Kilgrave's Apartment was an apartment building that Kilgrave takes temporary shelter in.


New Home

Kilgrave knocked on the door to a random apartment. As a man answered the door and asked whom he was, Kilgrave enthralled him into allowing him inside. He continued to enthrall the man's wife into welcoming him inside and giving him an open invitation to join dinner. Glaring at the children, Kilgrave ordered them to sit in the closet, demanding one to urinate themselves.[1]

Will Simpson

Following Will Simpson from a distance, Jessica Jones climbs atop an apartment building and finds the enthralled officer interacting with Kilgrave. After informing him that he had killed Trish Walker, Simpson was ordered to leave, corrected to leave through the balcony. Jones, however, stepped in and intervened before he could jump from the rooftop, briefly meeting eyes with her former enthraller. She then turned back to Simpson and leaves him unconscious.[2]



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