"You're gonna try and keep me here against my will?"
"I hear what you're saying, Danny, but – And no one loves this city more than I do – but you can't leave this room."
Danny Rand and Matt Murdock[src]

The Kidnapping of Iron Fist was a failed attempt by the quartet of Daredevil, Jessica JonesLuke Cage and Stick to keep Danny Rand from being abducted by the Hand.


"I understand that, Danny, but the way I see it, we only have one move."
"Whoa. What do you mean?"
"To keep the Iron Fist as far from them as possible. It sounds crazy, but I don't think we have any other way." [...]
"If Alexandra gets a hold of you, the war's lost. I can't allow that."
Matt Murdock, Danny Rand and Stick[src]

Upon learning that the Hand wanted Iron Fist, the Defenders collectively agreed that giving in would reduce further damages to the city. Rand protested and began an altercation between Cage and Murdock. Causing a stir with the group, Jones knocked him unconscious; they strapped him down into a chair and leave him under the watch of Cage and Stick.[6]


"You can't have him, girl."
"You no longer get to tell me what to do."
Stick and Elektra[src]

Elektra battles against Stick

Regaining conscious, Rand tried to reason with Cage into letting him free and that the Hand were only trying to deceive them. Afterwards, the two conversed amongst one another; Cage turned to Stick, whom had lit some incenses and claimed it was for meditation. Inhaling the smoke, he gradually became sedated and collapsed. Sensing the collapse, Murdock and Jones hurried back to their hideout, while Stick slowly approached the Iron Fist, Rand begging him not to, while Stick was ready to kill him before the Hand could collect him. Before he was able to strike, Elektra emerged at the scene and clashed against Stick.


Elektra kidnaps Iron Fist and leaves the room

The two fought fiercely, Elektra knocking Stick to the ground. As she was ready to kill him, Murdock entered the room and attempted to persuade Elektra that she was not whom they taught her to be. However, she murdered him with her sword, leaving Murdock and Jones to fend her away from Rand. Cage awakened and tried to defeat her as well but was unsuccessful. With an unconscious Rand, she had cut the ropes that bound him to the chair, escaped through the window, and carried the body directly to Reid, whom was about to duel with Murakami.[6]


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"Two bodies, unidentified. One headless, the other impaled. What happened last night?"
"Where are the others?"
"That's none of your business. But if you wanna play it coy and ask to speak to your lawyer, you should know that they knocked his ass out, too."
Misty Knight and Jessica Jones[src]

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Matt Murdock were knocked unconscious from Elektra's attacks. When they became conscious, the group were brought to the precinct, while officials questioned who killed Stick in the abandoned warehouse.[7]


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