"It's a clean slate, Miss Page, a chance to put it all behind you. Now, isnt't that what you want?"
―Kirschner and Brown Lawyer[src]

The Kirschner and Brown Building is the headquarters for the law firm Kirschner and Brown.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Karen Page had a meeting at the Kirschner and Brown Building with a lawyer representing the interests of the former company known as Union Allied Construction. The lawyer offered Page a form where she would swear to never again reveal any information regarding Union Allied or its associates in exchange of not pursuing legal action against her.

Page was surprised that any legal action would be pursued against her, but as, according to the lawyer, she broke the non-disclosure agreement that every Union Allied employee had signed. Page tried to argue that she did it to expose Union Allied's criminal activity, but as she did not go to a law enforcement agency, and instead she revealed it to the New York Bulletin.

She claimed that she had nothing to do with the article that was published, but the lawyer knew that the file she had from Union Allied was the one that Ben Urich used as a source. Page was left speechless for a second, but then she claimed that Daniel Fisher had been murdered. Right before she was about to blame Union Allied for that murder, the lawyer interrupted her, assuring that all crimes related to Union Allied had been dealt with.

The lawyer offered Page to take the agreement to her own lawyers, but he was sure they would advise to sign it. He also offered a large sum of money, equivalent to six months' salary, to help Page with any stress regarding the situation.

She was offended by that, as what he was calling stress was actually an assassination attempt. The lawyer again denied any involvement in the attack or the responsible for it, but he explained that his clients felt it was their moral obligation to help Page rebuilding her life and moving on, something that she asked she could do as long as she kept silent.[1]


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