The Kidnapping of Bobbi Morse was the abduction by Grant Ward and Kara Palamas of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Bobbi Morse, who was inadvertently responsible for betraying Palamas to HYDRA.


"Bobbi, Coulson wants us to scout ahead. Already locked in the coordinates."
Agent 33 disguised as Melinda May[src]
S.H.I.E.L.D. became labeled a terrorist organization during the HYDRA Uprising; as a result, the United States Armed Forces were persecuting agents of the organization. Known S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities, such as the Hub, were infiltrated by the Armed Forces and agents were arrested.[1]

Kara Palamas, codenamed Agent 33, chose to hide in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House.[2]

Never serve

Bobbi Morse was given the assignment by Director Phil Coulson to infiltrate HYDRA to discover its plans, and act as back-up for Jemma Simmons, who, as a novice in covert operations, was not told of Morse's assistance.[3] Morse needed to prove herself as a HYDRA operative, so Sunil Bakshi interviewed her to test her loyalty. Morse revealed to Bakshi the location of a S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House; however, she did not know that Palamas was using it.[2] Palamas was captured and subjected by Daniel Whitehall to the Faustus method of brainwashing to make her a HYDRA assassin.[3] During her time as an assassin, Agent 33 had the Photostatic Veil permanently grafted to her face, causing her to be able to change her facial appearance upon desire; her most prevalent disguise was Melinda May.[4]

With the death of Whitehall during the Battle for the Kree City, Agent 33 was free from her subjugation.[5] Grant Ward decided to help Agent 33 regain her forgotten past. In helping her, Ward convinced her to take revenge on all who harmed her, including Bakshi.[6] Agent 33 slowly regained her memories including the fact that Morse revealed her location.[7]

Lance Hunter, Morse's ex-husband, was not speaking to her because he was angry over her being a member of Robert Gonzales' faction of S.H.I.E.L.D. without telling him.[7]

The Inhumans were discovered and S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to send a convoy to offer a peace treaty. Morse was assigned a Quinjet to go. She thought that Melinda May was her pilot; she was not.[7]

Leaders of HYDRA were killed, either in battle,[5] by deception,[8] or coincidence,[9] leaving the organization in disarray, without a known leader.[10]


"You know why you're here. But I just want for you to say it."
"Sure. I'm here because you are a twisted psychopath..."
"Wrong answer!"
Kara Palamas and Bobbi Morse[src]
Bobbi Morse left the Playground in a Quinjet with a woman she believed to be Melinda May. However, in the air, Morse questioned their location, only to have the woman pull a gun and reveal herself to be Kara Palamas. Morse attacked Palamas, knocking her out, but was shot with an I.C.E.R. by Grant Ward.

Grant Ward tortures Bobbi Morse

Ward and Palamas took Morse to an abandoned warehouse, tying her to a table. When Morse regained consciousness, they informed her that they had learned from Sunil Bakshi that it was Morse who revealed Palamas' location to HYDRA, resulting in Palamas' capture and subsequent torture. Ward explained that he had injected painkillers into Morse, so that the pain he was about to inflict would hit her all at once, and began pushing needles under Morse's fingernails. He offered to avoid the pain if Morse would confess. However, Morse refused, saying that she had made a hard call and would do it again. Palamas waited for the pain to reach Morse, embracing Ward when it did. Morse attempted to convince Palamas that Ward was manipulating her, but Palamas rebuffed her, saying that she would always stand with Ward.

Back at the Playground, Phil Coulson received a call from the real Melinda May inquiring the location of Morse. Realizing something was wrong, Lance Hunter and Leo Fitz discovered that Morse had left the base with Kara Palamas, and that her phone was deactivated. Hunter immediately asked Coulson if he could rescue her. Coulson agreed, and Hunter formed a team with Melinda May and other agents.

While Palamas slept, Ward tried once more to convince Morse to confess. However, she escaped her restraints and attacked him, nearly overpowering him before Palamas woke up and came to help Ward. Morse tried to fight the pair, but was quickly defeated. Ward offered Palamas the chance to shoot Morse, but Palamas declined, saying it did not seem right, as Morse did not seem to feel sorry. Ward reassured her that he knew what to do.

Knowing a team would come after Morse, Ward reactivated Morse's phone. He and Palamas tied Morse to a chair, gagged her with a rag and rigged a rifle behind her, aimed at the door. Ward explained that whoever came through the door first would be shot, and left with Palamas to assure that it would be Hunter who found the door first.


Agent 33 is killed

While Hunter searched for Morse, May searched for Ward and Palamas. May encountered Palamas and shot at her, but Palamas escaped, though not before May noticed Palamas had a radio recovered from Agent Walker. May set a trap for Palamas, knowing that Hunter was the only agent left; she issued a call for all agents to move to the building's south side, and to only lower their guard once they saw her face. Palamas heard the call and activated her Photostatic Veil, disguising herself again as May before moving towards the warehouse's south side. As she went, she heard a gunshot and smiled, believing Hunter had been shot. Rounding a corner, she was shot by Ward, who mistook her for May. Palamas died in Ward's arms, as he frantically asked her to stay with him.


Bobbi Morse is shot by a rifle

Meanwhile, Morse heard Hunter searching the warehouse, getting closer every minute. She tried to move enough to reach the rifle, but to no avail. As Hunter found her room and turned the doorknob, Morse threw herself into the bullet's path, successfully taking it in her shoulder. She began to bleed heavily as Hunter reached her and was taken back to S.H.I.E.L.D., unconscious from the blood loss.[10]


Bobbi Morse underwent emergency surgery from Jemma Simmons; she survived and began to recover. Once she woke up, Morse saw Lance Hunter, who had stayed by her bedside the whole time. Hunter mocked Morse for taking a bullet for him, before listening as she told him that she no longer wanted to be a member of S.H.I.E.L.D..


Grant Ward went to the Goldbrix Tavern, where he had operatives of HYDRA report to him with the names of all remaining HYDRA members. Unhappy with the amount of names, Ward smashed one operative's head into the bar, citing that he was the organization's new leader. He ordered the men to find more names as he mourned the death of Kara Palamas.[10]


Lance Hunter decided that he wanted revenge on Ward. As Bobbi Morse spent months in rehabilitation to adjust to losing half a lung, Hunter discussed killing the HYDRA leader with Phil Coulson. Hunter researched financial accounts of HYDRA, but found no activity.[11] Hunter recruited Melinda May to assist him in infiltrating HYDRA to get close enough to kill Ward.[12] Eventually, Morse and Hunter decide that chasing Ward for revenge was changing them and was not a worthwhile endeavor.[13]


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