"You're a difficult man to find, doctor."
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The Kidnapping of Holden Radcliffe was a successful capture of scientist Holden Radcliffe planned by Hive as part of his plan to turn all Humans into Inhumans.


"Humans, especially those with war in their hearts, presume I want an army. But there's no need for war when everyone shares a common goal. And after we're finished there will be no more war. No more pain. Especially now that we're together. It's time we took back this planet. Make it the home Inhumans have always deserved."

Using Grant Ward's deceased body, Hive successfully returned from Maveth and fully recovered from his very weak condition thanks to Gideon Malick and the remaining members of HYDRA. The ancient Inhuman then set his plan in motion to fulfill what he thought to be his destiny: creating an army of Inhumans and leading them towards the domination of the Earth which would eventually only be inhabited by Inhumans. Thus, he needed a way of rapidly creating new and obedient followers. His attention was caught by the work of Holden Radcliffe, a famous geneticist who was keen on transhumanism.

At the same time, S.H.I.E.L.D. was also interested in Radcliffe's knowledge, since Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons considered him their best chance of finding a cure for Hive's infection and thus rescuing Daisy Johnson, who had fallen under Hive's sway. Therefore, Alphonso Mackenzie, Fitz and Simmons headed to Romania, where they thought they could find Radcliffe.[2]


"This is your last warning. Next time, I snap your neck."
Daisy Johnson to Leo Fitz[src]

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons entered the transhumanist club where Holden Radcliffe was supposed to be, bringing a Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant in a briefcase to be presented to the scientist. They met with Anon, Radcliffe's assistant, who agreed to discuss the matter with Radcliffe while Fitz and Simmons waited at the bar. Later, Anon came back to them and informed them that Radcliffe agreed to receive them in a secret room behind the club. Arriving in an operation room, Anon requested that Simmons and Fitz performed a surgery on a patient to remove his eye and replace it with the Implant they had brought along.

Holden Radcliffe Singularity 10

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons meet Holden Radcliffe

Simmons and Fitz agreed to perform the surgery until Simmons figured out that the patient was no other than Radcliffe himself by identifying an avian eye prosthetic on him. Radcliffe acknowledged that Fitz and Simmons had passed his test and examined the Implant they intended to sell. However, Radcliffe identified it as Cybertek technology and therefore was related with HYDRA. He ordered Anon to disable the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents communications with Alphonso Mackenzie, prompting the latter to leave the hotel where he was and join the club.


Daisy Johnson attacks Leo Fitz

Security guards entered the room and seized Simmons to take her out, but Fitz managed to knock the guards coming from him and told Radcliffe about Hive and his ability to sway Inhumans and force them to comply to his orders. Daisy Johnson stormed at this very moment, knocked out Anon and kidnapped Radcliffe before Fitz's eyes. Fitz tried to stop her, but Johnson used her powers and nearly choked him to death, leaving him barely breathing. Before departing, Johnson told Fitz that the next time he would try to stop her, she would not hesitate to kill him.

Hellfire also came to the club and caused minor explosions, prompting all the other customers to flee. He was confronted by Mackenzie, who managed to escape the bar.

Simmons shoots Hive

Jemma Simmons shoots Hive

Meanwhile, Simmons was confronted to Hive, who tried to use Will Daniels' memories to resurface Simmons' feelings for her former lover in order to overpower her. Hive slowly cornered Simmons and told her that she needed to move on Daniels' death. However, Hive was ignorant that Simmons already did move on and that she was dating Fitz. Therefore, Simmons managed to shoot him three times and to escape while Hive looked at her in complete bewilderment.

Eventually, Hive and his Inhumans left the club with the captive Radcliffe and took him to Union City while Simmons and Fitz safely made it back to their hotel room.[2]


Failed Experiments 5

Holden Radcliffe is forced to work for Hive

"These Primitives are an abomination of science and a very poor reflection of my talents."
"They are not abominations."
"I've got to go with the Doc on this one. I mean they're some very ugly muffins."
"They're part of me and the Inhuman race. I want you to make more."
Holden Radcliffe, Hive and Hellfire[src]

In Union City, Holden Radcliffe was provided with equipment and chemicals so that he could engineer a way of turning normal Humans into Inhumans. His first attempt failed due to lack of Kree DNA and accidentally killed Kirk Vogel and two other HYDRA leaders, melting their flesh off.

Hive decided to lure the Kree Reapers in Union City to harvest their blood, but the Kree bodies were destroyed by S.H.I.E.L.D., prompting Daisy Johnson to offer her own blood, who contained traces of GH.325, and thus traces of Kree DNA. This, combined with other ingredients like Terrigen Crystals and Hive's organisms, led to the creation of the Primitives, though Radcliffe was highly dissatisfied with this result.[3]


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