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Kid Colt was a cowboy in the American old west. His exploits became part of American culture and inspired a comic book series and a Hollywood movie.


Cowboy Legend

Remembered in History

During his life, Kid Colt became a highly famous gunslinger, whose life story was later depicted in a comic book series. When his stories were read by Howard Stark, he chose to make a film about Kid Colt under the newly formed Stark Pictures. When Stark was questioned by Peggy Carter as to why he was making movies based on comic books, Stark insisted that Kid Colt was a historical figure.[1]


  • Master Marksman: His many years as a cowboy made him a skilled gunfighter as it was perpetuated on the cover of his comic book.



  • Colt Single Action Army: Kid Colt wielded his signiture guns, two Colt .45 pistols.


  • In the comics, Kid Colt was one of Marvel's many Western Comic book characters and also the longest running cowboy character in American comics. His run lasted over a 31 year period from 1948-1979, though most published stories from 1966 were reprints.


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