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Kora was the Inhuman daughter of Jiaying. During her Terrigenesis, she received extremely unstable energy manipulation powers, her lack of control over which led her to suicide.


Early Life

Raised in Afterlife

Kora grew up as a child in Afterlife, and her mother Jiaying would read her stories which contained characters that scared Kora. Jiaying would subsequently promise to protect Kora from these frights, reminding her of this later in life. As a young adult, she underwent Terrigenesis and developed the ability to harness and control a volatile form of energy. However, she was unable to control her destructive powers, and her mother did everything she could to help Kora control her powers, promising to keep her safe. However, her powers began getting more and more unstable.[1]


Eventual Suicide

While Jiaying dismissed ruthless suggestions and continued to seek for a method to save her daughter in 1983, Kora was isolated in the practicing room away from the other Inhumans. She tried to escape several times, but Gordon would always be there to get her back. One day, Kora could not take it anymore and so she caused an energy explosion in her room, knocking her guard down and escaped after stealing his gun. By the time Jiaying discovered her escape, Kora had already run away from the Afterlife and committed suicide with the gun she stole.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Kora is an Inhuman who gained powers through Terrigenesis.

  • Energy Manipulation: Kora is able to manipulate a highly versatile form of energy, which she did not have control over the ability.[1]






  • In the comics, Jiaying had several unnamed children she escaped from an A.I.M. camp with. Quake let them go, as they feared they would be turned into weapons by S.H.I.E.L.D. if captured.


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