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"Alex, my man... You're about to find out who your father really is."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

The Kidnapping of Alex Wilder was a abduction perpetrated by Darius Davis in order to blackmail Geoffrey Wilder by threatening the life of his son Alex.


"If I'm not mistaken, that's your Nana B's house. Oh, she made the best spicy chicken. Shit kept me alive for years. If you keep messing with me, that chicken recipe's gonna be all that's left of her."
Geoffrey Wilder to Darius Davis[src]

Darius Davis, a member of the Crips under the leadership of Geoffrey Wilder, accepted to take the full responsibility for Wilder's assassination of Osiris, leading to Davis being imprisoned in the Los Angeles Penitentiary for years while Wilder was released. In exchange, Davis was to become the new leader of the Crips once he would be released from prison and Wilder promised to Davis that he would take good care of Davis' grandmother Nana B and girlfriend Tamar.[4]

However, once Davis got out of jail, he considered that Wilder did not keep his part of the bargain. Davis and the Crips confronted Wilder a first time on the PRIDE Construction Site which was managed by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. and demanded to be given fifty thousand dollars. However, Wilder blatantly refused, threatening to hurt Nana B if Davis came to cross him one more time.[3] Enraged by Wilder's defiant attitude, Davis, who had had Andre Compton hack into Wilder's phone, decided to blackmail Wilder into giving him the money he wanted by kidnapping his son Alex.[4]


"I'm with everyone. We need your assistance to save Alex from some unidentified abductors."
Gert Yorkes to Chase Stein[src]

Just as Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru had decrypted Leslie Dean's files regarding the Ultra Project in the Timely Coffee, Alex was informed that his car's alarm was malfunctioning. He went outside to fix it, only to be abducted by member of the Crips led by Darius Davis. This was witnessed by Minoru, who saw Alex being taken away in a car. She immediately informed Karolina Dean on the phone, who promptly joined her in the café.[5]

Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez also arrived to the café, and Minoru revealed that she had stolen the Staff of One from her mother. Minoru managed to have the Staff indicate the path the car taking Alex away had followed. Before departing, however, the teenagers argued over how they could take down Alex's kidnappers. Nevertheless, they decided to follow the trail shown by the Staff of One, all the while trying to reach out Chase Stein so that he would come and assist them.

Darius Davis blackmails Geoffrey Wilder

Meanwhile, Davis confiscated Alex's phone and had his driver take them to Nana B's residence, where Davis explained how he and Alex's father Geoffrey knew each other. Davis told Alex how he had taken the blame for the killing of Osiris and how he felt betrayed by Geoffrey, prompting Alex to retort that he was not like his father. Davis then used Alex's phone to call Geoffrey and demanded to be given 1,000,000 dollars in exchange for Alex's life. Once the call was ended, Geoffrey contacted Detective Flores for help.

Alex Wilder shoots Andre Compton

The Crips and Alex waited for Geoffrey, with Andre Compton explaining to Alex how he had hacked into Geoffrey's phone. Geoffrey then arrived with a couple of LAPD officers, and in the ensuing gunfight, one officer and one member of the Crips were killed. As Compton aimed at Geoffrey, Alex shot him from behind in the shoulder with the gun he had stolen earlier from his father and concealed all along. However, Davis then held Alex at gunpoint and took him away, which was witnessed by the other Runaways who followed him with their own car.

The Runaways caught up with Davis, who had stopped at a red light. Minoru then got out of the car and used the Staff of One to stop the car, but to no avail. Hernandez decided to assist her and used her superhuman strength to lift the rear of the car, preventing it from driving away. Figuring out that something was wrong, Davis got out of the car and saw the teenagers confronting him. Dean then took off her Church of Gibborim Bracelet, releasing her powers and distracting the Crips long enough for Alex to flee and join his friends while Davis' driver also ran away.

Nico Minoru blocks Darius Davis' bullets

Stein, who had been alerted by Yorkes, eventually arrived as Davis threatened the Runaways with his gun and fired at him with the Fistigons, knocking him over. Cheering over this achievement, Stein and Minoru high-fived each other, only for Stein to be blasted back because of the Fistigons. However, Davis stood back and confronted them one more time, but as he shot at them, Minoru created a powerful shield barrier with the Staff of One, blocking all of Davis' bullets. Afraid by all the strange abilities and equipment displayed by the Runaways, Davis decided to fall back.

Alex ran back to where he had left Geoffrey with the wounded Compton. As Geoffrey claimed to know a place where Compton would be healed, Alex insisted on going with him, but Geoffrey refused. This prompted Alex to confront his father about the story Davis had told him, but Geoffrey refused to listen and ordered Alex to leave, which he ultimately did.[4]


"Now we have to save someone else. His name's Andre, he was with the men who kidnapped me."
"So why would we help him?"
"He was just following orders."
"Isn't that what the Nazis said?"
"He's the same age as us, and I think our parents are about to do to him what they did to Destiny."
Alex Wilder, Chase Stein, and Gert Yorkes[src]

The main consequence of the whole kidnapping attempt was the fact that Geoffrey Wilder was able to abduct the young Andre Compton, a member of the Crips wounded by Alex Wilder. Geoffrey took Compton to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, where the other members of PRIDE waited for him in order to commit another sacrifice so that they could revive Jonah, which they successfully did.

The Runaways gather at the Timely Coffee

Additionally, the fight against Darius Davis enabled the Runaways to reveal some of their special abilities to each other: Nico Minoru demonstrated that she was able to wield the Staff of One, Molly Hernandez had finally had an opportunity to display her superhuman strength, Karolina Dean revealed her light emission abilities and Chase Stein got to test the Fistigons for the first time. Once the fight was ended, the Runaways gathered in the Timely Coffee and Alex convinced the others to try and save Compton, but they failed as they thought that the sacrifice would occur in the Wilder Mansion.[4]

Despite having been defeated by the Runaways, Davis did not give up on his plan to foil Geoffrey's plans, whatever they might be. To that end, Davis sent his man Eldridge to infiltrate the security team on the PRIDE Construction Site which was being managed by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc.[2]