained that Malick had believed S.H.I.E.L.D. was always hell-bent on control, before suggesting that, while that may have been true in the old timeline, she felt they had the chance to make it something new.

When Johnson questioned why Kora believed that they would ever be willing to work with her, Kora suggested that Johnson was the reason, confessing to wanting a sibling. Kora went on to note their similarities, and then suggested there was a reason why Johnson believed in S.H.I.E.L.D.. Johnson asked Kora if she had grown up in Afterlife, which she confirmed, noting she was unaware that she was trapped there and had believed it to be a happy childhood, suggesting that Jiaying may have not actually loved her, which Johnson had understood.

Kora apologised for Johnson for not getting the happy childhood, while Johnson was also sorry that Kora had thrown it away. Kora suggested that she simply wanted to spend time with Johnson and talk, suggesting that together they could do anything, with Johnson jokingly calling it a sister, superhero squad, only for Kora to note that Sibyl told her that Johnson would always fight with her sister. However, while Johnson confirmed this, she then proceeded to give Kora the keys to her hancuffs, before leaving the room and locking the door.[2]

Questioned by Melinda May

"I was being confined, suffocated, I needed out!"
"Okay, calm down, show me that you can control your power."
"Or what? You'll strangle me?"
"You want to see control?!"
―Kora and Melinda May[src]

Kora spent those next few minutes locked in the room, until Melinda May unlocked the door and rejoined her. Kora immediately questioned where Daisy Johnson had gone to, with May only claiming that Johnson had places to go and people to see, although Kora insisted that she only wanted to talk to Johnson. May told Kora that she could feel her disappointment, but expressed a desire to get to know Kora, who had instead insisted that she already knew exactly who May was.

Kora had then called her the Cavalry, before also noting how Katya Belyakov had died in Bahrain, by May's hand, although May insisted that she had made peace with that a long time ago, although Kora insisted that it was sickening, as Belyakov was just a child. However, May noted that Belyakov would have eventually committed worse actions, suggesting that this was what Kora's list had been about, although Kora insisted that Belyakov's Terrigenesis had given her an Inhuman power that she could not control, and that this was not her fault.

Kora overloads the Lighthouse's entire system

May went on to insist that Belyakov fed off suffering, as she questioned if Kora did the same, asking if Kora took pleasure from killing, as Kora noted that Li had thought that she was out of control, although May insisted that Kora was. Kora had gone on to claim that she was being confined in Afterlife, and that she needed to get free, as May told Kora to claim down, asking to know that Kora could control her powers. However, Kora responded by slamming her hand into the wall, sending energy blasts throughout the Lighthouse, shutting off the power.

With the power shut down throughout the entire base, Kora witnessed May leave her room, as she regrouped with Phil Coulson. Kora then watched from the window, as all the Lighthouse's computer systems fell under the full control of Sibyl, as the result of Kora's power surges shutting down their systems and firewalls, with Sibyl then threatening to give Coulson the same fate as her destroyed Chronicom Hunters, who Coulson had blown up along with her Chronicom Time Ship. Kora remained in her cell, as she watched Coulson and May struggle to regain control.[2]

Suggesting her Targets

"So much pain can be averted with one death. Andrew can be here with you. Rosalind, Lincoln."
"Is Garrett next then? Because it was your Messiah's right hand who made Ward who he was."
"Without Garrett, Ward would have been worse."
―Kora and Phil Coulson[src]

Eventually, through Sibyl's hacking inside their entire systems, the Lighthouse had every cell door opened automatically, while Kora stepped away, just as Yo-Yo Rodriguez threw Durant and their other mercenary down, as they just failed to kill her. Kora greeted Durant, noting that S.H.I.E.L.D. killed him in the other timeline, with Rodriguez noting that Durant tried to cut her throat open, as Phil Coulson acknowledged that Nathaniel Malick was focused on saving men like that, since Malick had no interest in saving anyone good.

Kora killing Durant with her energy blasts

Coulson went on to insist that Malick was interested in saving assassins and making them loyal to him, as Kora questioned if Coulson would have been happier if they did not survive. However, Coulson insisted to Kora that he had simply wanted her to stop helping Malick and the Chronicoms sow chaos, as they were tearing them away from the timeline that they needed to restore. In response, Kora fired a blast of energy straight through Durant's chest, killing him instantly, while Kora claimed that Durant's death got them closer to that timeline.

Kora had threatened to continue this tactic to push the Time Stream back to their original timeline, noting that the next person she would kill would be Daniel Sousa, only for Coulson to acknowledge that she wanted them to look at killing names from her list, which Coulson still refused to do. However, Rodriguez questioned what the first name was, much to Melinda May's surprise, while Rodriguez suggested that they could point Kora's kills in the correct direction, although May insisted that there was no name that would come free of consequence.

However, Kora suggested that they kill Grant Ward, only for Coulson to then insist that Ward was still just a child in 1983, with Kora looking to May and claiming that she did not have an issue with killing children, referring to Katya Belyakov's death. Kora went on to insist that they could avert so much future sufferings by killing Ward, suggesting that they could bring back Andrew Garner, Rosalind Price and Lincoln Campbell. However, Coulson questioned if Kora's next target would be John Garrett, as Garrett turned Ward into the killer that he became.

Kora had then tried to claim that, without Garrett, Ward may have still turned out considerably worse, only for Coulson to insist that, in the Framework, they had seen one alternative Grant Ward, who had not encountered Garrett and was a better man, thanks to Victoria Hand putting Ward onto the right direction. Coulson told Kora that people could always change for the better, which included her, with Kora noting that Jiaying had thought that, while she had been growing up in Afterlife, before betraying her, and seemingly forcing her to leave.

Despite what Coulson had been telling her about how Malick had been potentially manipulating her, Kora had still continued to insist that the person she had become by joining Malick's cause, was the person that she was always meant to be, and she would then prove that to Jiaying some day. In response to that statement, May stepped forward and told Kora that Jiaying was also in the Lighthouse, much to Kora's considerable surprise, as May then suggested that they take Kora to show her Jiaying now, as Kora agreed to go see her mother.[2]

Grieving her Mother

"Her neck, it's shattered. A quake? Where's my sister?"
"You know who did this, Kora."
"No, he must have had a reason. She attacked Nathaniel, or he was protecting me!"
"Your mother died, protecting Daisy from him."
―Kora and Melinda May[src]

Kora and Melinda May went down inside of the elevator together, as May then promised to give Kora the truth, claiming that nobody had given to her that in a long time, which had greatly confused Kora, as the Lighthouse's elevator doors opened up as Kora found herself being led into their mortuary. Kora then found herself presented with a body on one of the tables, with a sheet covering it.

Kora desperately attempting to heal Jiaying

Kora had then pulled back the sheet, revealing the body was of Jiaying, whose neck had been broken. As Kora held back her tears, she told May that it would be okay, since Jiaying's Inhuman power allowed her to heal, with Kora insisting that she just needed some help, as she placed her hands onto Jiaying's body and attempted to give her some energy, with no response. Kora wept as Jiaying failed to wake up, despite her pleading with her mother to take her energy and heal, as May then gently placed her hand onto Kora's shoulder to comfort her.

Kora insisting Nathaniel Malick is innocent

Accepting that her mother was never going to wake up, Kora noted that Jiaying's neck had been shattered, as she had accused Quake of being the one who killed her, demanding to know where her sister was, although May insisted that Kora already knew Nathaniel Malick was the one who killed Jiaying. While May covered Jiaying's body, Kora denied the truth, insisting that Malick must have had his reasons for killing her mother, suggesting that Jiaying may have attacked Malick or that he would have been protecting her, although May then explained that Jiaying died while protecting Quake from Malick.

While they stood by the body, May acknowledged that Jiaying had not been perfect, but that they loved each other, claiming that she simply sensed that from them, only for Kora to deny this, insisting that Jiaying loved who she had been before, her Terrigenesis. However, May told Kora that, while that change had been painful, Malick was using that pain against her in an attempt to use her, only for Kora to insist that Malick had not been using her, while she insisted that he had saved her from death and had actually showed her how to live again.

With Kora insisting that she had a debt to Malick, May attempted to convince her that Malick only wanted to cause chaos. However, Kora then proceeded to punch May in the face, questioning if she had not also been using her pain to manipulate her, before punching May in the head and stomach, asking if May really thought she knew what she was capable of, and if she felt what was inside of her. As Kora had then tried to punch May again, she was shocked that May was able to catch her fist in mid air, as Kora attempted to attack her again.

Despite her initial strikes, Kora was swiftly overpowered by May, who managed to kick her in the stomach, which launched Kora across the room and then into a cabinet, before crashing back onto the ground. However, as Kora picked herself up from the ground, her energy powers began building in her hands, as May attempted to get her to refocus, only for Kora to unleash a blast of energy at May, which May was barely able to avoid by launching herself down to the ground in time, as the blast shot by her and had almost obliterated the wall behind May.

Kora getting taken away by John Garrett

While Kora had furiously stared down May, and prepared to unleash another blast of energy, which could kill her, Kora suddenly found herself being covered by the blue light shield, as John Garrett teleported himself into the Lighthouse, following Malick's orders. Without him even acknowledging May or their situation, Garrett informed Kora that it was time for them to go and to regroup with their Crew, as he grabbed her and then teleported Kora onto Zephyr One from the Lighthouse, which was flying in deep space, in order to avoid S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radars.[2]

Destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Kora witnesses the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Kora. You are a sight for sore eyes. Thank you, for today. Couldn't have done it without you."
"Did we give people new life?"
"We did, by ending so, so many."
―Kora and Nathaniel Malick[src]

Having just been teleported onto Zephyr One by John Garrett, Kora had then arrived in time to see them being joined by a legion of Chronicom Destroyer Ships, which had proceeded to fire down upon the Earth, destroying every S.H.I.E.L.D. base, which included their Hub and Triskelion, while the Lighthouse was able to survive the attack, as Nathaniel Malick stepped away from the deck and greeted Kora.

Kora and Nathaniel Malick sharing a kiss

Malick told Kora that she was a sight for sore eyes, before thanking her for everything that she had done, which including overloading the Lighthouse's systems, so Sibyl and the Chronicoms could gain access. While Kora looked at the Ships firing down at the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases, Malick told her that they could not have done it without her. Kora had then asked Malick if they had given people a new life, which Malick confirmed, claiming that this was by ending so many others. With that, Malick then kissed Kora, while the Chronicoms continued destroying S.H.I.E.L.D..[2]

Changing Loyalties

Meeting with the Chronicoms

"Was killing my mom a part of your plan, as well? I saw her body, I know it was you."
"I did that for you, to protect you."
"I didn't ask for that."
"Because you're a good person, you don't see the evil in others. If you'd only heard some of things she said."
―Kora and Nathaniel Malick[src]

Following the destruction of the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases down on Earth, Kora rejoined the rest of their Crew, and flew to the Chronicom Destroyer Ship. Once onboard, Kora then marched Jemma Simmons and Deke Shaw through the corridors, as she stood by, while Nathaniel Malick warned them this would be the last chance to surrender Leo Fitz's location, with Shaw mocking their efforts, only for a Chronicom to use a device that would swiftly melt D.I.A.N.A. from inside Simmons' head.

Arriving onto the bridge, Kora stood back as they were greeted by Sibyl, with her and Malick then discussing the successful destruction of all the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases. However, Sibyl noted to Malick that the Lighthouse had been able to survive their attack, as Malick then calmly acknowledged that the Lighthouse had been designed to survive any external assaults. Kora had watched on, as Malick then turned to John Garrett, noting that they would simply use a different approuch, as Garrett would plant the Chroni-Bombs inside of the Lighthouse.

Despite this, Kora listened to Sibyl insisting that, as long as Fitz was alive, none of these victories would matter, to which Malick then explained that Simmons had used D.I.A.N.A. to erase Fitz from her memories, noting that, based on what he had seen inside their Cerebral Fusion Machine, there was a chance that Fitz was really dead. Kora had then learned from Sibyl that they intended to dissolve D.I.A.N.A. from inside Simmons' head, so that they could finally confirm if Fitz was alive or dead, with Kora still remaining unsure about their situation.

Following their meeting with Sibyl, Kora and Malick went down the ship's corridors, as Kora then questioned why Malick had never told her that he was currently working with the Chronicoms, to which Malick insisted that he was not working with them, but that they were working for them. As Malick insisted that this was all part of his plan, Kora questioned if him killing Jiaying was part of his plan, explaining that she had seen Jiaying's body in the Lighthouse, and she knew Malick actually killed her, although Malick insisted that he did that for Kora.

As Malick told Kora that he killed Jiaying to protect her, Kora insisted that she had never asked for that, to which Malick claimed that Kora was a good person who had failed to see the evil in Jiaying. Malick then went on to claim that Kora had simply not heard all those terrible things that Jiaying had said about her, claiming that Jiaying called her a mistake and that she wished Kora had never been born. Kora listened while Malick told her that Jiaying was never interested in being her mother, but only wanted to control her, and resented her.

With Kora devastated by this, Malick had comforted her, telling her that he was there for her, and that he would help to set her free, and to show Kora how powerful she could become. Kora then told Malick that this had been awful for her, to see Jiaying's broken body on the table in the Lighthouse, while Malick then embraced her and promised that he would arrange for Jiaying's body to be buried, feigning his respect and sadness over Jiaying's demise. Malick then promised Kora that, everybody who attempted to hurt her, would be buried with Jiaying.[6]

Return of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"There will be chaos and anarchy, and then you and I are gonna come save the day, 'cause we're the good guys. There's only one person who could ruin that."
"That's right, she's very bad."
Nathaniel Malick and Kora[src]

Eventually, it was discovered that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been able to infiltrate the Chronicom Destroyer Ship, as Sibyl sent her message to the agents, warning that they had already lost their conflict, following the destruction of every S.H.I.E.L.D. base upon the Earth. Kora had then stood by in the control room, as Nathaniel Malick had attempted to argue that his Crew should be allowed to hunt them all down, promising it would take them no time.

However, Sibyl told Malick no, instead leaving the hunt to her Chronicom Hunters, much to Malick's frustration. Kora watched on as Sibyl ordered Malick not to interfere with Quake, which he insisted would be a bad idea, only for Sibyl to then look at the Time Stream, and to explain that their odds of learning whether or not Leo Fitz was alive, would increase by eleven percent, if they allowed Quake to reunite with Jemma Simmons. Kora looked on at Malick's reactions, as he had then been ordered to be patient by Sibyl, while the Hunters killed the agents.

Stepping away with Malick, Kora noted that she was surprised to learn that her sister was onboard the ship, to which Malick simply insisted that they should never underestimate the depth of her hatred, calling Quake a walking time bomb. Kora questioned if Quake was really that powerful, to which Malick claimed that in another timeline, she destroyed the entire Earth, and that there was no end to her hatred and what she would be willing to destroy, before Malick suggested that together, they could soon become more powerful than Quake.

Kora had been told by Malick that S.H.I.E.L.D. were bad guys, which was why they were destroying them, as he suggested that once S.H.I.E.L.D. was gone, they would then be able to take control over the planet themselves, suggesting that it would be chaos and anarchy, before they would be able to come down and to save the day, calling themselves the good guys. Malick had then told Kora that only Quake would be able to ruin these plans, which Kora agreed with, only for Malick to suggest that, despite all Sibyl's warnings, they had to kill Quake.[6]

Showdown with Quake

Kora blocks Quake's path through the ship

"She was afraid of me."
"She was afraid for you."
"Twisting words, again!"
"I'm not gonna use my power to fight you."
"Then you're going to die."
"That's your call to make."
―Kora and Quake[src]

Having been made aware that Quake would be heading back towards Zephyr One in order to escape, Kora had managed to get ahead of her and blocked her path, as she greeted Quake as her sister, who was attempting to escape with Jemma Simmons and Deke Shaw. Despite the tense standoff, Quake insisted that they did not have to fight, as she suggested that they leave the Chronicom Destroyer Ship and talk, only for Kora to remain Quake that she knew about Jiaying's death, and did not tell her.

When Quake then claimed that she was only attempting to protect her, Kora had insisted that she did not need protection, as she then fired a blast of energy at Quake, which was blocked by Quake's shockwave, with Quake ordering Shaw to get Simmons back to the Zephyr, and to not wait for her. As Kora insisted that she could take care of herself, Quake told her that having an Inhuman power was not the same thing as taking care of herself, to which Kora claimed that Quake sounded like Jiaying, only for Quake to note that she would not know.

Kora insisted that Jiaying was a monster, while Quake suggested that this was not how she really felt about her mother, with Kora furiously demanding that Quake not tell her what she did, or did not believe. In response, Quake told Kora that she believed that Jiaying loved Kora more than anything, but that she did not know how to help her after her Terrigenesis, only for Kora to insist that Jiaying had been afraid of her, while Quake suggested that she had been afraid for her, while Kora accused Quake of twisting her words against her.

Furious, Kora had shot a blast of energy at Quake, which was once again blocked with her shockwaves, as Quake insisted that she would not use her powers to fight her, as Kora insisted that it meant that she was going to die. Quake told Kora that it would be her call to make, before telling her that, in her timeline, she never had her sister, and that she did not know about Jiaying until it was too late, with Kora simply telling her that she was better off without her. However, Quake told Kora that Jiaying only had her, due to all of her grief following Kora's suicide.

Quake then suggested that Kora should come with her, only for her to insist that it was too late, as S.H.I.E.L.D. had already been destroyed, and that they had won the conflict. Kora told Quake she and Nathaniel Malick may rule over Earth, to which Quake questioned if this was really what Kora had wanted, or what Malick wanted, as Quake promised that they could change their timelines, questioning if Kora would help her. With this, Kora finally relented and had allowed Quake to go past and escape onboard of the Zephyr, disobeying Malick's orders.

With Quake having escaped back onto Zephyr One with Simmons and Shaw, Kora was left standing awkwardly in the hallway, considering all the consequences of her actions, until she was then found by Malick and Sibyl, as Malick had furiously questioning where they had gone. Despite Malick's anger, Kora told him that she no longer believed that Quake was bad, noting Quake said things to her that had made sense, before Kora apologised to Malick for disobeying their orders and allowing Quake to escape, with Malick questioning if she believed this.

Despite all Kora's attempts to reason with him about her decision to allow Quake to escape them, with the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D., Malick then told her that they would have to agree to disagree. With that, Malick took the Chronicom Rifle from Kimball, and shot Kora in the chest, knocking her unconscious, before turning to Kimball and offering her the promotion, for her to take up Kora's place within his Crew. Kora was then taken away, as she was held in the custody of the Chronicoms, as Malick and Sibyl then discussed what to do in the wake of Kora's actions.[6]

Rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D.

"I hope you know how to give the Chronicoms their orders."
"We're not giving them orders, we're giving them empathy."
―Kora and Phil Coulson[src]

While Kora remained unconscious inside of one of their cells, Nathaniel Malick and Kimball then furiously burst inside, with Malick then ordering Kimball to hook her up to their machinery, so that he could steal her power, in order for him to battle against S.H.I.E.L.D.. As she had witnessed Li and Gordon endure, Kora had her blood drained and infused to Malick's body, which granted him her Inhuman power.

Eventually, Kora was discovered, strapped down to the machinery, by Alphonso Mackenzie, who broke down the door and immediately untied Kora, before taking her in his arms and carrying her out of the cell. Mackenzie had carried Kora into the Chronicom Destroyer Ship's control room, disabling a Chronicom as he entered the room, before bringing her to Phil Coulson and Melinda May, who had defeated Sibyl. Although May prepared a send out the signal from the Destroyer Ship, Mackenzie insisted that Kora was too weak to do anything yet.

Coulson had spoken with Kora, asking her to open her eyes, as he insisted that they were fighting for the very thing that gave them strength, which Kora immediately understood, as she was finally able to stand up without Mackenzie's assistance, and promising that she would be able to help with their mission, once again betraying Malick. Knowing that the Chronicom Hunters had just invaded the Lighthouse, since their ship had travelled through the Quantum Realm and into 2019, Kora then began charging all of the energy within her body.

With her eyes glowing white, Kora noted that she hoped that Coulson knew how to give the Chronicom Hunters new orders, to which Coulson explained that they would not be giving them orders, before May stepped forward and took control of the mainframe, as Coulson told Kora that they would instead be giving them empathy. Kora overloaded their entire ship with energy. Kora and May then fired a blast of energy down to the Earth, causing Malachi and the invading Chronicoms, to get upgraded with empathy, ending the attack on the Lighthouse.

Following all this, Kora immediately fell in Mackenzie's arms, before she was taken off the Destroyer Ship with Coulson and May and passing by Quake, who had been continuing her battle against Malick. Once they were back on Zephyr One, Kora witnessed their Chronicom Destroyer Fleet being destroyed by Quake's shockwave, leaving Quake floating in deep space, until Zephyr One was able to locate her and bring her lifeless body back onboard the ship. As Coulson and Mackenzie lay Quake on the ground, Kora rushed over to help her sister.

As Quake lay lifeless on the ground, Kora had placed her hands to her head, and infusing Quake's body with her energy, as the energy heated her body and restarted Quake's heart, as Quake awoke, barely saved from being killed by the freezing temperatures of deep space. As they breathed a sigh of relief Mackenzie thanked Kora for saving Quake's life, while Coulson noted that this is what they had been fighting for, with Quake tearfully commenting that it was family they had been fighting for, as the sisters tearfully looked at each other.[4]

Mission in Deep Space

Kora being given control over Zephyr Three

"Hey, you have to see this... Amazing, right?"
"It's beautiful."
―Kora and Quake[src]

One year following their defeat of Nathaniel Malick and all the Chronicoms, Kora had finally been recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D., and was sent onto a mission out into deep space, alongside Quake and Daniel Sousa, while under the close watch of Quake. While Kora was put in control of Zephyr Three, she flew the ship through space, while Quake had a meeting with her former S.H.I.E.L.D. allies through a long range transmission.

Kora and her new family looking at a nebula

Once Quake had completed her meeting, having said her goodbyes to Phil Coulson and the others, noting to Sousa that they were doing okay with all their various missions and lives, Kora called upon her and Sousa to come to the pilot's room, as they were flying towards a nebula, which Kora viewed as an incredible sight. Once she had been rejoined by Quake and Sousa there, Kora commented on how amazing the nebula before them had looked, as Quake commented that it was beautiful, as they looked on as a true family and a team, before they continued with their next mission.[4]


"I can take care of myself!"
"Having a power, is not the same thing as taking care of yourself."
―Kora and Quake[src]
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Powers and Abilities


"Let the energy flow through you. Let it fill you up. And then... send it where you want it to go."
Nathaniel Malick to Kora[src]
  • Inhuman Physiology:

    Kora using her powers to furiously attack Li

    Kora is an Inhuman who gained powers through Terrigenesis.
    • Energy Manipulation: Kora is able to manipulate a highly versatile form of energy, which builds inside her and can allow her to use it as a weapon. She did not have control over this ability until she began working with Nathaniel Malick and used her power against Li. Her offensive usage of her powers on a foe usually resulted in severe burns.
      • Energy Blasts: Kora is able to focus her energy into controlled blasts, capable of killing a man with a single shot.
      • Life Energy Manipulation: After Daisy Johnson was blasted into space and nearly died killing Nathaniel Malick, Kora used her energy to rejuvenate Johnson’s injured body and pull her back from the grip of death. This is a direct converse of her mother’s life-absorption powers. She was unable to do this with a deceased Jiaying, however, as her neck had been too shattered by Malick, proving that this power is limited.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Kora is a highly trained fighter, able to fight briefly against Melinda May, being defeated by the latter due to her superior martial skills.



  • SIG Sauer P226: Kora stole this handgun from a guard at Afterlife and escaped. In the woods, she intended to use it to committ suicide, but the gun was destroyed by Nathaniel Malick, who arrived with the intention of recruiting Kora.

Other Equipment

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"This is a prison, and I finally found my way out."
―Kora to Jiaying[src]
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Appearances for Kora

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  • In the comics, Jiaying had several unnamed children she escaped from an A.I.M. camp with. Quake let them go, as they feared they would be turned into weapons by S.H.I.E.L.D. if captured.

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