"Well, look, thing is, I think it's best you come with me. For your own protection."
"I really appreciate the offer, but I'm sure we'll be fine."
"You're both coming with me."
Jack and Sarah Lieberman[src]

The Kidnapping of Sarah and Zach Lieberman was an abduction of Sarah Lieberman and her son Zach planned by William Rawlins and Billy Russo and executed by Anvil agents in order to track down Frank Castle.


When Liebermans learned about "Pete Castligione's" true identity, Zach Lieberman contacted with NYPD. Using CIA resources, William Rawlins intercepted the call and informed Billy Russo about this. Russo sent his men to Lieberman house to take them.[1]


"This is getting way out of hand, Rawlins. We killed a bunch of Homeland agents. Madani knows your name and now we're what? We're kidnapping women and kids in broad daylight"
Billy Russo to William Rawlins[src]

Jack furiously subdues Sarah Lieberman

At the Lieberman Residence, Anvil agent Jack, posing as police officer arrives and says they have received a call on the Frank Castle tipline from the address. He tried to question Zach but Sarah said he can't do that. When Jack said that they should come with him, Sarah ordered Zach to run. Soon, Jack chased after him but Sarah stopped him. She tried to threaten with a knife, but Jack's partner entered with Zach. Sarah surrendered and the two were abducted. At this time, Leo remains hidden and then flees the house.[1]


"The woman, the kid, where they take them?"
"I don't know, man. That was... who needs to know. You know how it is. I don't know anything."
"Fair enough."
Punisher and Jack[src]

One hour later, Punisher and Micro learned about kidnapping. Castle calls Leo and convinces her to meet him at a park. However, he tells Micro to go and collect her and finally come out of the shadows. Frank plans to stay at the hideout. If they found the Lieberman home, then he reasons they know about the hideout as well.

Using Sarah's phone, Rawlins tracked down Castle's hideout and Russo sent agents there. But they were ambushed by Punisher, who killed all agents in hideout and called Russo. Russo proposed a trade with Sarah and Zach for Castle and Micro.[1]


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