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"Now some of you are young so there's no reason you'd remember, but there was a time when the Irish owned Hell's Kitchen. Wasn't a mother's son could make a move without giving us our due, and any sorry shite dull enough to cross us paid a heavy price. We had the cops, judges, councilmen. We had the whole bloody city at our beck and call."

The Kitchen Irish were an Irish mobster group based in Hell's Kitchen, New York City.


Massacre at Central Park

The Kitchen Irish were present for a drug deal at Central Park, along with the Mexican Cartel and the Dogs of Hell. When the Blacksmith failed to show up, the gangs got nervous and eventually began firing on each other after undercover police officers were discovered among their ranks. This resulted in the death of multiple mobsters, an undercover cop, and Frank Castle's family.[1]

Massacre at the Burren Club

George being shot and killed by the Punisher

Following the incarceration of Wilson Fisk, Nesbitt met with their members at a bar as they made plans to take control of Hell's Kitchen. Before they could go ahead of their plans, they were massacred by Punisher with Grotto as the only survivor. Grotto was later killed by the Punisher too, leaving the group decimated.[2]

Hunting the Punisher

Finn Cooley tracking down the Punisher

"The Irish may not have invented revenge, but we sure as hell took some time perfecting it! Don't think you're showing me something I haven't seen before, cause your killing spree has all the signs of a man seeking retribution. Am I right?"
Finn Cooley and Frank Castle[src]

Under the leadership of Finn Cooley, the group begins to hunt the Punisher and is eventually able to capture him. Finn tortures the Punisher for the location of the cash the latter stole from the gang. The Punisher eventually gives up the location, but this turns out to be a trap, as the cash was rigged with explosives. Finn himself is soon killed by the Punisher, who manages to escape his confines. Most of the gang is either killed or incarcerated afterwards.[3]

The Last Irishman

Mickey O'Hare is strangled by the Punisher

"Hey, it's Mickey. Yeah, anyone else make it? Oh, shit, I'm the only one left? No, I'm good. I'm good. Yeah, about to board. Tell Dublin to get ready for a big party. I'm on my way."
―Mickey O'Hare[src]

After aiding Daredevil and assassinating Ray Schoonover, the Punisher continued to hunt down and kill the remaining members of the Kitchen Irish until only one member was left alive: Mickey O'Hare. To try and escape the Punisher, Mickey booked a flight to Dublin, Ireland from JFK International Airport. While in a bathroom stall at the airport, he was tracked down by the Punisher and strangled with his own tie.[4]

Attack on Frank Castle

"You cut one Irishman, and we all bleed."
O'Rourke to Frank Castle[src]

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Name Position Status
Finn Cooley Leader Deceased
Nesbitt Leader Deceased
Kelly Cooley Member Deceased
Cullen Member Deceased
George Member Deceased
Grotto Member Deceased
Adrian Blanc Member Deceased
Michael Jortrier Member Deceased
Jimmy Member Unknown
Johnny Member Deceased
Mickey O'Hare Member Deceased
Rafe Member Deceased
Rory Member In Custody
Seamus Member Deceased
Shaun Member Unknown
Thomas Member Deceased
O'Rourke Member Alive


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  • In the comics, the Kitchen Irish is not an organization, but a Punisher MAX story arc by Garth Ennis, involving different Irish Mob gangs fighting for the Nesbitt's legacy.


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