"Maybe if we just leave that Luke Cage cat alone, give him his side of the street, we take ours."
―Koko to Cottonmouth[src]

Koko was an enforcer working for Cottonmouth who spoke out of turn against his employer and received a bullet in the head.


Working for Cottonmouth

Robbing Genghi Connie's

One evening Koko and other members of their gang, stood outside Genghis Connie's to pass out flyers. After the restaurant closed they entered Genghis Connie's to threaten Lin and Connie Lin into giving money to support Mariah Dillard. Koko stated that the Lins have been living in the United States of America for a long time now, but that they were still unable to speak English. Koko watched while Sugar tried to convince the Lins into giving them money. Following the refusal of Jin Lin to give them money Zip angrily told them to do so. At this moment Luke Cage, who had just entered the restaurant, told them that he did not like his tone and that they were being disrespectful to the Lins. Following a brief conversation Cage and the gang got into a fight, in which Cage first took out Amos and Zip before Koko aimed his pistol at him. While Cage placed his hand on the pistol Koko pulled the trigger. Instead of penetrating Luke's hand the bullet was stopped by his skin. Immediately after Koko was knocked down against a table.[1]

Killed by Cottonmouth

Koko was told to come to Harlem's Paradise for a so called "State of the Union". During the meeting Cornell Stokes and Darrell Mitchell discussed the financial situation after what happened at Fort Knox. When Mitchell mentioned Luke Cage Koko raised his hand in order to say something. Koko told Stokes that he was reading a book on politics and the social conditions that created hip-hop. One subject that was discussed in the book was that the inner city could benefit from the benign neglect. According to Koko it meant that if they should just leave Cage alone, give him his side of the street, while they took theirs. This statement did not fare well with Stokes, who took out his gun and killed Koko.[2]



  • Smith & Wesson Model 64: Koko carried this revolver when trying to strongarm Jin and Connie Lin as part of Zip's gang. He pulled it when Luke Cage defended the couple, and as the rest of them attacked Cage, Koko shot a bullet, only for it to be stopped by Cage with his bare hands, who then knocked Koko out.






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