"The suspect is Detective Andrew Henry, LAPD. He is armed and dangerous. Approach with caution."
Daniel Sousa[src]

The Kidnapping of Jason Wilkes was a kidnapping attempt executed by Andrew Henry aimed at forcing Jason Wilkes to cure him.


"For the right money, I clean up other people's messes. So when I was hired to take care of Jane Scott's body, I made it look like the Lady of the Lake Killer to revive the case."
Andrew Henry to Jason Wilkes[src]

Working with Zero Matter at the Isodyne Energy. Jane Scott accidentally touched a substance, resulting in her unusual death. The founder of Isodyne, Calvin Chadwick who had an affair with Scott, did not want this discovered and hired Detective Andrew Henry to dispose of Scott's body. Henry stabbed the corpse and switched her shoes, in a style similar to the Lady of the Lake Killer, before he disposed of the body in Echo Park Lake. However, unbeknownst to him, Henry was infected by Zero Matter what appeared as a symptoms of summer cold.

Jane Scott

Jane Scott's frozen corpse

Los Angeles Police Department found of Scott in lake frozen by Zero Matter in her corpse and assigned Henry to the case. However, Henry's superior wondered why the lake was frozen and if it had anything to do with the case, so he called the Strategic Scientific Reserve to investigate, despite Henry's protests. Daniel Sousa, chief of the newly established Los Angeles branch of the SSR together with Peggy Carter from New York City joined Henry in working with the case.

Scott's corpse was transported to Los Angeles County Coroner Building for examination. Later, SSR was called by Medical Examiner Meltzer upon finishing his autopsy of Scott. Noting that the place was still cold as he sniffled and coughed, Henry touched Meltzer and his frozen body fell and shattered, sickening those in the room.[1]


"Take a step back. We can work this out."
"They're not gonna let us."
Peggy Carter and Andrew Henry[src]

Later, Andrew Henry went to drink but saw the water turned to ice as he approached. Scared, Henry abducted Doctor Jason Wilkes and had him accompany him as he wanted a cure for his illness. Going outside, Henry knocked Edwin Jarvis out and stole his car. Henry and Wilkes abandoned the car when the windows frosted and the steering column froze.

Meanwhile, Daniel Sousa and Peggy Carter learned learned from the completed autopsy that the style of the Lady of the Lake Killer was a forgery and figured that Henry had orchestrated those events. They then found that Henry already left and contacted with the police to chase Henry, but told that he do not want any guns involved because Henry was wanted for questioning. They then found the stolen car with its windows frosted and its steering column frozen, but without Henry or Wilkes.

On the run, Henry explained to Wilkes that he had not killed Scott; he was hired to dispose of her frozen body, but, since he wanted to revive the cold case, he duplicated the style of the serial killer. Henry said that he was a good cop trying to keep his career on track. Henry wanted to lose his pursuers, then be cured by Wilkes. However, Henry was caught up by Sousa and Carter. Henry attempted to shot them however, his gun frozen in his hand. Carter pleaded with him to surrender peacefully, saying that they can work everything out; Henry said that someone would not allow that. Before Carter could discover who "they" were, Henry was shot and killed by a police officer who was secretly hired by Calvin Chadwick and Whitney Frost.[1]


"See, hon? You figured out how to fix it all."
"And that's the last time we should have to dirty our hands? Just because you dirtied other parts of your anatomy."
Calvin Chadwick and Whitney Frost[src]

At next day, Strategic Scientific Reserve ordered the corpse to be transferred to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency for study. However, agents White and Beringer were killed by Rufus Hunt who stolen the body. Jack Thompson then get a search warrant for Isodyne Energy Headquarters and Sousa with Carter and several agents went to headquarters to investigate. However, they were informed that headquarters was placed under isolation because of containment leak. Wilkes arranged a secret meeting with Carter in order to told her about Zero Matter.[2]


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