"Esteemed members of the Royal Family, Genetic Council, friends and guests blessed are we to witness the Terrigenesis of Iridia and Bronaja, the sacred touchstone of our civilization that elevates us above all others, that allows the true nature of the individual to be revealed."

Kitang was the head of Attilan's Genetic Council. Loyal to Black Bolt, he refused to take part in Maximus's coup against his brother and was subsequently executed by Auran.


Supervising Terrigenesis

Maximus' Unusual Terrigenesis

"As I'm sure you understand, no human can ever be King of the Inhumans."
―Kitang to Maximus[src]

After Maximus underwent Terrigenesis, he felt no change whatsoever in his organism. As usual in these cases, Kitang asked the Genetic Council to conduct genetic tests so that they would determine the nature of his Inhuman ability. However, it soon turned out that Maximus' Terrigenesis was quite exceptional. Indeed, the process deleted Maximus' Inhuman genes, turning him into a simple Human. Kitang informed Maximus about the results, and although Maximus disbelieved him, Kitang insisted that Maximus could never claim the throne of Attilan.[1]

Black Bolt's Terrigenesis

"It means that your eldest son has the power to destroy all of Attilan, on purpose or accidentally. You will never again hear the voice of your oldest son."
―Kitang to Agon and Rynda[src]

When Black Bolt underwent Terrigenesis as well, his hypersonic voice released its power. Kitang informed Black Bolt's parents Agon and Rynda that Black Bolt's voice could be the most dangerous power in Attilan and that Black Bolt could eventually destroy by accident. Kitang advised Agon and Rynda to lock Black Bolt away, but they refused, stating that Black Bolt would learn to control his gift.[1]

After the death of Agon and Rynda, Kitang declared Black Bolt the new King of Attilan and told him that Black Bolt was the only one who could protect the Inhumans against their greatest enemy. They were interrupted by Maximus, but Kitang ordered him to leave as they were discussing classified information.[2]

Wings and Foresight

"While I was testing him, he told me he saw me resting in a beautiful river. We have no rivers, so what could that mean?"

Kitang organized and led the Terrigenesis ceremony for Bronaja and Iridia. While Iridia gained butterfly-like wings while Bronaja felt no change, prompting Maximus to try to comfort him. Upon being touched by Maximus, Bronaja had a seizure and after recovering he told Maximus about him being threatened by "snakes". Kitang later conducted tests on the two Inhumans and Bronaja had another vision in which he saw Kitang resting in a river.[3]

Maximus' Royal Treason

Kitang Murdered

Kitang is murdered by Auran

"Speak to your brother, otherwise, I must inform the Council."
"I want you to."
"And let them know you're speaking of treason."
―Kitang and Maximus[src]

Kitang met Maximus in the presence of Auran and shared the results of Iridia's and Bronaja's genetic tests. Maximus then told Kitang about his plans of bringing the Inhumans back to Earth, but that he needed the support of the Genetic Council. However, Kitang refused, stating that Maximus was speaking about treason. Kitang ordered Auran to arrest Maximus, but Auran, who was loyal to the Prince, murdered Kitang instead, who soon bathed in his own blood, thus achieving Bronaja's vision about him.[3]


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Kitang is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.





  • In the comics, Kitang was the conservative chancellor of the Genetic Council. He was deposed after his several attempts to kidnap Ahura Boltagon, the son of Black Bolt and Medusa.



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