"Preparations for some big event. What is it?"
"What Fisk will do to me is infinitely worse!"
"Things are about to get very bad for you. What is Fisk planning?"
Daredevil and Felix Manning[src]

The Kidnapping of Felix Manning was an abduction carried out by Daredevil with the aim of extracting information about Wilson Fisk.


"You protected her two years. You kept Vanessa safe when I couldn't."
Wilson Fisk to Felix Manning[src]

Inside Wilson Fisk's private room, Felix Manning had then explained that while Ray Nadeem had not been located, indicating that Nadeem would attempt to testify against Fisk. As Fisk furiously confronted Manning over his failure to kill Nadeem, Manning explained that Daredevil had intervened, offering his resignation for all his own failures. Fisk commented on how Manning protected Vanessa Marianna for two years while he was locked away in Ryker's Island. With this in mind, Fisk told Manning that he wanted Manning to finish the job, insisting that he would not allow Nadeem to testify.[2]


"He controls all of the FBI agents who are guarding him. The hotel is a fortress."
"Is that a no?"
"You'll never get to him."
"Sounds like a no."
―Felix Manning and Daredevil[src]

Once Felix Manning managed to track him down to the Nadeem Residence, with the help of Vanessa Marianna to plan out the murder of Ray Nadeem, he completed his orders that Wilson Fisk had implemented.[2] One night, Manning was captured by Daredevil who beat him down and put onto a roof for a close confrontation. As Daredevil removed Manning's mask, he explained that he had looked over to the Presidential Hotel and seen that they had gotten extra security in preparation for their big event. However, Manning refused to answer Daredevil's questions, telling him that Fisk's punishment for betrayal would be worse.

In response, Daredevil punched Manning in the face, promising that things would only get worse. Manning then explained to Daredevil that Fisk is planning to marry Marianna as part of his plan to win back the public's respect for him. With this information, Daredevil demanded that Manning to tell him exactly how to get inside the hotel and confront Fisk. Manning insisted that this would be impossible, noting how Fisk now had manipulate of all the FBI agents who were guarding him. Angered, Daredevil wrapped a rope around Manning's leg and threw him from the side of the building.

As Manning screamed out in pain while hanging from the leg, he gave into Daredevil's intimidation tactics and explained how he witnessed Marianna ordering the death of Nadeem, as well as Fisk ordering the deaths of Agent Winn and Julie Barnes. All while accepting this offer, Daredevil curiously asked who Barnes was.[3]


"I'm listening."
"I witnessed Ms. Marianna order the murder of Agent Nadeem. And Fisk ordered many. Agent Winn. Julie Barnes! I could testify!"
"I know about Winn and Nadeem. Who's Julie Barnes?"
Daredevil and Felix Manning[src]
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