"You disgust me. But, that doesn't mean you're useless."
2014 Nebula to 2023 Nebula[src]

The Kidnapping of Nebula was a successful effort by the 2014 incarnation of Thanos and the Black Order to replace the 2023 incarnation of Nebula with her still Thanos-loyal 2014 self in order to infiltrate the Avengers and bring the Mad Titan and his forces to 2023. As the elder Nebula was distant from the rest of the Avengers, the younger Nebula went unnoticed until she attempted to steal the Nano Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones at which point she was killed by her future self, though not before the latter managed to turn the 2014 incarnation of Gamora against Thanos.


"There's another consciousness sharing her network. Another Nebula."
Ebony Maw to Thanos[src]

Nebula and War Machine were tasked with retrieving the Power Stone from Morag in 2014. Unbeknownst to the two, Nebula's cybernetic enhancements forced a link between her and her past self, due to a shared network. This allowed the Nebula from 2014 to access her future double's memories. Through this, Thanos from 2014 was able to discover their plan, as well as the knowledge that his future self had succeeded.[1]


"Barton, come in. Romanoff, come in, we have a problem. Come in, we have a prob- Thanos knows."
2014 Thanos sees his future

2014 Thanos witnesses his future and death

After 2023's Nebula retrieved the Orb, she and War Machine were prepared to return to the present. However, as Thanos and Ebony Maw were still accessing her memories, Nebula was unable to return to the present. Through her link, she was able to see through her past self's eyes, and realized to her horror that Thanos had knowledge of their plan. Nebula ran back to the ship and attempted to warn her teammates, but her ship was quickly beamed up by the Sanctuary II before she could contact anyone else.


Nebula is threatened by her past self

On the Sanctuary II, past Nebula attacked her future self. Nebula attempted to plead with past Gamora, warning her of her demise at the hands of Thanos. Past Nebula kicked her down and took present Nebula's orange headpiece, something the past Nebula lacked. Past Nebula then went to Thanos and kneels before him, presenting the Pym Particles and now wearing present Nebula's orange accents.[1]



The New Avengers Facility is destroyed

"You can change."
"He won't let me."
2023 Nebula and 2014 Nebula[src]

Past Nebula returned to the present, the switch going unnoticed as present Nebula was already distant towards the rest of the Avengers. As Hulk used the Nano Gauntlet to reverse the Snap and revive the Vanished, Past Nebula activated the time machine and bring the Sanctuary II to the present, causing the Battle of Earth. Gamora and Nebula later confronted the past version of Nebula after the Sanctuary II destroyed the New Avengers Facility. Despite their efforts to turn the past version of Nebula against Thanos, she attempted to shoot Gamora, only for the future Nebula to fire at her younger counterpart firsthand, killing the past Nebula.[1]


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