"My own arrogance brought me here. I didn't think you would come after me, even after you killed Kazan."
"I didn't kill Kazan."
"Maybe fate has sense of humor. If you didn't kill Kazan, the same people coming after you are coming after me. Fate makes us allies, not enemies."
Nikolai Poloznev and Punisher[src]

The Kidnapping of Nikolai Poloznev was a successful attempt by the Punisher and Amy Bendix to abduct Nikolai Poloznev.


"Poloznev's a creature of habit. Gets breakfast with his kid every morning."
Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

In order to increase his influence within the United States Government, Nikolai Poloznev learned that David Schultz, whose political career was supported by Anderson and Eliza Schultz, was, in fact, homosexual. Poloznev contacted Russian Mafia and ordered them to fight any dirt on Schultz, as they hired Fiona's Crew for assistance. Fiona and her crew found Schultz at the funeral event in Chicago, taking a pictures of him, kissing another man.[2]

However, Anderson and Eliza found out that someone was scheming against them, planning to expose Schultz's sexual orientation. They ordered John Pilgrim to require the pictures and eliminate whoever was involved in that blackmailing scheme. Pilgrim successfully murdered Fiona and her crew, however, Amy Bendix managed to escape with photographs. After murdering Sergei Konchevsky, Pilgrim learned that Bendix was hiding in Michigan.[3]

Pilgrim ordered Marlena Olin and her men to track down and capture Bendix, however, she was rescued by Frank Castle who then took Bendix to New York City.[4] There, Castle tracked down Russian Mafia members and forced Kazan to told him that they were hired by Poloznev. In order to find out why Bendix's friends were killed, Castle and Bendix decided to find Poloznev and get the answers from him.[5]


The Punisher S2 Trailer 39

Amy Bendix escapes from the bodyguards

"I can pay you handsomely for the photographs and make sure you and the girl get safely out of country."
"Call me old-fashioned. I don't work with Russians."
Nikolai Poloznev and Punisher[src]

Amy Bendix learned that Nikolai Poloznev would be at the New York Academy of Medicine where he usually gets breakfast with his daughter. While the Punisher knocked down the driver, Bendix pretended to be a waitress and got to Poloznev, showing him the pictures of David Schultz, much to his shock. Poloznev ordered his bodyguards to follow Bendix and apprehend her, as Poloznev himself decided to return to the car and get away from there.

However, the Punisher who replaced his driver took Poloznev outside of the town to interrogate him. Threatening Poloznev with the shotgun, the Punisher demanded him to tell everything about the deal with the Russian Mafia and the pictures. Poloznev then explained that he paid for the picture to manipulate the Schultz family and Testament Industries in order to get his hands to the US Government.

The Punisher informed Poloznev that he did not kill nor Sergei Konchevsky, nor Kazan, and someone else was hunting for him. Poloznev offered the Punisher to unite against the Schultzes, however, the Punisher dismissed his offer and prepared to kill Poloznev. Poloznev was not afraid of death and asked the Punisher just not to shoot him in the face, as he wanted his daughter to identify him. The Punisher reluctantly decided to spare Poloznev and demanded to take his family and leave the country or he will find him.[2]



Nikolai Poloznev is killed by John Pilgrim

"You take your family. You get out of town. You never come back."
"Thank you, Mr. Castle!"
"I didn't do it for you. I see you back in America again, I'll pay you a visit."
Punisher and Nikolai Poloznev[src]

Accepting the chance provided by Frank Castle, Nikolai Poloznev prepared to leave the United States of America together with his family. As he was in the elevator with his bodyguards, Poloznev was suddenly confronted by John Pilgrim who killed the bodyguards and, after the brief pause, assassinated Poloznev himself, shooting him in the head and leaving his body behind.[2]


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