"You were in the army, took your SERE course, ain't gonna say shit. The bad news is I took it, too. It ain't gonna work. Not today."
Frank Castle to Jake Nelson[src]

The Kidnapping of Jake Nelson was a planned abduction orchestrated by the combined forces of Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle aimed at extracting information about Jigsaw.


"If Jake is scoring meth on the streets, I think I know where he's getting it from."
Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]

With Frank Castle wanting to end Billy Russo before things get any worse, he and Curtis Hoyle declare to end Russo's life, with Hoyle noting that Jake Nelson knew where they could find Russo. Beginning their search for Nelson, Hoyle joined Frank Castle as they went to Nelson's apartment and broke in, both sweeping the area until they confirmed that it was empty. Once Castle found the rooms to be empty and questioned where else they could find Nelson or Russo, Hoyle suggested that he knew that Nelson would often be drinking at McFeeney's which they could check out. However, before they left the apartment, Hoyle found drugs that Nelson had been using, much to his disappointment.

Having given up with hanging outside McFeeney's, Castle and Hoyle managed to find Nelson in the next morning, as Nelson walked down the streets to find his drug dealer. Once Hoyle greeted Nelson, Castle, proceeded to knock Nelson unconscious with a punch in the face once the distraction had worked. Castle and Hoyle dragged Nelson into their car to drove away over to his apartment.[1]


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Curtis Hoyle, Dinah Madani, and Frank Castle

"I know who you are."
"That means you know how this goes, one way or the other."
Jake Nelson and Frank Castle[src]

As soon as Nelson encountered Frank Castle and was abducted, he was taken to his apartment and tied to a chair. Waking up from his sleep, Nelson found Curtis Hoyle, Dinah Madani, and Castle standing in front of him. Castle demanded to know about the whereabouts of Billy Russo but, Nelson held back from revealing what he knew, enduring multiple punches from Castle until kept refusing. Castle grew tired of not getting answers, and left his knife near his chair after letting go of his ropes. For trying kidnap him and torture him for answers, Nelson attacked Castle but was punched down and pushed onto a table. Castle then took back the knife and stabbed Nelson's hand, asking where Russo was until Madani ordered for him to stop.


Jake Nelson being threatened by Frank Castle

While Madani and Castle spoke alone in the other room, Hoyle was asked by Nelson on why he was doing all this to Castle, to which Hoyle noted that they just needed to find Russo. With Nelson in agony, Hoyle began performing first aid of his injuries, while telling him about how he, Castle, and Russo became friends while serving in the United States Marine Corps, until Russo betrayed his Castle and his family. After Madani told Castle she did not want any part of this, Castle then returned into the room and further asked questions to Nelson after Hoyle stepped aside from his finished medical procedure.

Grabbing Nelson by the hair and holding the knife to his throat, Castle threatened to kill if he wont tell the answers. Nelson finally gave in, telling the group that Russo's crew were going to rob the ReadyQuick Check Cashing, telling them that they had been staying in an empty warehouse, with him confessing that he snuck out to get drugs. As Castle and Hoyle wanted Russo's location, Nelson gave up the location.[1]


"They're hitting the ReadyQuick check-cashing spot. This morning. Bunch of us. Right after the truck makes the Friday drop, we're gonna rob the place. Last night, we all stayed in that empty warehouse on 12th. I snuck out to score."
Jake Nelson to Frank Castle, Curtis Hoyle, and Dinah Madani[src]

Having gotten the information they needed out of Jake Nelson, Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle drove into Billy Russo's hideout, as they prepared to kill Russo and whoever else they had found standing in their way. However, just as Hoyle and Castle stepped inside of the warehouse, they witnessed Russo and his crew driving away in order to rob the ReadyQuick Check Cashing.[1]


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