"Don't move. Let him go."
"You've seen what he does what he can do. Whatever he's paying you, it's not enough."
"You are harming my client. I can legally shoot you."
Hank and Jessica Jones[src]

The Kidnapping of Kilgrave was a successful attempt by Jessica Jones to abduct Kilgrave and a failed attempt by Will Simpson to kill him.


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Jessica Jones attempted to turn herself into the police, repeatedly asking Oscar Clemons to be taken into supermax prison against the wishes of Jeri Hogarth. Soon, however, Brett Mahoney had released Jones. Upset, Jones assumed it was Hogarth freeing her client. After finding that it was actually Kilgrave whom had released Jones and enthralled the officers to point guns at one another, she tried to persuade Kilgrave to leave the officers alone and that she would willingly leave with him. He rejected, citing she was only leaving to protect them. Disclosing that he had left Jones a present at her apartment and erasing the camera footage of his and Jones's presence in the precinct, he released the hostages under the guise that his threat was a joke.

Jones returned to her apartment and frantically searched for the gift, realizing it to be the old box that previously held a flash drive of the experiment. Inside, she discovered a post-it note listing the address of her former home in New Jersey and her old diary. Enraged, Jones prepared to leave New York, when she is unknowingly visited by a concerned Robyn, whom was searching for her brother Ruben; after blaming Jones for Ruben's disappearance, Jones continued out, ignoring Robyn's wails and pleads to find him. Taken by taxi, Jones arrived outside her old home and was escorted inside by Kilgrave; Will Simpson witnessed the two from across the street in disbelief.[3]

Kilgrave gave Jessica Jones a tour of the Jones Residence, in which he managed to redecorate the house similar to how Jones last remembered it. After a nap, she dined with wine and learned that despite being there of her will, Kilgrave placed safeguards in case he was threatened or she left him. Retreating to her room, Simpson ambushed her and believed she was enthralled like before. Informing her of a bomb in the basement, Jones eventually relayed the information to Kilgrave.[4]


"Good job. Now let me finish him."
"I can't."
"You've already done the hard part. Let his death be on me." [...]
"I can't let you kill him. Sorry."
Will Simpson and Jessica Jones[src]
Jones returned to the house, Chinese food in hand to serve Kilgrave and the waitstaff. With everyone settled at the table, they consumed their dinner and enjoy it until each gradually passed out. Kilgrave expressed concern and confusion, while Jones approached and injected Sufentanil into his neck, paralyzing him and leaving him temporarily unconscious.

As Jones carried him on her shoulder, she sought to the sky before she was stopped by Hank at gunpoint, only for him to be shot dead by Will Simpson. Simpson then approached her with the plot to kill Kilgrave. Though she attempted to reason with him, Simpson and his men were noncompliant and fired. Jones leaped away. Simpson, however, was greeted by an enthralled De Luca, who was commanded to gift him and his men a bomb that detonated, killing her, Robinson, and Ken. Will was left out cold.[4]


"You have feelings for me, Jessica. If you didn't, I'd be dead."
"There are worse things than death."
"Don't be melodramatic."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones[src]
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Waking, Kilgrave found himself inside a sealed cell filled with water, Jessica Jones on the other side of the glass watching and taunting him with old documentation of the experiment. Trish Walker hurried Will Simpson to Metro-General Hospital, having sustained injuries from the explosion. As she sped through the streets, Simpson continued to utter the name Miklos Kozlov.[5]


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