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"Do you know where they took Claire?"
"No. I'm sorry. Those men are going to hurt her because of me."
"No, it's not your fault, Santino. It's mine. Is there anything else you heard or saw? Anything that might help me find her?"
"I saw them get into a taxi."
Matt Murdock and Santino[src]

The Kidnapping of Claire Temple was a failed attempt by the Russian Mafia to draw out the Masked Man.


"Did you see anything? Semyon? Anything that could help us find him?
"There was a woman. [...]"
"Get Sergei on the phone."
Anatoly Ranskahov, Semyon, and Vladimir Ranskahov[src]

Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov found and visited Semyon at the hospital. They woke him up with a shot of epinephrine. Upon awakening, Semyon was asked what he knew about the masked man; he revealed the location of Claire Temple's Apartment to which Sergei was sent. He then breathed his last after giving that information.

Santino saw two men enter Claire Temple's Apartment and greeted them when they turned and saw him staring. The men took him to the roof of the building and tortured him to find out where Claire Temple was staying. Although Santino did not say anything at first, he eventually broke and revealed the location. The men threatened with coming after his mother if Santino told anyone what happened and left. When they arrived to abduct Temple, she had enough time to call "Mike" but was taken before she could talk. Temple was dragged outside, thrown into a taxi, and driven away to the Russian's base at Veles Taxi.[6]


"I'm not playing with you, man. I'm walking out of here. I'll blow her brains out!"
"Put the gun down or I promise you, you'll never hold anything in that hand again."
Sergei and Masked Man[src]

In the Veles Taxi repair shop, the leader of the thugs, Sergei, constantly threatened Temple with an aluminium bat, demanding that she reveal the masked man's name; she repeatedly told them that she did not know it; when the man attempted to kill her, one of the guards reminding him of Vladimir Ranskahov's orders for her to remain alive until she gave up the information. Suddenly the lights of the garage went out; Temple laughed loudly, knowing that the masked man had arrived. Hiding as the Russians shot their guns seeking the masked man, Temple freed herself; however, before she could escape, Sergei held her captive. Once the masked man knocked out the guards and freed her from Sergei's grasp; Temple then hit Sergei in the head with his bat, then broke down due to the horror of what she went through with the masked man comforting her.[6]


"Feel my heart. Come on, feel it. What is it telling you?"
"That you're scared."
"Because I am. More than I've ever been in my life. And I am not alone."
Claire Temple and Matt Murdock[src]

The masked man then took Temple back to his apartment and helped with her wounds, explaining that he helped his boxer father with his wounds. Mike apologized for putting her life in jeopardy as he never intended to put anyone else at risk. She assured him that it was her choice to pull him out of the dumpster and that he was making a difference in Hell's Kitchen, although he made it clear he did not have an end goal but was simply trying to make his city a better place. Temple allowed Mike to feel her heart, the beat of which told him she was scared but she believed he could do something to help them. The masked man then told her that his real name was Matthew.[6]