"And for that sin, you will soon suffer horribly with a hole in your body for every ring of our faith."
Jackson Norriss to Trevor Slattery[src]

The Kidnapping of Trevor Slattery was a successful attempt by Ten Rings sleeper agent Jackson Norriss to smuggle actor Trevor Slattery out of Seagate Prison.


"Trevor, you told me that when you got this role that you'd researched it thoroughly."
"Yeah, but when an actor tells you he's “done the research” it means he's switched on his computer, googled his own name and had a quick wank."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]

The terrorist organization called the Ten Rings was led by a man called the Mandarin. He established his presence in Afghanistan, especially the city of Gulmira.[1] The organization had worldwide contacts in Moscow[2], Russia[3] and Hong Kong.[4]

Trevor Slattery performing as the "Mandarin"

Aldrich Killian, creator of Advance Idea Mechanics needed to cover up his experiments on Extremis, because many of the recipients were exploding. He thought of a plan to control both sides of the War on Terror by creating Extremis Soldiers for the world's governments and having his own terrorist organization as the foes. He hired the actor Trevor Slattery to pose as the "Mandarin".

Slattery was an actor from England who sought fame and fortune. Though a bit dim-witted, he loved loose women, drugs, and alcohol.

Tony Stark and James Rhodes disrupted the plans of Killian. Slattery was arrested by the FBI[5] and imprisoned in Seagate Prison.[6]


"There's somebody who wants to meet you."
"Do I know him?"
"No, but you took his name, and now he wants it back."
"Ahh. No, sorry, I still don't get it."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]

Trevor Slattery being interviewed in his cell

Jackson Norriss infiltrated Seagate Prison disguised as a documentary film-maker to interview Trevor Slattery. On the last day of his interview, Jackson wanted to wrap out his film asking about the real Trevor Slattery, bringing him documents about his past, such as a photograph with his mother when he was a kid, and his role as a main character in a rejected TV pilot.

Norriss asked about the possibility that the Ten Rings or the Mandarin himself could be angered by his portrayal. Slattery was surprised to learn that the terrorists were real, as he previously thought that they were created by A.I.M.. While relating the history of the Mandarin, Norriss retrieved a handgun he had concealed inside his video camera, immediately killing the prison guards. Herman, another inmate of the prison and Slattery's butler, attacked Norriss and was shot in the shoulder.

Jackson Norriss threatening Trevor Slattery

Herman slammed Norris into the wall and knocked his gun to the ground. Norris kicked him in the chest and grabbed a baton from one of the tripod legs. Norriss hit Herman in the head several times until he fell to the floor and stabbed him in the neck with a pen.

Slattery picked up one of the guns from the dead guard, and was able to hold Norriss at gunpoint before Norriss used his training to disarm him and aim the gun at Slattery's head. Norriss revealed that he was sent to break Slattery out of prison and take him to the real Mandarin, who Slattery still seemed to struggle to believe was real.[6]


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