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"I only punish those who have already done harm. I am real justice!"

Khonshu is the Egyptian God of the Moon and the Night Sky. Banished by the Ennead Council, he sought to avenge those that had been wronged by evildoers through his avatars who were known as Moon Knights. Due to the betrayal of Arthur Harrow, his former avatar who had chosen to follow the goddess Ammit, whose views were different than Khonshu's, Khonshu chose Marc Spector to be his new avatar. Khonshu planned on preventing Harrow from resurrecting Ammit, but eventually failed despite working with both Spector and Steven Grant. He was briefly imprisoned by the Ennead Council, only to be released later by Layla El-Faouly, so he could face Ammit himself. In the aftermath of the defeat of Harrow and Ammit, Khonshu reluctantly freed Spector and Grant from their pledge to him, as they were ignorant that another alter inhabiting the same body, Jake Lockley, would carry on as the next Moon Knight.


Relationship with Hathor

Khonshu maintained a close relationship with fellow Ennead Hathor and often enjoyed listening to her music.[2]


The Ennead Council banished Khonshu for his continued interactions with humanity. Khonshu came to hate the Council for abandoning the human race, and the Council despised Khonshu's theatrics, such as his ceremonial armor and weapons he gifted to his avatars. While the other gods chose not to interact with humanity, Khonshu continued to do so.[2]

Choosing Arthur Harrow

"I was his former Avatar. Before you. I was the Fist of Vengeance."
Arthur Harrow to Steven Grant[src]

Khonshu met Arthur Harrow and made a deal with him to be his avatar. However, after Harrow became interested in Ammit, Khonshu separated from him and they became enemies.[1]

Choosing Marc Spector

"Do you swear to protect the travelers of the night and bring my vengeance to those who would do them harm?"
"Then rise. Rise and live again. As my fist of vengeance. As my Moon Knight."
Khonshu and Marc Spector[src]

Khonshu grants Marc Spector the Moon Knight suit

Khonshu met Marc Spector when Spector was on the grounds of his temple and was about to shoot himself. Khonshu intervened by saying it would be a waste for Spector to just die and offered him a choice to live and become his fist of vengeance and protect the travelers of the night. Khonshu then made Spector swear the oath to become Khonshu's avatar, which Spector then took. Khonshu then told Spector to rise and granted Spector the title, Moon Knight.[3]

Chase in the Alps

"I don't know what I'm doing."
"Then, leave us be, parasite!"
Steven Grant and Khonshu[src]

Later, Khonshu worked with Marc Spector to steal the Scarab of Ammit from Arthur Harrow. However, Steven Grant began fronting in his body, frustrating Khonshu. Khonshu demanded that he allowed Spector to front, confusing Grant. Grant ran from the people firing at him and found a service being led by Harrow. Harrow recognized Grant as Spector and demanded the scarab be returned. Unaware of its importance, Grant prepared to hand the scarab over, despite Khonshu demanding that he not.

Khonshu took control of Grant's body and locked his hand shut, but Grant managed to pry it open. Grant prepared to give Harrow the scarab, but Khonshu moved Grant's hand away from Harrow and began making Grant walk away. However, Grant was grabbed by Harrow's disciples, who attempted to retrieve the scarab. Spector momentarily fronted and killed his attackers, before Grant resumed control and Khonshu told Grant not to drop it.

As Grant fled, Spector momentarily fronted for moments at a time to kill the people chasing them. Grant resumed control and found himself driving backwards with a broken windshield, and threw his gun at an oncoming truck. Khonshu scolded Grant for the decision, and Grant responded that he does not know what he is doing. Khonshu replied by demanding that he leave them alone.[5]

Scaring Steven Grant

Khonshu scares Steven Grant

Steven Grant returned to his apartment and called Layla El-Faouly using Marc Spector's phone, but El-Faouly hung up on him. Spector warned Grant not to call again as the lights in his apartment started flickering. Grant ran into the elevator out of fear, and Khonshu appeared to Grant as the elevator door opened. Khonshu approached Grant and held the elevator door open, but when Grant looked again, he saw a woman asking for the door to be kept open. After the woman left the elevator, Grant turned around and suddenly saw Khonshu, terrifying Grant and causing another alter to front.

Khonshu watches Steven Grant

Grant later fronted again while on a bus, and Khonshu appeared to him in front of a bank and disappeared.[5]

Confronting Steven Grant

"Give it back, you fool."
―Khonshu to Steven Grant[src]

Khonshu confronts Steven Grant at the Central London Storage

Steven Grant later threatened to get rid of Spector, Khonshu appeared to him in the Central London Storage to try and stop him from leaving, but failed after he ran out of the building he was in.[1]

Watching Steven Grant

Khonshu observes Steven Grant and Arthur Harrow

Later on, after Steven Grant was captured by Arthur Harrow and the Disciples of Ammit, Khonshu followed them and repeatedly told Grant to kill Harrow, but Harrow noticed Khonshu was near and told Grant to ignore him. Khonshu wasn't able to intervene, so he was forced to watch Harrow speak with Grant.

Khonshu declares he is real justice

When Grant was having dinner with Harrow and were talking about Ammit's justice, Khonshu watched and told him he was real justice. When Grant was knocked out of a second floor window by a jackal, Khonshu angrily demanded him to summon the suit.[1]

Speaking with Marc Spector

Khonshu speaks to Marc Spector

After Marc Spector killed the jackal and screamed Steven Grant away, Khonshu appeared to him once again heralded by a gust of wind that scattered the chairs in the square. Khonshu appeared on a rooftop, frustrated that Grant had interfered despite Spector's assurance that he wouldn't. Khonshu called Spector ungrateful, neglecting all the gifts he had given him and that he would be nothing without him. Spector wanted assurance that slaying Harrow would be his last mission, though Khonshu noted that his next candidate would be close to Spector's heart. Wanting to protect Layla El-Faouly, Spector agreed to Khonshu's terms, and the pair traveled to Egypt.[1]

Sending a Signal

Khonshu speaks with Marc Spector in Cairo

Khonshu urged Marc Spector to take one of Harrow's disciples to a ledge when he refused to talk. However, when Spector did so, the disciple committed suicide instead. Khonshu, bemused noted that he thought he would talk. Spector then asked Khonshu about the other gods and whether they would let Harrow unleash Ammit. Khonshu noted that summoning the gods would risk their wrath and that would land him sealed in stone. Despite this, Khonshu said he had a bad idea to get the attention of the gods, vanishing. The Moon then began to eclipse the Sun, a signal the gods would not be able to ignore.

Khonshu tells Marc Spector about the Ennead Council

With the global event calling the gods to action, Khonshu met Spector in the streets and told him that a portal would open up for all those called to the Ennead Council's meeting. He then pointed to one that was opening up behind Spector. When Spector asked where Khonshu was going, as he was walking away, he told him he would be there.[2]

Arthur Harrow's Trial

Khonshu speaks through Marc Spector to the Ennead Council

Once inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Ennead assembled, Khonshu possessed Marc Spector to talk through him to the Ennead. He told them that he wished to have a trial regarding Arthur Harrow wanting to awake Ammit. When Harrow was summoned, he rebutted the accusation, much to Khonshu's frustration. At one point, he tried to punch Harrow, but was stopped by Osiris. Harrow proceeded to tell the Ennead that Khonshu's avatar was not well, and Horus told Khonshu to leave Spector so they could talk to him.[2]

Ticking Clock

Khonshu reminds Marc Spector of the mission

Khonshu appeared to Marc Spector again when he reunited with Layla El-Faouly, watching events proceed. His presence caused Spector to usher El-Faouly away. Later, when confronted by Harrow and Anton Mogart, Khonshu urged Spector to summon the suit. Eventually he did, fighting off Mogart and his men. Afterwards, Khonshu reminded Spector that time was ticking to complete their mission.[2]

Sealed Away

Khonshu helps Steven Grant turn back the night sky

Khonshu reappeared when Marc Spector and Layla El-Faouly were in route to find the tomb. When El-Faouly requested that Spector let Steven Grant front, Khonshu agreed and pushed Spector to change. When Grant fronted, Khonshu told him that he remembered the night that Ammit was locked away. Doing this, Khonshu knew that he would be punished by the Ennead and told Grant to copy his hand movements. He also told him that Spector would be able to free him. As Khonshu manipulated the sky to the exact night, he slowly disintegrated as he was turned to stone by the Ennead's spell.[2]


Fighting Ammit

"Why fight, knowing you will fail?"
"Because it is my choice. The very thing you take away."
Ammit and Khonshu[src]

To be added[4]

Loose Ends

Khonshu talks to Harrow before killing him

"You wanna know something? Marc Spector truly believed that after he and I parted ways, I wanted his wife to be my Avatar. Why would I ever need anybody else when he has no idea how troubled he truly is? Meet my friend, Jake Lockley."
―Khonshu to Arthur Harrow[src]

During the aftermath of the battle, a crippled Harrow was abducted from a psychiatric hospital. After meeting Harrow, Khonshu explained that he never wanted Marc's wife as his future Avatar, saying that he would never need anybody else when Spector had no idea how troubled he is, later introducing him to Jake Lockley, Spector's third alter.[6]


"Wake up, Marc! If he loses the scarab, I'll kill you both."
―Khonshu to Marc Spector[src]

As the God of Vengeance, Khonshu is an imperious, sort of snotty, vengeful, and impulsive god who is willing to cross almost any extent to reach his goals of imparting his "real justice" on the realm of Earth, through his avatars. Khonshu is an incredibly manipulative god, who preys on broken minds like Arthur Harrow's and Marc Spector's, in order to cajole them into imparting his brutal form of justice.

Despite these actions, Khonshu has his more admirable traits. Unlike the other Ennead, he refuses to "abandon" humanity, charging his avatar to protect the innocent and punish those who prey upon them. For all his brutality against the guilty, Khonshu refuses to harm someone who has done no wrong. While he admits that his goals are not so different from Ammit's, Khonshu chooses to oppose her because--his own manipulations aside--Khonshu does respect the choices of others. His haranguing Spector and Grant to protect the scarab seems to have been motivated by a genuine desire to protect the world from Ammit. Beneath all his manipulations and tantrums, Khonshu is courageous and willing to put himself on the line. He helped his Avatar by temporarily manipulating the sky, knowing that doing so would result in his imprisonment, and later chose to personally battle Ammit despite the latter being stronger than he. Khonshu also demonstrated some degree of trust in Spector, entrusting him to free him after he was sealed away.

Powers and Abilities


"I can turn back the night sky."
―Khonshu to Steven Grant[src]
  • Ennead Physiology: Khonshu is both an Ennead and the God of the Moon, so he possesses many godlike powers and abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: To be added
    • Superhuman Durability: To be added
    • Superhuman Speed: To be added
    • Superhuman Agility: To be added
    • Superhuman Stamina: To be added
    • Superhuman Reflexes: To be added
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: To be added
    • Immortality: As an Ennead, is extremely long-lived and is immune to disease and aging.
    • Lunar Manipulation: Khonshu was seemingly able to manipulate objects made out of moonrocks. He causes a solar eclipse in order to call a meeting with the Ennead Council.
    • Sky Manipulation:

      Khonshu and Mr. Knight changing the sky

      Khonshu, with the help of Mr. Knight, was able to manipulate the night sky to reveal what the stars had looked like 2,000 years ago. Doing this comes at a price, however, as the other gods disapproved and banished Khonshu due to the stars changing being visible to everyone, not just Moon Knight. When Khonshu alters the night sky, the stars appear to be spinning so fast they become blurred lines.
    • Teleportation:

      Khonshu teleporting away

      Khonshu is capable of teleportation, disappearing and reappearing at will, often while in conversation to remain near his Avatar.
    • Power Bestowal: Khonshu can grant his Avatar superhuman abilities, as well as a ceremonial armor from his temple and weapons to go along side it. This armor appears changeable however, as Steven Grant was able to turn it into a second design.
    • Telepathy: Khonshu was able to communicate with his Avatar even while not physically manifested.
    • Remote Possession:

      Khonshu possessing Marc Spector

      Khonshu could possess his Avatar in order to speak directly to the Ennead Council.
    • Telekinesis: Khonshu could move objects with his mind, though he could not deal lasting serious damage to any area.
    • Smoke Mimicry: Khonshu can turn his body into smoke. He uses this to move quickly and escape from harm.
    • Electricity Manipulation: Khonshu could cause lights to flicker while appearing or using his other powers.
    • Wind Manipulation: Khonshu was able to create intense wind storms in a small area. However, these storms could not do any lasting damage.
    • Size Manipulation: In preparation for his duel against Ammit, Khonshu was able to increase his size so it would match Ammit's after she absorbed the souls of those that had been punished by her disciples, leading to a titanic fight between the two Enneads (though Ammit was apparently the stronger of the two). Khonshu later returned to his regular size once Ammit was defeated.
    • Adaptive Appearance: While typically appearing in his mummy-esque costume, when confronting Harrow and Ammit for the last time, Khnoshu appeared in a white suit reminiscent of Steven's Mr. Knight costume, implying his shapeshifting abilities are more diverse than previously thought.


"I remember that night. I remember every night."
―Khonshu to Steven Grant[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Khonshu has a photographic memory and perfect recall, which enables him to remember every night sky across the span of history on Earth. Khonshu was able to remember the night that Ammit was locked away, which was thousands of years ago, showing that his intellect is so high that he can remember events that happened millennia ago.
  • Master Combatant:

    Khonshu fighting against Ammit

    To be added
  • Staff Mastery: Khonshu skillfully used his staff in his fight against Ammit, striking her multiple times.



  • Staff: Khonshu wields a crescent moon staff, which he can use as a weapon in battle like he did during his duel against Ammit. The staff can be summoned back into Khonshu's hands should he lose grip of it.







  • In Egyptian mythology, Khonshu was a god of healing and fertility as well as the moon. However, travelers did pray to him for protection during the night, just as the character Khonshu charges Marc to do.
    • The character Khonshu is shown to heal mortal injuries, at least those inflicted upon his Avatar.
  • In the comics, Chons, commonly known as Khonshu, was a member of the Heliopolitan pantheon of gods worshiped in Ancient Egypt. Alternatively, he was said to be an Elder God predating the age of Earth, becoming a myth circulating ancient Egyptian times. He resurrected Marc Spector, granting him abilities under the moon, hence Spector's alias being Moon Knight.


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