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"I don't know who this guy was or where he came from. But he could fight. I'm telling you, he punched through solid metal with his bare hands."
―King to Madame Gao[src]

King is the Hand member who was tasked with guarding Radovan Bernivig. However King was attacked by the Iron Fist and executed by Madame Gao for losing Bernivig.


Hand Soldier

Guarding the Hostage


King being ambushed by the Iron Fist

Under orders of Madame Gao, King guarded Radovan Bernivig, the chemist behind the Steel Serpent drug. In a moving delivery truck, King then encountered Iron Fist, who had come to rescue him. The two engaged in a drastic fight as the truck moved during which Iron Fist proved himself to be the vastly superior fighter against the much larger King. Amongst the fighting, King grabbed a knife and attempted to kill Iron Fist but inadvertently stabbed Bernivig while Iron Fist was able to subdue King. Soon, both Rand and Bernivig managed to escape.[1]

King's Punishment

Gao kills King

King is brutally executed by Madame Gao

King informed Madame Gao of his failure to secure the hostage, explaining how Iron Fist had been a remarkable fighter and was able to punch through the solid metal doors with his bare fist. However, once Gao had listened to Kind's confession, he was told to kneel and was executed by his Hand superior with her cane sword.[1] His head was removed from his body and left on a spike, kept inside the back of the truck, where Rand and Ward Meachum soon located him during their investigation.[2]


  • Martial Artist: As a member of the Hand, King has been trained to fight any oppositions of the organization.






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