Knox is an enforcer working for Sonny Burch.


Working for Sonny Burch


Knox was tasked by Sonny Burch with guarding during the deal with Hope van Dyne. Burch refused to sell her Quantum Stabilizer, so van Dyne attacked him while in her Wasp Suit. Knox pulled his gun and attempted to shot the Wasp, however, she managed to knock him down in the fight.

Knox later joined Uzman and Anitolov, as Burch came to the X-Con Security Consultants Office to extract the information about Scott Lang's whereabouts to find the Mobile Laboratory. Burch ordered Knox and his men to take Luis, Kurt, Dave hostage and inject Luis with Uzman's Truth Serum to force them to tell what Burch needed. Luis, however, started blabbering and telling completely irrelevant information before he revealed that they hid in Muir Woods.


Suddenly, Ghost appeared in the office, startling Knox and everyone else around and forced Luis to clarify Lang's location. As Luis told her about the Muir Woods, Ghost disappeared from the office, so Burch and his men left the building as well. Outside, Knox and Burch's men found out that Ghost destroyed the wheels of their car, so they could not follow her. Uzman ordered Uzman to contact Stoltz and reveal the information about Lang, as the FBI would get the laboratory for him.

As they managed to track down the laboratory, Burch ordered his men to chase Luis and van Dyne inside who got shrunken laboratory. During the chase, van Dyne used the Pym Particles to shrink the van, so Knox's vehicle got off the road, while van Dyne and Luis managed to get away.[1]



  • Handgun: Knox used his weapon during the confrontation at Oui with the Wasp. Knox shot up the chandelier in an attempt to hit the Wasp, before she knocked Knox down.






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