"If you want this suit, you're going to have to pry my cold, dead body out of it."
"That's the plan, Colonel."
Iron Patriot and Sweat Shop Agent[src]

The Kidnapping of James Rhodes was an ambush set up by Aldrich Killian in a plot to obtain Rhodes' Iron Patriot Armor and use it as a Trojan Horse to infiltrate Air Force One and kidnap President Matthew Ellis.


"Tell Rhodes, find this lunatic right now."
Matthew Ellis[src]

In an attempt to approach the President of the United States of America Matthew Ellis so that he could manipulate the war on terrorism, Aldrich Killian decided to acquire the Iron Patriot Armor, as Iron Patriot served as the President's main bodyguard. To that end, Killian used the figure of the Mandarin, who he presented as a dangerous terrorist determined to make the United States suffer. Thanks to this manipulation, Killian pressured Ellis into tasking Iron Patriot with finding the Mandarin and bringing him to justice.[1]


"We'll get you out of here. Don't worry."
Aldrich Killian to James Rhodes[src]

Tracking down phone coordinates obtained after the "Trevor Slattery" was able to hack into President Matthew Ellis' phone due to the involvement of Vice President Rodriguez, Iron Patriot was sent to investigate in Pakistan. He arrived in a clandestine workshop, where several women were making clothes. All the women fled from the workshop, thanking War Machine for having saved them, except one, who approached Iron Patriot and grabbed his hand, before revealing herself as an Extremis soldier. Using her powers, the woman subdued James Rhodes inside his armor, and then contacted Eric Savin to inform her of her success.

Rhodes was taken to Aldrich Killian's mansion. Since he was able to keep the armor locked, thus preventing Killian's men from accessing it, Rhodes was tortured by Killian, who used his own Extremis powers to gradually heat the armor, causing great suffering for Rhodes, who still tried to remain inside. Eventually, the armor opened up, forcing Rhodes out. He attacked Savin, but quickly ended his fight upon witnessing Killian breathe fire at him. Rhodes was then swiftly knocked unconscious by Savin, enabling him and Killian to steal the Iron Patriot Armor.[1]


"Sir, this is Colonel Rhodes. They're using the Iron Patriot as a Trojan horse. They're gonna take out the President somehow. We have to immediately alert that plane."
James Rhodes to Rodriguez[src]

Using the Iron Patriot Armor, Eric Savin was able to get close to President Matthew Ellis, boarding Air Force One along with the President and several other personnel. He later revealed himself to the president and abducted him, forcing Ellis into the armor so that he could be used for Aldrich Killian's future display of violence.

Although he had been defeated, James Rhodes was left mostly unchecked by Killian's men in the mansion. Therefore, he was able to fight his way through the mansion's premises and was reunited with Tony Stark, who had also been captured by Killian's men. The two were then able to extract information from the "Trevor Slattery", who had turned out to be nothing more than an actor, to figure out Killian's next move.[1]


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