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"Agent 33 infiltrated your base to break out Sunil Bakshi?"
"Turns out she wasn't working alone, either. We managed to track down video of the vehicle leaving the premises. Guess who was behind the wheel. Grant Ward."
Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot[src]

The Kidnapping of Sunil Bakshi was the successful infiltration of Grant Ward and Agent 33 inside a United States Air Force base under the command of General Glenn Talbot in order to get revenge on Sunil Bakshi.


"He's in Air Force custody under a guy named Talbot. I was thinking you and I should drop by and say hello."
"Bakshi was the one who dragged me from my safe house, prepped me for Whitehall."
Grant Ward and Kara Palamas[src]

Sunil Bakshi captured Kara Palamas from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House where she was hiding. She was subjected to the Faustus method of brainwashing to become a HYDRA assassin.[2]

During a mission with Bakshi, Palamas had the Photostatic Veil permanently grafted to her face.[3]

With the death of Daniel Whitehall, Palamas was freed from HYDRA. Grant Ward, who was injured in the Battle for the Kree City,[4] and was nursed to health by Palamas, wanted to repay her for her help by showing her how to gain revenge on those who harmed her.[5]

The duo abducted Selwyn, the creator of the Veil, and he gave Palamas the ability to change her facial appearance in a moment's notice.[5]

Bakshi was a prisoner of Glenn Talbot, after being transferred in an agreement between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the United States Air Force.[6]


Agent 33 disguised as Carla Talbot

"What are you doing here?"
"Just lending a hand."
Sunil Bakshi and Grant Ward[src]

Agent 33 disguised herself as Carla Talbot to get access into Glenn Talbot's base without proper security clearance. As soon as she entered, she disguised herself as Major Meredith Tredwyck, and entered the control room, where she disabled the cameras in the facility. At the gate, Grant Ward caught Senior Airman Campbell off guard, and quickly killed him to get access into the base.

Glenn Talbot questions Meredith Tredwyck

Carla Talbot called General Talbot from her car to tell him she was stuck in traffic and would be late. Talbot realized the woman in the base he had thought was his wife was using a Photostatic Veil and ordered Lieutenant Decker to lock down the base. Talbot assembled the base's female personnel in the control room and questioned them. He asked Captain Anderson if he was correct in saying his son went to school with her daughter. Anderson, who did not have a daughter, told him that he was incorrect. He asked Lieutenant Swey when the last time he got her name right was and she said never. Talbot came to Major Tredwyck, the last person in the line-up, and expected her to be "the winner". In attempt to remove the mask, Talbot grabbed Tredwyck's face and started to pull it. After a few seconds Tredwyck asked him to stop and Talbot, now realizing she was not the infiltrator, apologized to her. Since Talbot figured out none of the women was Agent 33, they were allowed to leave.

Agent 33 finds Sunil Bakshi

Meanwhile, Agent 33 killed Staff Sergeant Brookton to disguise herself as a man and met up with Ward at the gate. The couple headed to Sunil Bakshi's cell. Bakshi was relieved to see her, believing she was still loyal to Daniel Whitehall and HYDRA. He soon realized she was not, and attempted to trigger her brainwashing, but Agent 33 knocked him unconscious and got Bakshi out of the facility with Ward. The real Carla arrived and met Talbot in the hall. Talbot pulled his sidearm and ordered her on the ground until he realized it was his wife.[5]


Sunil Bakshi undergoes the Faustus method

"If I obey, will my compliance be rewarded?"
"To be honest, it really won't make a difference."
Sunil Bakshi and Kara Palamas[src]

Glenn Talbot reported the kidnapping to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson. Agent 33 and Grant Ward used the Faustus method on Sunil Bakshi to get revenge for doing the same thing to Agent 33.[5]

As a thrall of Grant Ward, Bakshi saved Ward's life from the revenge of Jemma Simmons during the Attack on the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility, losing his life to a Splinter Bomb.[7]