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"As always, Kincaid, thank you for your service."
"As always, Tina, thank you for your money."
Tina Minoru and Kincaid[src]

Kincaid is Tina Minoru's bodyguard. He occasionally does some investigation on given subjects for his employer, and notably discovered that Amy Minoru was the one who hacked into Wizard's servers.


Meeting Amy Minoru

"It wasn't about the money. It was about beating her, just once."
"But she always wins, Amy. You know that."
Amy Minoru and Kincaid[src]

Kincaid tell Amy Minoru that her hack has been discovered

When someone tried to hack into Wizard's servers, Tina Minoru asked Kincaid to investigate and find who the hacker was. Kincaid discovers that the hacker was no other than Amy Minoru, Tina's own daughter. Kincaid met with Amy in her car next to the Timely Coffee and informed her that her hack had been discovered, expressing bewilderment regarding why Amy had hacked into the servers. Kincaid then pressured Amy to confess her deed to her mother, although Amy was far too afraid by this perspective.[2]

Yorkeses Investigation

Kincaid gives the results of his investigation on the Yorkeses

"You know, they don't seem like bad people."
"They never do."
―Kincaid and Tina Minoru[src]

Kincaid was asked by Tina Minoru to investigate Dale and Stacey Yorkes who had missed an emergency PRIDE meeting. Once his investigation was over, Kincaid went to the Minoru Mansion to report his results to Minoru. Kincaid notably discovered that the Yorkeses had inherited a ranch from Gene and Alice Hernandez and that they might try to take refuge in it, far from PRIDE. Once Kincaid was paid, he remarked that the Yorkeses did not strike him as bad people, to which Tina replied that the bad people never appeared as such.[3]

Meeting Gert Yorkes

Earl, Kincaid and Gert Yorkes see Tina Minoru silently walking by them

"Where were the girls like you when I was in high school?"
"Did you try the theater department? Or the library?"
"Come on. You could probably have any guy you wanted. You know, it's like, uh... You were maybe a little bit... How old are you?"
"Okay! And now it just got weird. But thanks."
―Kincaid and Gert Yorkes[src]

During a PRIDE gala held at Wizard Headquarters, Kincaid noticed that Gert Yorkes was playing on an arcade game which had been offered by Robert Minoru to Tina Minoru. Kincaid chastised Earl, a Wizard employee, for letting Yorkes playing the game. However, he soon began playing it himself until Tina walked by. Kincaid tried to make up an excuse, but Tina simply went to the elevator without saying a word, which Kincaid found even more frightening, unaware that Tina had just learned about her husband having an affair with Janet Stein.

Kincaid kept playing the video game with Earl and Yorkes, complementing the latter's skill. As Tina returned from her office, Kincaid told Yorkes that she should return to the party and join her boyfriend, but Yorkes told him that she did not have any. This surprised Kincaid, who thought that Yorkes was an attractive girl. He even went as far as asking her age, which promptly made Yorkes leave.[1]


  • Investigator: In addition to his usual bodyguard work for Tina Minoru, Kincaid was frequently asked to perform some investigation on anyone Minoru considered a threat. Kincaid was able to track down the source of a Wizard hacking to Minoru's daughter Amy. He also gathered significant information about Dale and Stacey Yorkes in a short amount of time.