"Frank Castle has kidnapped David. David was never meant to be part of this."
Eliza Schultz to John Pilgrim[src]

The Kidnapping of David Schultz was an abduction of David Schultz executed by Frank Castle to trade for Amy Bendix.


"Anderson and I will protect them, just as we protect our own son, David, no matter what comes next."
Eliza Schultz to John Pilgrim[src]

After Brett Mahoney and Frank Castle both survived the car crash, Castle dragged Mahoney out of sight placed him under a bridge before attempting to walk away. Mahoney then told Castle that he would not be allowed to leave, but Castle completely ignored as he walked away. Wanting to find Senator David Schultz in order to gain answers on John Pilgrim, Castle managed to find Schultz's address and went inside the building of his home.[2]


"You burst into my home, you punch me in the face, you keep yelling about murders and... and some man and then some girl, and I don't know what the hell all this is! I don't! Please. I'm scared. Okay? You're... you're... you're terrifying!"
David Schultz to Frank Castle[src]

Working at his apartment, Senator David Schultz noticed a knock at the door and opened the door, only for Frank Castle to bust into the door and punched him the face. Closing the door, Castle accused Schultz to kill anyone who gets in the way as long as he had the money and resources to cover it. With Schultz being confused with his statements, he told Castle that it must have been a mistake but Castle kept on accusing him for being apart of such acts as murdering kids at Chicago, attacking the Sheriff Station, and murdering some of members of the Russian Mafia. Schultz clarified to Castle that he is a United States Senator and should talk to authorities but Castle noted that he is not falling for his act and accused him for working with John Pilgrim after shooting up a highway. Getting angry with Schultz, Castle grabbed him and pushed him away, resulting Schultz to be kidnapped.[2]


"The psychopath that works for you, he took the girl, so I took your son. If I don't get her back safely, you're gonna have a lot more to worry about than the hair on his head."
Frank Castle to Eliza Schultz and Anderson Schultz[src]

Having failed once again to capture Amy Bendix and defeated Curtis Hoyle for it, John Pilgrim drove back to his hotel in Dinah Madani's car and fix his wounds. Driving back to the Campervan Hideout, Frank Castle found Hoyle questioning what had happened with Amy Bendix, leading to tell Castle that he tried fighting for her but doesn't know where she is. As they tried to remain calm, marched over to his car, only to drag a terrified David Schultz out and into the campervan, as the horrified Hoyle realized who Schultz was.[2]

While Pilgrim was still in New York attempting to complete his mission, Anderson and Eliza Schultz prepared for the funeral of Pilgrim's wife. While Anderson got a call from his phone, he discovered that the call was actually being made by Castle, who had kidnapped and brutally beaten his son. Stepping inside another room, Anderson threatened against Castle's life, as he was then rejoined by his wife Eliza, to further understand the consequences. Although Anderson threatened him, Castle remained calm and had explained that he already knew about Sergei Konchevsky and Nikolai Poloznev, as well as the teenagers who had been slaughtered in Chicago, threatening David in front of his parents afterwards. When Eliza attempted to bargain for David's life, Castle simply demanded that Bendix be returned to him unharmed.[3]


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