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"You were in the army, took your SERE course, ain't gonna say shit. The bad news is I took it, too. It ain't gonna work. Not today."
Frank Castle to Jake Nelson[src]

The Kidnapping of Jake Nelson was a planned abduction orchestrated by the combined forces of Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle aimed at extracting information about Jigsaw.


"If Jake is scoring meth on the streets, I think I know where he's getting it from."
Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]

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"I know who you are."
"That means you know how this goes, one way or the other."
Jake Nelson and Frank Castle[src]

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"They're hitting the ReadyQuick check-cashing spot. This morning. Bunch of us. Right after the truck makes the Friday drop, we're gonna rob the place. Last night, we all stayed in that empty warehouse on 12th. I snuck out to score."
Jake Nelson to Frank Castle, Curtis Hoyle and Dinah Madani[src]

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