"You've let Danny infect you with doubt about our cause. And there's no cure for that."
"What are you gonna do? Bakuto?"
"After all that we've been through, at least we can take some comfort knowing that in your final moments you'll still be giving to the Hand."
Bakuto and Colleen Wing[src]

The Kidnapping of Colleen Wing was a failed attempt by Hand operatives under orders from Bakuto to capture Colleen Wing.


"I can save Danny, too. He doesn't understand the good we're doing. I can make him see."
"The time for understanding is over. He sees you as one of us, and that is all he will ever see. The Iron Fist must be controlled. The Hand needs him. When you find him, you will tell me where he is. Do you understand?"
Colleen Wing and Bakuto[src]

Colleen Wing decided to leave the Hand Compound after freeing Danny Rand and Davos. Wandering Chinatown, she eventually returned to Chikara Dojo in the hopes to find Rand. Instead, she is visited by her teacher Bakuto, who questioned Wing on her disappearance and Rand's eventual betrayal to the Hand. Pleading heavily that she could show Bakuto that she can change Rand's mind, Wing is tasked to locate Iron Fist and report back to him immediately.

She waited outside Soledad Temple's Apartment, having paid for her pizza. Claire Temple walking outside, the two spoke, Wing revealing that she worked in-part with the Hand and that the work she has put through so far with Temple and Rand were truly good deeds. Eventually, she is granted permission to speak with Rand on the rooftop.

Wing approaches him during his meditations to ask about his condition. Both sides began to argue over the secrets and lies, Rand continuing to vow to destroy Hand, while Wing continued her allegiance to the Hand. As a way to make amends, she went to Metro-General Hospital, where she encountered Becca Yoo. She requested that she deliver some antibiotics to her for a friend; Yoo willingly agrees, under the guise of serving the Hand first.[5]


"You need to come with us."
"Bakuto wants to talk to you."
"Tell him to meet me at my dojo."
"That's not gonna happen."
"Sensei, please."
Brian, Mary and Colleen Wing[src]

Waiting outside Metro-General Hospital, Wing was soon met with Becca Yoo with the antibiotics in hand. Before she could take the medicine out to Danny Rand, Yoo reminded her that she should serve the Hand first before anyone else, with the arrival of her former students Brian and Mary. They informed her that Bakuto wanted to see her. When she tried to leave, they stopped her, adding that it was urgent.[5]


"I'm not here to hurt you."
"Why not? You're the destroyer of the Hand! I'm the Hand! So light up your damn fist and destroy me!"
Danny Rand and Colleen Wing[src]

Emerging victorious from her fight against Brian and Mary, Colleen Wing encountered Danny Rand outside the Hand Compound. Paranoid, she began to attack him, repeating his vow to destroy the Hand and referring to herself as "the Hand". Despite this, Rand managed to subdue Wing and comforted her in the rain, while Davos stood idly disappointed nearby.[5]


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