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"Alex, we need to take a beat here, okay? Many of us have just exhibited superhuman abilities after learning that there may be a Chinatown-level conspiracy run by our parents. My head is exploding."
Gert Yorkes to Alex Wilder

Kingdom is the fifth episode of the first season of the television series Runaways.


After their not-so-fearless leader is taken, our kids spring into action. Alex discovers long-buried secrets about his dad, as the kids uncover new truths about themselves.


Darius Davis and Geoffrey Wilder serving time in the Los Angeles Penitentiary

A flashback shows Geoffrey Wilder and Darius Davis during their jail time in the Los Angeles Penitentiary. Geoffrey is approached by Jonah in the presence of his lawyer Catherine Henderson, and Jonah explains that he wants to purchase a land from Geoffrey. Since Geoffrey has to be free to cooperate with Jonah, Catherine suggests that Davis should take the blame for the crime Geoffrey is accused of. In exchange, Geoffrey promises to look after Davis' grandmother and wife.

In the present, Karolina Dean joins Nico Minoru at the Timely Coffee in the aftermath of Alex Wilder's sudden kidnapping, and they wonder whether PRIDE or the Church of Gibborim could be responsible for it. They are quickly joined by Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez, and they decide to track down Alex using the Staff of One stolen by Nico. Before departing, Yorkes insists they have to call Chase Stein for help, but he is too busy creating the Fistigons with his father Victor to see the phone calls.

Darius Davis demanding an exchange of money from Geoffrey Wilder

Alex was actually abducted by the Crips and their now leader Davis, who seeks revenge on Alex's father Geoffrey. Davis takes Alex to his grandmother's house and explains his story and that he considers that Geoffrey failed to keep his promise. Davis thus calls Geoffrey and asks for a million dollar in exchange for Alex's life. Once the call is ended, Geoffrey contacts Detective Flores and asks him to send some reinforcements.

Alex Wilder shoots Andre Compton

While waiting for Geoffrey to arrive with the money, Alex gets to know one of Davis' men, Andre Compton. A confrontation then erupts between Geoffrey and the Crips. Compton is heavily wounded by Alex, who had kept the gun stolen from his father, but Davis reacts by holding Alex at gunpoint and taking him away in his car. The scene is witnessed by the Runaways, who decide to follow Davis' car, even though Chase, who they managed to contact eventually, has still not arrived.

Nico Minoru, Molly Hernandez, Gert Yorkes, and Karolina Dean search for Alex Wilder

Once they are close enough to the car, Nico attempts to use the Staff of One to stop Davis' vehicle, but she fails. This prompts Hernandez to try and use her own superpowers: much to her teammates' astonishment, she lifts the rear of Davis' car, preventing it to leave. As Davis gets out of the car and sees Hernandez, Dean also reveals her superpowers to distract him, enabling Alex to be rescued.

Although surprised, Davis remains determined to fight, only to be shot by Chase and his Fistigons, who has finally arrived. Davis attempts to retaliate and shoots at the teenagers, but Nico blocks his bullets with the Staff of One, causing Davis to flee in fear of these abilities he does not understand. The Runaways decide to let him leave, and Alex chooses to return to Geoffrey, who is taking the wounded Compton in his car. Alex, who fears what Geoffrey plans to do with Compton, attempts to save him, but is ordered by Geoffrey to leave.

PRIDE sacrifices Andre Compton

Alex returns to his teammates at the Timely Coffee and voices his concerns that PRIDE could sacrifice Compton just as they saw them doing with Destiny Gonzalez. They rush to the Wilder Mansion's secret ceremony room to prevent the sacrifice, but find the room empty as PRIDE actually decided to perform the ritual in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. The sacrifice is successful, enabling Jonah to be revived.

Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder make out

Upset that they were unable to save Compton, Alex goes into his bedroom, soon joined by Nico. He confesses that he shot Compton and that he considers himself responsible for Compton's death. Nico comforts him and they make out passionately, but are interrupted by Dean, who informs them that they have found a video camera in a sacrifice room. After inspecting it, Alex figures out that its data are being stored on Wizard servers.

The Runaways all return to their respective homes. Alex argues with his father, with Catherine Wilder overhearing the argument and telling Geoffrey to be ready to deal with Davis. Dean cannot stand that the Church of Gibborim's teachings are lies and destroys many of her belongings connected to the Church. Yorkes and Hernandez go into their dinosaur's sealed room and wonder how their parents can be criminals. Nico puts the Staff of One back into her mother Tina's office. She is seen by her mother, who offers to teach Nico how to use the artifact.

At the Stein Mansion, Victor and Chase decide to test a time machine created by the former, but it seemingly malfunctions, causing Victor to angrily throw it on the floor. Victor also experiences a violent headache, and confesses to his son that he is suffering from a brain tumor, asking Chase not to tell his mother Janet about it. As they leave the lab, the time machine begins displaying footage of Los Angeles being destroyed.

In the Crater, Frank Dean is informed by Aura and Frances that he failed to gain the rank of Ultra in the Church of Gibborim's hierarchy.


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