Kora is the Inhuman daughter of Jiaying who had developed extremely dangerous powers following her Terrigenesis. When Kora attempted suicide due to fear of harming another person with her powers, she was recruited by Nathaniel Malick, who convinced her to turn against her family and follow him.


Early Life

Kora grew up as a child in Afterlife, and her mother Jiaying would read her stories which contained characters that scared Kora. Jiaying would subsequently promise to protect Kora from these frights, reminding her of this later in life. As a young adult, she underwent Terrigenesis and developed the ability to harness and control a volatile form of energy. However, she was unable to control her destructive powers, and her mother did everything she could to help Kora control her powers, promising to keep her safe. However, her powers began getting more and more unstable.[1]


While Jiaying dismissed ruthless suggestions and continued to seek for a method to save her daughter in 1983, Kora was isolated in the practicing room away from the other Inhumans. She tried to escape several times, but Gordon would always be there to get her back. One day, Kora could not take it anymore and so she caused an energy explosion in her room, knocking her guard down and escaped after stealing his gun. By the time, Jiaying and Li discovered her escape, Kora already ran away from the Afterlife and committed suicide with the gun she stole.[1]

Alternate Timeline

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Attempted Escapes

In an alternate timeline, Kora attempted to escape Afterlife, only to be caught by Li and Gordon. Gordon found that Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez were also present, and Gordon took them to a holding cell. Kora later attempted to escape again, and May watched her get forcefully taken back to her room.[1]


Kora meets Nathaniel Malick

Kora then used her abilities to burn the face of the guard watching her, and stole his gun. She took the gun and was about to kill herself, when then the gun fell apart due to Nathaniel Malick using his abilities. Malick referred to Afterlife as a prison, and offered her a way to change her fate. Kora agreed to join his soldiers, who were attacking Afterlife.[1]

Working with Nathaniel Malick

Kora and Nathaniel Malick led an attack on Afterlife, and Jiaying tried to reason with Kora, who felt as though Jiaying had never cared about her, but merely feared her. Kora decided to remain on Malick's side and burned Li's face. Melinda May, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Jiaying, and Gordon escaped, while Malick and Kora took other Inhumans, including Li, hostage. Malick explained to Kora his plans to redistribute power, suggesting anarchy as a solution to the apparent backwards ways of Afterlife.[1]

Powers and Abilities


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Kora using her powers on Li

Kora is an Inhuman who gained powers through Terrigenesis.

  • Energy Manipulation: Kora is able to manipulate a highly destructive form of energy, which builds inside her and use it as a weapon. She did not have control over this ability until she began working with Nathaniel Malick and used her power against Li. Her usage of her powers on a foe usually resulted in severe burns.
    • Energy Blasts: Kora is able to focus her energy into controlled blasts, capable of killing a man with a single shot.







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