"It's behind me, Jeri. I'm leaving it... and you... behind."
"You can't. I need you. I need you."
"I know, you don't want to die alone. But you're going to."
―Kith Lyonne and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Kith Lyonne is a cellist and music teacher who had an affair with Jeri Hogarth for several months. Despite the fact that she married Peter Lyonne and had a child with him, Lyonne resumed her relationship with Hogarth when Hogarth returned in her life. However, Peter committed suicide, blaming Hogarth and Lyonne, and putting his wife in legal trouble. Hogarth agreed to help her, however, Lyonne was attacked by Trish Walker. Despite Hogarth putting herself in danger to save Lyonne, she decided to end their relationship, much to Hogarth's displeasure.


College Years

"The Kith that I knew in college she talked about being a first chair in a first-class orchestra. Composing, conducting. You're... You're too good for a university quartet."
Jeri Hogarth to Kith Lyonne[src]

Lyonne dated Jeri Hogarth for several months during college. During that time, Kith composed a tape for Hogarth as she was a cellist. Kith composed it when she was 21. They recorded it while in bed. Lyonne had said she had something for Hogarth. She pulled up a chair and played for her.[2] During their senior year, during finals, Hogarth met a girl named Wendy in the stacks, who she went down on in the library bathroom the same night. They slept together for three months before Lyonne found out. For Hogarth, it was the challenge and thrill of having them both. She found Lyonne too soon as she wasn’t ready for a soul mate.[3] She met Peter shortly after that, and within a year, they were married.[2]

Reuniting with Jeri Hogarth

"The last time I saw you, I cried so hard my eyes were swollen for three days. And the time before that, your head was between my legs."
―Kith Lyonne to Jeri Hogarth[src]

Kith and her husband Peter held the Zoey Lyonne Arts Scholarship Benefit Concert in honor of their late daughter. Much to her surprise, Jeri Hogarth, a past flame was in attendance. Kith and Hogarth discussed their past. It had been 25 years since they last seen each other. Hogarth then pointed out the fact that she gave and supported the benefit concert every year. Kith then introduced her husband, Peter to Hogarth. Peter had been following Hogarth’s defense of super powered vigilantes, as he was a lawyer, but was now a professor of criminal law. Before leaving, Hogarth gave Kith her card as they were to arrange a meeting to catch up.[4]

Lyonne and Hogarth had lunch at Tutto Ilgiorno, a local restaurant. The last time Lyonne saw Hogarth, she cried so hard her eyes were swollen for three days. The time before that, they were romantic. Lyonne inquired about Wendy Ross-Hogarth, who Hogarth left her for. Hogarth married her, but later cheated. Hogarth then revealed that Wendy died in a tragic accident. Hogarth questioned if Lyonne was still mad at her, which she was undecided on. She told Lyonne that she asked her out because she wanted to see if she was happy. Lyonne wan’t broken and was very happy. She married Peter a year after she and Hogarth broke up. What started as a rebound, turned into 23 years and a family. Hogarth was sorry that Lyonne lost her daughter to cancer. After Zoey died, Lyonne stopped playing, and became a teacher. They then started to reminisce about their past. Hogarth revealed that she still had the tape that Lyonne composed for her all those years ago. As tension rose, Lyonne decided to excuse herself, but not before noting her disbelief that Hogarth still had the tape.

Lyonne showed up at Hogarth's apartment after Hogarth sent her a photo of the alleged tape she supposedly kept. Hogarth had never been more in love than in that moment that Lyonne played for her. Hogarth then put the tape in and tried to play it for them then, but it didn’t work. Lyonne decided to pull out her cello and play for her. Hogarth approached Lyonne and caressed her body. Kith stopped herself before it went too far, but only briefly. She then got on top of Hogarth and they started kissing.

Lyonne and Hogarth laid in bed, staring into each other’s eyes after having sex. Lyonne looked at Hogarth and saw someone who had everything they ever had wanted, though Hogarth insisted this wasn’t true. As for Peter, Hogarth wondered what Lyonne would tell him. She said she’d tell him the truth as she and Peter have an open marriage. When Zoey died, they gave each other their own sanity. While marriage is long, they’ll never leave each other.[2]

Lyonne and Hogarth went on a date to the Thomas Moreau Concert Hall. Afterward, she introduced Lyonne to her client, Mathias Cole, who was a musical director for the Philharmonic. Hogarth introduced Lyonne as one of the best cellist she had ever heard. Lyonne questioned Hogarth’s motives, which she explained were to only make Lyonne happy because Hogarth was happier than she’s been in a long time. Lyonne told Hogarth not to ruin the best sex she'd had in years by asking for something more. She and Peter had been through so much together. But Hogarth believed she deserved more, both in her romantic life and career path. However, Lyonne was fine with how her life was.

During the concert, Lyonne reminded Hogarth how to "cede control". As the symphony came to an end, Hogarth and Lyonne shared a kiss, before being interrupted by Peter, who was calling Kith’s phone. After her call with Peter, Lyonne said goodbye to Hogarth.[5]

A Death in the Family

"Stay away from me."
―Kith Lyonne to Jeri Hogarth[src]

Lyonne was distraught after learning that Peter had been making withdrawals from the scholarship fund that they had set up in their daughter’s memory and used the cash to buy gifts for his girlfriends. In this time, she found comfort from Hogarth. Lyonne blamed herself for not seeing this. Hogarth told her that she would take care of everything as what Peter did was reprehensible and he would go down for it. There was a knock at the door. Kith had invited Laurent over as she wanted to be the one to tell him what Peter did. However, it was Peter on the other side. He suspected that Hogarth was the reason his life was in turmoil. He blamed her for leaking that information. Peter admitted to doing all those things, but he claimed that he was going to tell Lyonne. He accused Hogarth of destroying their life so that Kith would come to her, but Kith didn’t want to hear his excuses.

Not long after, Peter posted a video, where he accused Hogarth of ruining his life and having powered individuals at her beck and call. As it turned out, Peter filmed the video in his bathtub, as he slit his wrist and bled out. His final request was that someone stop Jeri Hogarth. And in his last words, he apologized to his wife and son. The police later found his body in his bathtub.

Hogarth called Lyonne shortly after returning home. Lyonne didn’t have much to say, simply telling Hogarth to stay away from her.[6]

Dealing with Patseras

"I need it to be over."
"I know."
"Now. I need it to be over now. Do whatever it takes, Jeri. Color outside the lines."
―Kith Lyonne and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Lyonne got a surprise visit from Hogarth after one of her classes. She wanted to offer her assistance in dealing with Demetri Patseras. She exclaimed that she loved Lyonne and that she never stopped. And when she saw Lyonne again, unhappy and unable to find a way out, Hogarth exposed Peter, claiming she did it for Kith’s sake. 25 years later, and by Lyonne’s account, Hogarth was still a selfish manipulator. She didn’t want to hear anything else Hogarth had to say, but Hogarth continued nevertheless. She recalled their senior year and how she cheated. In between that time, she followed Lyonne over the years via social media. She also knew where Lyonne worked and lived. And when she had her investigator dig into Peter, she thought it was a stroke of luck when she found out he was a fraud and a cheat. And while she regretted her part in his death, she would do it again as she loved Lyonne. To this, Lyonne replied the truth was overrated. As Lyonne was leaving, Hogarth revealed that Laurent came to her and asked for help. Kith didn’t reply. She simply grabbed her bags and left.

Lyonne thought it over and decided to take Hogarth up on her offer. She stopped by Hogarth's apartment and brought her financials and everything Hogarth needed to know about the foundation. Hogarth would have her accountants go through it and circle back with recommendations. However, Lyonne had no desire to talk about them.[3]

Hogarth called Lyonne over to her office to share with her that the IRS had agreed to a reduced fine, and other than Demetri Patseras, the defrauded foundation donors would accept a minor settlement. Lyonne didn’t have the money to pay, but Hogarth was willing to give her a loan, in a written agreement. Hogarth remarked that Patseras’ refusal to settle felt like a personal vendetta. Lyonne explained that Patseras and his wife gave Kith and Peter Lyonne the seed money for the foundation. They were Peter's clients and their closest friends until Lyonne noticed bruising on Fiona Patseras’ shoulders. Fiona didn’t want Patseras to go to jail, but Lyonne got her away from him, and since then, Patseras has blamed her for the breakup of his marriage. Looking to exploit a weakness, Hogarth was looking into his records.

Lyonne was called over to Hogarth's apartment after Hogarth spoke to Patseras and his counsel. Hogarth threatened a countersuit; they’d have a chance in court. But they’d be in for a long and ugly fight, which Lyonne wanted to avoid. A case like this would require more than Hogarth’s aggression. Her forensic accountant believed that Patseras was evading taxes. But she couldn’t prove it without access to his records. His taxes were their leverage. Hogarth wanted Lyonne’s permission to do what was necessary. She knew a woman that owed her a favor, and she had the abilities that gave her the kind of access they needed, like she did with Peter’s records. Lyonne believed that Hogarth wanted her to condone what she did to Peter, and she wouldn’t, deciding to leave instead. Hogarth tried to chase after her but stumbled to the ground in pain.

Lyonne later called Hogarth and told her that Patseras threatened to put her in jail. He asked the DA to file criminal charges of fraud. Worried that Laurent would be left alone, Lyonne gave Hogarth the permission to do whatever it took to end this.[1]

Leaving Jeri

"You sacrificed yourself for me, and I'm so grateful."
"I did that because I love you."
"I came to say thank you... and to say goodbye."
―Kith Lyonne and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Lyonne stopped by to check on Hogarth after hearing about the attack at the courthouse. Hogarth was shaking and could barely stand upright, though she insisted she was fine. Hogarth revealed that she was shaking because she was dying of ALS. And she found Lyonne again because she was going to die. It was progressing slowly, but her hands were no longer hers anymore. And eventually her entire body would become her prison. Hogarth admitted that it was selfish of her to seek Lyonne out and she was sorry for it. Hogarth then got a call from the masked vigilante, unbeknownst to Lyonne, and told her that Patseras was a monster.

Lyonne rushed over to Hogarth's after seeing on the news that Patseras was in critical condition after being attacked on his home by the masked vigilante. She questioned if Hogarth sent the masked vigilante after Patseras, as his lawyer called and said that Patseras was dropping the lawsuit. Normally, Lyonne would be angry, but instead she felt free, as it was over. Hogarth and Lyonne shared a kiss before being interrupted by the masked vigilante. Jessica Jones came from out the room and slammed Walker against the ceiling. Walker didn’t believe that she was Jones' problem anymore, but Jones would beg to differ. As Hogarth called the police, Walker raced over to Lyonne and held her hostage. Hogarth pleaded with Walker to stop. She then pulled out a gun and demanded that Walker let her go. She even offered to find her a way out of town in exchange for Lyonne's release. When Jones attempted to rush Hogarth, she shot Jones in the leg. With Jones down on the ground, Walker and Hogarth exited the apartment.

The following day, Hogarth greeted Lyonne with a hug as she arrived at the apartment. Lyonne wanted to thank Hogarth for everything she'd done. Lyonne came to say thank you and goodbye. While Lyonne believed that Hogarth loved her, Hogarth only did what she did because they were both in a dangerous situation that she created. Lyonne was leaving that and Hogarth behind her. As Lyonne was leaving, Hogarth remarked she was the last mistake she'd ever make.[7]


"I'm not one of your chess pieces, Jeri. You can't control me."
―Kith Lyonne to Jeri Hogarth[src]

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"Kith is a cellist. One of the best that I have ever heard."
Jeri Hogarth to Mathias Cole[src]
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