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"The planet of Kitson is a nasty place, absent any basic scrap of decency."
Pretorious Pryce[src]

Kitson is a planet infamously known for its brothels, sexual business, and gambling. It is ruled by Mister Kitson.


"Most are ashamed to even utter the word 'Kitson' as it sounds like the braying of an animal in heat. There's even a well known saying – What happens on the planet of Kitson..."
"Stays on Kitson?"
"No. Is contagious and burns."
Pretorious Pryce and Quake[src]

Kitson was a planet with a poor reputation due to the presence of its brothels and gambling establishments, one of the most famous of them being the House of Games ruled by Mister Kitson, as the family had effectively reigned over Kitson's infamous activities for decades.

Leo Fitz and Enoch traveled to Kitson with the Lazy Comet, hoping to find a way to get to Naro-Atzia. Since their spaceship was stolen by Boyle and Toad, they were stranded on the planet and went to the House of Games, hoping to earn enough credits to purchase a way to leave the planet. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Quake, Jemma Simmons, Piper, and James Davis also arrived on Kitson looking for Fitz after having looked for him in Naro-Atzia. However, Fitz was eventually captured when the Chronicom Hunters stormed the House of Games and left Kitson.[1] Enoch and the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then left the planet to find him.[2]

Having escaped from their Chronicom captors, Fitz, Simmons and Enoch were once again stranded on Kitson after they used an Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc which brought them back on the planet before being stolen by another customer of the House of Games. They were then captured by Montalban, who brought them in front of Mister Kitson. Mister Kitson threatened Fitz and Simmons of execution, but they were eventually saved thanks to Izel's intervention. Fitz, Simmons and Izel then managed to reclaim the Lazy Comet from Toad and Boyle and left Kitson for Earth, while Enoch decided to remain on Kitson a little longer to organize his fellow Chronicom anthropologists.[3]

Enoch had Isaiah come to Kitson to meet and discuss the future of the Chronicoms. Unbeknownst to him, however, Isaiah had been reassigned as a Hunter by Malachi and attacked him, although Enoch was able to defend himself and to kill Isaiah.[4]

Alternate Universes

"If I wanted a tease, I would have visited the brothels of Kitson."
"Your pent-up desires do not concern me."
Gaius Ponarian and Kasius[src]

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