"You're starting a support group? Will you be participating?"
"Like I'd waste my time circle jerking with a bunch of whiners."
Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

The Kilgrave Victim Support Group is a support group created to help the victims of Kilgrave's powers cope with their experiences and their aftermaths.


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Kilgrave Support Group

The Kilgrave Victim Support Group meeting.

"Kilgrave has caused us all enormous loss."

Jeri Hogarth told Jessica Jones that in order for her to use the defense of telepathic coherence in the Hope Shlottman double homicide case, other victims of Kilgrave would need to come forward; Hogarth, Jones, and Shlottman got together to have a radio interview on Trish Talk, the WNEX talk show of Trish Walker.[1] The next day, people flooded the office of Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz to tell their stories to prove that they were victims. Jones, with Hogarth and a cameraman, listened to the incidents of the people and determined who were victims and who were using Kilgrave as an excuse for their oft-times weird behaviour. If the interviewee could correctly describe Kilgrave or one of his nuances, the person was admitted.[2]


Jessica Jones referred Will Simpson to the Kilgrave Victim Support Group to help him deal with his guilty[2] for trying to kill Trish Walker while under the thrall of Kilgrave.[1] Simpson frowned at the idea; Jones admitted that she was not a part of the group.[2]


While sitting in on one of the meetings of the group, Jessica Jones listened as Donald described how Kilgrave made him his chauffeur; the man entered his vehicle at a red light and enthralled him to leave his crying son on a curb. Suddenly, Jones stopped Donald from his monologue to ask questions pertaining to Kilgrave's actions. The rest of the group wondered why Jones was changing the format of the meeting from voluntary sharing to question-and-answer. Jones left after Donald told her that he would drive Kilgrave to meet a man with a blue scarf.[2]


Name Position Status
Jessica Jones Co-Founder and Kilgrave Victim Alive
Jeri Hogarth Co-Founder Alive
Malcolm Ducasse Leader and Kilgrave Victim Alive
Betty Kilgrave Victim Deceased
Emma Kilgrave Victim Alive
Donald Kilgrave Victim Alive
Clair Kilgrave Victim Alive
Jackson Kilgrave Victim Alive


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  • In the comics, a large group of relatives of Kilgrave's victims, led by a woman named Kimberly Rourke, contact Jessica Jones for help in making Kilgrave admit every murder he was related to, as he was incarcerated only for the murders he admitted and had directly perpetrated himself.


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