"Now what are you gonna do? You gonna kill me, kid? You ready? You ready to kill me? You ready to kill Curtis? Is that who you are? Decision's in your hands. You decide how this goes!"
Frank Castle to Lewis Wilson[src]

The Kidnapping of Curtis Hoyle was an attempt by Curtis Hoyle to find Lewis Wilson after the Bombings of New York City, which quickly escalated into a hostage situation.


"We could still figure this out. It's not too late to do the right thing."
"Oh, I am doing the right thing."
"I can't leave here without you, buddy. You know that, right?"
"Right. You can't leave here."
Curtis Hoyle and Lewis Wilson[src]

After murdering of O'Connor, Lewis Wilson crafted bombs and planted them in the ATF Field Office, 10th Precinct Police Station and federal courthouse. In the explosion, multiple civilians were killed and injured. Police and FBI began a hunt for the bomber. Wilson writes a manifesto and mails it to New York Bulletin journalist Karen Page. Lewis wants Karen to print the manifesto as a call to arms. Karen wants to print the letter and a reply and Ellison agrees to print an editorial if the FBI allows it.

Karen prints her reply to Lewis, calling him a coward and terrorist at The Ricky Langtry Show. During the talk show, Lewis called in and threatened her. Frank Castle recognized a phrase that Lewis say "sic semper tyrannis" and remembers that he heard it before. Curtis Hoyle recognized a phrase too and arrive at O'Connor's home where Wilson was hiding.[1]


"Listen to me. You need to let Curtis go, all right? You let me get him out of here and then you turn yourself in, all right? Just do it, yeah? Nobody else needs to get hurt."
"Is that what you did, Frank?"
"No, you fought your war, and now I am fighting mine."
Frank Castle and Lewis Wilson[src]

Hoyle arrived at O'Connor Residence and found O'Connor's corpse. When Wilson entered the house and met with him, Hoyle tried to appeal to his prudence. Wilson did not listen to him and pointed a gun at Hoyle. Hoyle disarmed and defeated Wilson but he took Hoyle's prosthetic leg and beat him with it until he felt lost consciousness. Wilson tied Hoyle to a chair and left him alone with a bomb.

Frank and Curtis having a talk

Frank Castle trying to save Curtis Hoyle

Micro found information about Wilson and tracked his phone. Castle refused to call to NYPD and decided to deal with Wilson himself. He found unconscious Hoyle with the bomb and woke him up. Castle examined the bomb, Wilson who watched the house saw Castle and outside called on Hoyle's phone. Castle told him to surrender to the authorities and accused of cowardice. Wilson refused to say that Castle did not do this. To earn Wilson's trust, Castle told him about how Hoyle lost his leg. At that time, cops called by Wilson drove up to the house. Castle pushed him and Wilson said him to cut the white wire. He defused the bomb and ran away from the police officers. They finally caught him up but Castle knocked them out, took their car and escaped.[1]



The Punisher being exposed in the public eye

"An anonymous tip led police to this house in Queens where Castle was fleeing the scene. Police were unable to apprehend Castle, but this image was caught on a dashboard camera. Facial recognition software confirms - that the man you are looking at is indeed Frank Castle. He is alive."
WHiH World News Anchor[src]

However, Castle's face was pictured by dashboard camera at the police car. Police identified him and WHiH World News informed the public that he is still alive.[1]


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